A Guide to Purchasing Vintage Style Wedding Rings

The vintage aesthetic is the new contemporary. There's a growing interest in antique style engagement and wedding rings all around the world. In stark contrast to the sleek, clean lines of the minimalist and utilitarian designs of the previous decade, the pieces that are making headlines are distinct in their time-gone-by appearance.
The return to some classic cuts indicates the arrival of vintage-inspired wedding rings. If you've ever been intrigued by antique and vintage jewelry, the following guidance will help you understand the nuances of vintage-style rings and how you can incorporate this revived design into your nuptials.
Verragio INS-7074W Beaded Twist Diamond Wedding Ring
Verragio INS-7074W Beaded Twist Diamond Wedding Ring

What Is the Difference Between Antique and Vintage Jewelry?

Described as the products of a bygone era, vintage and antique jewelry are now almost interchangeable - even so, they carry some very important differences in meaning.
While identifying a piece of jewelry as antique or vintage is a great first step, it doesn't provide a lot of information beyond its age. It's like simply identifying a wine as white or red: knowing it's white doesn't tell you much about what you're getting.
However, if the seller recommends a wine made from Chardonnay grapes from California, your tastebuds will already have a much better idea of what to expect beyond its hue.
By using the correct terms, you can speak confidently with professional jewelers about what you desire from your wedding ring.


Vintage jewelry generally refers to pieces that are 50 to 100 years old. Vintage is a term used to describe eras with distinctive styles, even if the jewelry from those times is not yet fifty years old. The recent style renaissance of the 1980s has led to widespread appeal for jewelry from that period. As a result, it is often described as vintage and has come to be loosely accepted as such.
To make matters more confusing, ‘vintage’ can also refer to a certain style. The cyclical nature of fashion often makes vintage jewelry compatible with today's clothing trends. In addition to being a great talking point, it's suitable for everyday use or special occasions.


Antique jewelry is characterized by its age and should be described as such if it is at least 100 years old. Once jewelry reaches a century-old age mark, it is classified as antique rather than vintage, but as we already know, the lines between the two often blur.
The term ‘estate’ can be used in addition to ‘antique’ and ‘vintage’ when describing old jewelry. In contrast to the previous two words, the word "estate" has a different meaning. The term "estate jewelry" simply refers to jewelry that has been previously owned. Jewelers however tend to use it to describe pieces that are less than 30 years old, assuming that they have already been owned.

How to Achieve the Vintage Style

Palladium and platinum were widely used for rings until the start of World War II, when the material was needed to support the war effort. The scarcity of platinum made yellow gold the most popular metal in the 1940s for wedding band and engagement ring settings.
In 1948, De Beers launched its "Diamond is Forever" marketing campaign in an effort to promote diamonds as symbols of enduring love. The campaign was a success. It also spurred bridal design and the resurgence of swirls, fine filigree, warm metallics, colored gemstones and diamonds, and angled lines.
As hugely popular as round cut brilliant diamonds remain for engagement rings, there are other cuts seeing a rise in popularity. Those looking to marry vintage and contemporary designs are combining modern cuts, such as the princess shape, with vintage settings in order to create a ring that has the best of both worlds.
Cuts that are increasingly being used by designers include:
  • Emerald
  • Cushion
  • Oval
In its day, the emerald cut was truly groundbreaking, and it is currently used for large statement rings with a vintage flair because of the way it invokes the look of the 1930s.
Emerald diamonds are created with step cuts of the pavilion followed by the precision-cutting of a flat top.
It has less sparkle than a round cut brilliant, but the unique beauty is the hall of mirrors effect that it creates with its ever-changing light and dark contrast patterns. Long lines and a flash of illumination make up the elegance of this vintage cut.
Modern ideal cut diamonds enable us to achieve an improved version of the original look. You can save something for a long period of time and it will typically come back in style. Diamonds are definitely one of these items that never really go out of fashion!
We can help you create the perfect look for you to cherish and pass down in your family as an heirloom. Your ‘something old and something new’ can be one and the same.

Switch It Up

It was only in the last few decades that matching your engagement ring and wedding band became common. Brides are once more mixing metals, as a nod to retro trends, like Queen Elizabeth's gold wedding band and platinum engagement ring.
Don't be afraid to take a different route for your wedding band if you already have your engagement ring. Through careful consideration your styles can coexist on your ring finger beautifully.

Throwback to Popular Vintage Precious Metal Colors

Vintage-style wedding rings have typically been made from white gold, yellow gold, and platinum over the last decade or so. Many people are opting to purchase pieces that use the classic design of bygone eras, yet utilize metals that are well-known and considered current.
For example, rose gold has long been associated with vintage styling and is now becoming popular once again.
Sapphires, rubies and emeralds are also making a comeback as diamond accent pieces or for three-stone designs flanking an intricately cut diamond.
Aquamarines and amber adorning a band are reminiscent of the 1920s - when the Charleston dance was all the rage and art deco was the latest design trend.

Stunning Vintage-Style Wedding Rings

A vintage-inspired ring gives the impression of antiquity, however the ring's profile itself lends the piece a distinct vintage appearance.
The contemporary ring design often consists of a low, smooth profile where the highly polished, gleaming band of metal runs fluidly to the gemstones. Vintage look rings are generally embellished with a profile that contains intricate scrollwork, fine filigree-work and rows of pavé diamonds flanking the sides and encircling the stone in the middle.
One designer who has fully embraced the desire for engagement rings that echo classic times of the past is Verragio.

Our Favorite Vintage-Style Selections

Here at Whiteflash we carry an impressive selection of vintage-style rings that nod beautifully to the eras we adore. We’ve showcased just a small selection of what’s possible with today’s modern craftsmanship and continued passion for vintage-style wedding rings and settings.
Verragio WED-4023 Eternal Braid Diamond Wedding Ring
Verragio WED-4023 Eternal Braid Diamond Wedding Ring
This diamond vintage-style wedding ring is from the ever timeless Verragio Eterna Collection. It features spectacular round brilliant diamond melee that glints with every raised toast and celebration.
Benchmark Hammered Milgrain Wedding Ring
Benchmark Hammered Milgrain Wedding Ring
The Benchmark Hammered Milgrain Wedding Ring features a hammered-finished center flanked by milgrain on each side and finished off with a high polished edge. The comfort- fit design ensures easy all-day wear and we can’t help but picture the iconic Art Deco style in its form.
Verragio INS-7074W Beaded Twist Diamond Wedding Ring
Verragio INS-7074W Beaded Twist Diamond Wedding Ring
This Diamond Wedding Ring is from the Verragio Insignia Collection. It features round brilliant-cut diamonds and will be a terrific addition to your Engagement Ring of choice. It features beautiful intertwined diamond beading, reminiscent of flapper gowns and a decked-out speakeasy.
Danielle Jazz Bezel Diamond and Ruby Ring
Danielle Jazz Bezel Diamond and Ruby Ring
The “Danielle Jazz Bezel” Diamond and Ruby Ring features beautiful brilliant diamonds alternating with 10 vivid red rubies (0.10gtw) on this three-quarter beauty.
Stunning solo, this pop of color will complement an engagement ring fantastically also.
Tacori 104-6 Sculpted Crescent Eternity Wedding Ring
Tacori 104-6 Sculpted Crescent Eternity Wedding Ring
Perfect for him, unique hand-engraved signature Tacori details decorate this crescent engraved band. Such an eye-catching design will keep you captivated! Tacori is synonymous with crescents lining the profile of this stunning wedding band, another theme prevalent in vintage design.
Verragio Tradition TR150W Diamond Wedding Ring
Verragio Tradition TR150W Diamond Wedding Ring
Featuring 0.45 ctw of pave set round brilliant-cut diamonds that adorn most of the wedding ring, the Verragio TR150W from the Tradition Collection showcases elegantly sculpted french beading.
Almost like a piece you would find at one of Gatsby's lavish parties, this design combines the gleam of white gold with the warmth of rose gold inlay.
If you're looking for jewelry which crosses the border between accessory and art, then you could consider one of these lovely styles. You can rely on the weight of history to inform your choice - millions of brides have been delighted by these rings since the beginning of time!
Explore everything Whiteflash has to offer beyond these vintage-styles, and remember to contact us if you have any questions.

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