Danhov Engagement Rings and Collections

Since 1984 Danhov Engagement Rings has been on the rise in the world of bridal and fine jewelry. Combining a fresh approach to design and focusing on a handcrafted product that is entirely American made, the Danhov brand has earned an ever growing following of delighted fans.
Working with only the finest materials and best practices in the arts of building heirloom quality jewelry, it is no wonder that Danhov engagement rings have won numerous prestigious design competitions. As a first place winner in the 2015 Platinum Innovations competition, Danhov has cemented their reputation in the top echelon of bridal jewelry design.
The Danhov Engagement Rings line has something for everyone and a full range of price points - without taking any shortcuts. Every piece is made with VS1 diamonds of F/G color. Rings are made from pulled wire (as opposed to casting) in order to eliminate any weaknesses due to porosity. Diamonds are ethically sourced and the manufacturing process is eco-friendly, both very important aspects of the socially responsible business that defines Danhov.
Danhov Designer Ring Box
Danhov Ring Box

Danhov Abbracio Collection

Uniquely handmade, the styles in the Abbracio collection express the essence of love’s perfect embrace featuring the iconic Danhov swirl. Beginning with a single wire, it creates a band that seamlessly transitions into a mounting gracefully hugging the center stone.

Danhov Classico Collection

Throughout history, there have been few traditions more honored than the classic engagement ring. In the Classico collection Danhov presents unique variations of the timeless solitaire style.

Danhov Carezza Collection

Caress her finger in diamonds suspended in unique micro prongs that present the feature stone in halo engagement ring styles of contemporary elegance.

Danhov Couture Collection

Even without knowing that these magnificent engagement rings are made in a factory in Hollywood, you can immediately tell they are ready for the red carpet! Unique, artistic and inspiring, Danhov rings from the Couture collection are designed for women who don’t shy away from the spotlight. Danhov Couture diamond rings are perfect for an eye-catching engagement ring or a statement-making cocktail ring.

Danhov Eleganza Collection

Gently criss-crossing prongs create a delicate and understated look in this collection of distinctive engagement ring designs. Handcrafted from pulled wire, each one is as strong as it is fine in design and detail allowing the center diamond to shine in the spotlight.

Danhov Per Lei Collection

A single design element can symbolize so much. The inverted arc in the Per Lei collection is the bridge that forms the bond like the strength of a loving union. It supports and proudly presents the center diamond, the shining symbol of a lifelong love.

Danhov Petalo Collection

In the Petalo collection Danhov captures the inspiration of nature with design elements in the form of subtle flower petals and leaves. The collection features organic designs that capture the essence of the life force that is present in the union of a loving couple. A perfect choice for celebrating the beauty of life and love.

Danhov Solo Filo Collection

Solo Filo, or ‘just wire’, is a Danhov collection of lacy handcrafted engagement rings that begins with a single wire. Making rings that are delicate in design yet made to last a lifetime is very much Danhov’s trademark.

Danhov Tubetto Collection

Circles of love make styles from the Danhov Tubetto collection highly distinctive and bold. Symbolizing husband and wife, the circles of the tubes accent and highlight the center diamond such that the beauty of each compliments the other, imaginatively conveying the union of strength and grace.

Danhov Unito Collection

In a twist that is pure Danhov these unique handmade engagement rings feature double wire shanks symbolizing the unity and bonding of a couples’ love. The wires are interlocked, holding each other in firm embrace and presenting as one the beautiful centerpiece diamond.

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