Custom Rings Design: A Step-by-Step Guide

A custom rings are literally one of the most one-of-a-kind gifts you can possibly get for someone, and makes a unique and unforgettable proposal. Designing your own ring sounds intimidating, but the team at Whiteflash have years of experience with helping customers create custom jewelry pieces they will treasure for years to come. In fact, Kiplinger’s Magazine called Whiteflash “the lord of the online rings” when it comes to the custom design process. From the moment you decide to go custom, until the moment your soon-to-be fiancée opens the box and sees the ring, you will be taken care of by an experienced and friendly team of jewelry designers.


custom engagement rings


The first step you want to consider is your proposal. Not the one where you ask her to marry you, you can worry about that later. You will want a custom design proposal that you can send in for a price quote. You may already know exactly what you want, or you might be just starting out and still looking for ideas. Take your time. Search through photos of rings online, scan bridal magazines, or ask newly-married women for a quick glimpse of their rings. (They won’t mind.) Start getting an idea of what kind of setting you want, what kind of metals and stones you want to incorporate, how ornate or simple of a ring you are interested in, and of course, your budget. Once you decide on a budget, decide how much of that you want to spend on the stone itself, and how much on the band, setting and diamond melée that often adorns the band.


custom 5-stone engagement ring inspired by HOF


For inspiration, peek into your girlfriend’s jewelry box. Does she like white or yellow gold? Ornate or simple styles? Modern sleek looks or vintage filigree pieces? Consider asking your girlfriend’s best friend or sister to help you pick out design elements that are sure to wow your girl. Of course, you also have to decide on factors like shank profile (the actual shape of the band,) ring size and prong styles.
Next, you will send in your complete design proposal to the Whiteflash Custom Design team for a price quote. Keep in mind that ornate pavé settings cost more than simple ones, so if your initial price quote seems out of range, the custom design team can suggest options that will lower the overall cost of your ring without sacrificing style or quality. Once you are completely happy with your custom design sketches, agree to the terms and submit your deposit, the Whiteflash custom design team will create a CAD – Computer Assisted Design. This computer-generated image of your custom design looks almost like a photo, giving you a perfect sense of what the completed ring will look like. That way, you are not blindly hoping that your custom wedding ring will turn out how you want it—you get to see it, virtually, before it is created. When you review and approve of every detail of the CAD, its time to complete payment.


halo engagement ring in CAD


At that point, a wax model of your design is created, in order to generate the exact specification for the crafting of the ring. The wax model is then used in the production of the ring itself.


wax Lily matching band


Once completed, the ring goes through several levels of quality control and inspection by various segments of the Whiteflash custom design team. Photos are taken, so that future customers can be inspired by your one-of-a-kind creation. Finally, the ring is nestled into a beautiful gift box and shipped to you.


Chris Marino custom rings


The last step is the only one Whiteflash can’t help you with—proposing. But with your stunning custom ring at your side, there’s only one answer she’s going to give.


sweet couple with their custom rings, just married


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