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Wonderous and exceptional, diamond crystals are also ancient. They formed 100 million years ago at tremendous depth and pressure and were brought to the surface of the Earth by extremely isolated volcanic events. Phenomenally rare and precious, diamonds are also the hardest of all known substances. But it is their capacity for incredible beauty that makes them treasures of a lifetime.
The full essence of a diamond can only be revealed through the skill and craftsmanship of man. Faceting and polishing a diamond unleashes a diamond’s fire and brilliance. Ultra-precise cutting by the most skilled master craftsmen is the key to unlocking the full radiance of a diamond.


The A CUT ABOVE® diamond is the internationally recognized Super Ideal, in stock and available only at Whiteflash. Crafted with ultimate precision, these extraordinary gems represent the pinnacle of diamond cut quality, taking light performance to the extreme. From every angle in any lighting situation, an A CUT ABOVE® diamond will outshine all others, expressing the full beauty of the gem within. With each glance it will sparkle and flash, putting on its own magical light show. It has a dynamic personality reflected in each new moment, gathering light from the dimmest places and scintillating with fire in sparks of spectral color.

Meticulously Analyzed for Superior Quality and Performance

Hearts and Arrows Diamonds - Whiteflash
  • Highest Laboratory Cut Grade
  • Negligible Fluorescence
  • AGS Ideal Report
  • Laser Inscription
  • 360 HD Video
Hearts and Arrows Diamonds - Whiteflash
Hearts and Arrows Diamonds - Whiteflash

Super Ideal Diamonds - In Stock & Fully Vetted

The A CUT ABOVE® is the most carefully crafted, comprehensively analyzed and thoroughly reviewed diamond in the world. It starts with the selection of high quality rough diamond crystals, and world-class skill and attention to detail by master cutters working with state-of-the-art technology in ultra-modern facilities.
The polished diamonds are then transported to a top tier laboratory for a complete gemological review and certification and must pass their multi-level quality control process. Diamonds that attain the highest cut grade and have AGS Ideal light performance are then analyzed by the Whiteflash review panel. The Whiteflash review involves additional light performance tests such as Ideal Scope, ASET Scope, and Hearts and Arrows Scope as well as verification that the diamond meets dozens of additional parameters eliminating diamonds with any cut quality or light performance defects.
A final intensive visual inspection ensures that only the very finest cut diamonds in the world, and only those of extraordinary beauty, achieve the distinction of A CUT ABOVE®.
Hearts and Arrows Diamonds - Whiteflash
Hearts and Arrows Diamonds - Whiteflash
Hearts and Arrows Diamonds - Whiteflash
Hearts and Arrows Diamonds - Whiteflash

The Ultimate Diamond Pedigree and Conclusive Imaging Proof of Performance

The King of the Whiteflash “Royal Family” is the A CUT ABOVE® Round Hearts and Arrows Super Ideal Diamond. Meticulously crafted by master diamond cutters in to Whiteflash specifications, these diamonds are absolutely the “best of the best”. In addition to meeting all required specifications and passing all imaging tests, the A CUT ABOVE® Round must exhibit a perfect pattern of Hearts and Arrows demonstrating that it has been cut to precise three-dimensional symmetry. Perfect optical symmetry insures that the diamond is optimally “tuned”, with each tiny facet precisely aligned in relation to all other facets. This enables the diamond to reflect, refract and return to the eye the maximum quantity and quality of light technically possible. The ultimate specimens are found in the A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series featuring DEF IF-VVS super ideals.
Joining the A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamonds in the Whiteflash “Royal Family” is the A CUT ABOVE® Princess. As a true Super Ideal it must pass tests and reviews above and beyond the foundational requirement of being a certified AGS Ideal. Because receiving a light performance grade of AGS Ideal for a princess is exceedingly difficult in and of itself, the A CUT ABOVE® Princess is an extraordinarily rare and special diamond. The Whiteflash panel review requires additional parameters and requirements to be met ensuring that only diamonds with world-class performance are designated to be A CUT ABOVE® Princess.

Find Your Perfect A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Cut Diamond

In order to receive the A CUT ABOVE® brand, a diamond must first receive the lab’s highest grade for cut quality, and must receive an AGS Ideal light performance report. This the most demanding laboratory standard in the world with respect to diamond cut quality analysis, and extremely few diamonds in the world are awarded the AGS Ideal certificate.
The diamond must then pass an additional battery of tests including light performance imaging and careful visual review, in order to be declared an A CUT ABOVE®. It is estimated that less than 1 out of 10 AGS Ideal diamonds will meet all the requirements of membership in the elite A CUT ABOVE® category, making it the most exclusive super ideal diamond in the world. For more details please see our page on the technical qualifications and specifications of A CUT ABOVE® diamonds.

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