Tacori Pretty in Pink Collection

As “tuned in” as Tacori is to the sensibilities of the modern bride, it is no surprise that they would roll out a selection of exquisite styles in rose gold. The Tacori Pretty in Pink collection features designs in 18k Rose Gold (also referred to as pink gold) that evoke a vintage look and feel, bringing to the present the romance of a bygone era.
Tacori 2565 Rose Gold Engagement Ring
Tacori 2565 Rose Gold Ring
Modern trends in bridal jewelry have often paid homage to old world elegance. The styles of the last ten or twenty years have featured a heavy mix of mill grain edging and other ornate detail work giving the jewelry a definite antique character.
Tacori Engagement rings, with their intricate detail, very much tend to honor the brilliant artisans of the past. Using the warmth and distinctiveness of rose gold accentuates that vintage allure, capturing the sentiment of many modern brides who value a connection to all that has gone before.
Tacori Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Tacori Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Today’s bride also wants something different and rose gold creates an immediate impression of something very special. The past generation favored yellow gold. White gold and platinum followed in a huge wave. The Tacori Pretty in Pink collection therefore represents something fresh and exciting. But it also represents something timeless that has been cherished for hundreds of years throughout the world.
For an engagement ring that is truly special, a Tacori Rose Gold Engagement Ring from the Pretty in Pink collection set with a spectacular A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamond makes for a world-class combination. Celebrate your one-of-a-kind love with a diamond of extraordinary fire and brilliance set in the warmth of a rose gold Tacori ring capturing the eternal comfort of timeless quality.
*In addition to the designs in the Pretty in Pink collection, all Tacori styles are available in 18k rose gold by special order.

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