Top 10 Whiteflash Pinterest Boards

Whiteflash Pinterest Boards


Everybody and their aunt, it seems, is on Pinterest. The visually-oriented social photo-sharing site has grown by leaps and bounds in the two years since its launch, mostly among women, who use the site’s clean, attractive interface and addictive “tagging and pinning” system to share photos of dream kitchens, inspirational sayings, cute shoes, favorite celebrities, and DIY projects from hairstyles to cupcake decorating to cabinet refinishing. The site’s photo-focused approach makes it the perfect place to look at pictures of all things pretty and covetable—from sparkly stilettos to luxury designer handbags.


Companies that sell gorgeous luxury goods have caught on to the unique power of a Pinterest board and have been joining the site in record numbers. Some, like Houston-based diamond and fine jewelry retailer Whiteflash, have been uniquely successful in setting up boards with stunning, visually dynamic images that Pinterest users love to pin and share, spreading the company name and image with every pin. If you are looking to buy a piece of quality fine jewelry, or just love looking at gorgeous, sparkling jewelry, Whiteflash’s Pinterest boards may be as exciting to you as they are to the thousands of users who have already pinned the boards.


Check out these top ten Whiteflash Pinterest boards—and be prepared to be dazzled!


Treasure Chest Pinboard Hearts and Arrows Diamonds Pinboard Verragio meets Whiteflash Pinboard

1 Treasure Chest: The Treasure Chest is where Whiteflash’s newest and brightest treasures are proudly displayed. This eclectic collection can feature anything from a close-up detail shot of an especially beautiful filigreed engagement ring setting to an arresting image of a five-stone engagement ring.


2 Hearts and Arrows: Fewer than 1% of the world’s jewelry diamonds have the natural internal symmetry and exquisitely balanced cut that produce the hearts and arrows, a visual effect that occurs with optimum light performance. This photo gallery shows the incredibly crisp sparkle bouncing off hearts and arrows A CUT ABOVE™ diamonds in engagement rings, earrings and necklaces.


3 Verragio meets Whiteflash: Verragio and Whiteflash—a design match made in heaven. Whiteflash’s top quality stones look incredible set into Verragio’s famously romantic, ornate settings. This pinboard of Verragio+Whiteflash designs shows the best of the collaboration in white, yellow and rose gold.

Keep Calm and Sparkle On Pinboard Paved in Diamonds Pinboard Diamond Pick of the Day Pinboard

4 Keep Calm and Sparkle On:The theme here is sparkle, and it is not entirely a joke that the caption includes a disclaimer about overwhelming brightness! Some of these diamonds may be out of the average person’s price range, but they make for incredible window shopping!  


5 Pave’d in Diamonds: The word pavé actually means “paved”—this setting style makes a piece of jewelry look like it has actually been paved in tiny diamonds. Pavé diamonds are flattering, easy to wear, and have incredible visual impact—making them one of the most popular engagement ring styles right now! 


6 Loose Diamond Pick of the Day: There is no better or more fun way to educate yourself about diamonds than through this Pinterest board, which displays one diamond a day, complete with all its details and its price, helping you learn more about why one diamond costs more than another.  


Colored  Diamond Jewelry Pinboard

Princess Perfect Diamond Engagement Rings Pinboard

Fancy Diamond Cuts Pinboard

7 Color Your World: Colored diamond and gemstone jewelry is queen here, with everything from an unusual green tsavorite engagement ring to an incredible platinum ring holding a 3.56 carat fancy intense yellow diamond—the epitome of colored diamond excellence.  


8 Fancy Diamond Cuts: A recent trend towards fancy diamond shapes in celebrity engagement rings has brought increased interest towards the pear shape, marquise, emerald cut and other unusual diamond shapes. These more exotic cuts often require special setting treatments, as this pinboard beautifully illustrates. 


9 Princess Perfect Diamond Delights: The most popular diamond shape today after the classic round brilliant, princess diamonds combine the sleek modern look of a rectangular shape with the sparkle of a brilliant-cut facet structure. This pinboard is full of princess perfection.  



Bridal Ring Sets Pinboard



10 Bridal Sets: Think of this as your one-stop bridal jewelry shop. Bridal jewelry sets—consisting of a matched engagement ring and wedding band—are an easy way to accommodate an unusual engagement ring profile or a simple way to get a beautifully unified look. Some sets even include a men’s wedding band!


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