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Benchmark Wedding Ring
Benchmark Wedding Ring

Benchmark wedding bands are known the world over and Benchmark is recognized as a leader in the wedding jewelry industry for over 40 years. Benchmark sets the standard by which all others are measured.


Purchasing a wedding band can be both exciting and frustrating. A wedding band potentially becomes part of your daily wear for the rest of your life -some people never remove their wedding band. Benchmark rings are engineered for wear ability and complete comfort. They were the first to introduce the “comfort fit” band, which is curved on the inside, providing a superior wearing experience. This concept has become an accepted industry-wide standard. Comfort fit bands can be found at Benchmark ring locations throughout the world.

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If you are looking for Benchmark rings Texas is a good place to start. We invite you to visit beautiful new Whiteflash showroom located in the lovely upscale community of Sugar Land, just a few miles from Houston’s famous Galleria shopping center. For a full assortment of Benchmark Rings Houston customers will discover that their “once in a lifetime” purchase is available and ready for purchase. Of course when shopping for Benchmark Rings Sugar Land is sweet but coming to our store may not always be convenient. If you can’t come see us in person the Whiteflash website is like a virtual visit! We feature an assortment of Benchmark men’s wedding bands as well as ladies bands, and can special order any ring in the entire Benchmark line.


Benchmark Split Satin Wedding Ring Benchmark Chorded Satin Wedding Ring Benchmark Halved Satin Wedding Ring 
Benchmark Split Satin Wedding Ring Benchmark Chorded Satin Wedding Ring Benchmark Halved Satin Wedding Ring



When it comes to Benchmark Rings Texas customers have been experiencing the benefits for years. Whether it’s a classic gold or platinum band or one of the newer and popular alternative metals such as tungsten carbide or titanium, Benchmark Ring reviews are extremely favorable. Tungsten bands are durable and highly scratch resistant. They tend to maintain a permanent shine. Benchmark titanium bands feature modern sleekness and are available in many styles including black, with gold inlays and faceted edges. They are known for having being lightweight yet strong with precision craftsmanship and superior design. The following are examples of Benchmark Rings reviews from the Whiteflash testimonial page:


“We picked up our rings yesterday and they’re beautiful. I am very happy with my wedding band from Benchmark Rings -- it’s exactly what I pictured!”  Jeff


“I got my wedding band today. It’s perfect! I love the look and it fits great. I received the card with it that instructed me to register it with Benchmark. Thanks so much for this great buying experience.” Craig


While the Whiteflash store is a great place to see an assortment of Benchmark Rings Sugarland is not the only place to purchase these beautiful wedding bands. The Whiteflash photography team will make you feel like you are looking at each ring in person with their amazing images available to view on the website. As this customer stated:


"This is a beautiful ring. Very comfortable and true to size. It is excellently polished and much thicker and heavier than my father's band. The inside of the ring is stamped with Benchmark, which I discovered is the brand name of the ring. My research has led me to believe that Benchmark makes a quality product, and the proof is in the pudding, as I can't find any flaws.”  J. Doby


So with all those options to choose from, when selecting a wedding band that you plan to wear for the rest of your life, go with the tried and true specialists. Wherever you live, even if Benchmark Ring locations are not in your vicinity you are still just a click away with Whiteflash!




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