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At Whiteflash we have always been dedicated to providing the finest in natural diamonds from Mother Earth. And that will always be our focus.
Synthetic lab grown diamonds have been making headlines and garnering interest in the past few years as more producers and more production has come onto the market. Prices for synthetic diamonds are predictably falling as supply increases. And this trend can be expected to pick up speed as time goes on, with lab grown diamonds eventually becoming so inexpensive that the product will cease to be seen in the eyes of consumers as being a less expensive alternative to natural diamonds and more of a separate product altogether.
Whereas natural mined diamonds are found in only a few places on Earth and are difficult and expensive to recover and bring to market, synthetic diamonds are now being produced in dozens of laboratories with rapidly advancing technology making it easier and less expensive to produce more and bigger synthetic diamonds all the time. By contrast, larger gem diamond crystals are found in extremely limited quantities in nature compared to total production. Meanwhile, technology drives synthetics in the opposite direction. Because of the lack of inherent rarity, the price of synthetic diamonds will continue to drop until their value is marginally higher than the rapidly falling cost to produce them at scale. Meanwhile the price of Earth mined diamonds will continue to be predicated on natural scarcity.
Initially, lab grown diamonds were marketed against the same criteria as natural mined diamonds- the 4 C’s – Carat, Color, Clarity, and Cut. The idea of the marketers was to try to equate in the consumer’s mind that synthetic diamonds are the same as natural diamonds, only more affordable. This marketing spin may work when the price of synthetic is still relatively close to the price of natural, say within 30-40 percent, but as synthetic prices continue to drop the logic of this approach will begin to lose any credibility in the market.

Is a lab grown diamond a real diamond?

Yes, synthetic diamond is crystallized carbon with the same basic chemical and optical properties as natural diamond. As such, it has many applications for industry as well as for jewelry. The abrasives industry was one of the first where synthetic diamond made an impact, but there are many unique applications in electronics and other high technology as well.

Emotional Value of Natural Mined Diamonds

Diamonds have traditionally been valued for not only their unique beauty, but for the amazing and rare natural process of diamond formation deep in the bosom of Mother Earth. These precious treasures, created over billions of years and made available only by rare geological events, convey a deep sense of the infinite beauty and mystery of nature. As perfect symbols of everlasting love and beauty a natural diamond is a completely different entity than carbon assembled in a laboratory, even if the chemical and physical properties are the same. For these reasons, Whiteflash will remain dedicated to bringing the finest and rarest Earth mined natural diamonds to the consumer – only natural diamonds, now and forever. Our flagship A CUT ABOVE® super ideal diamond is the pinnacle of truly rare natural beauty.
Happy Engagement
“An Earth mined diamond has deep emotional value celebrating the beauty of nature and enduring love.”

A Place for Synthetic Diamonds in the Jewelry Industry

For purely decorative purposes, a well-cut synthetic diamond certainly has a place in the jewelry industry. It is major improvement over diamond simulants such as cubic zirconias which are now ubiquitous in costume jewelry. Lab grown diamonds will fill a role in higher-end fashion jewelry, and are a welcome addition to the jewelry industry in general. But for bridal jewelry, especially engagement rings which are so very personal and symbolic, it is highly doubtful that lab grown diamonds will ever be seen as an adequate substitute by those in the market who can afford a natural mined diamond.

Societal Benefits of the Natural Diamond Industry

It is estimated that the natural diamond industry provides a livelihood for more than 8 million people around the globe, and have a beneficial impact on some of the poorest communities in the world. The diamond industry provides their only access to income, sanitation and education. While the natural diamond industry is highly labor intensive and requires the efforts of millions of people, synthetic diamonds are grown in labs staffed with a handful of highly educated and highly paid technicians monitoring sophisticated growing equipment. The financial fruits of their efforts flow to a handful of wealthy investors. The contrast of the social impacts of each industry could not be more dramatic.
It is therefore unfortunate that the lab grown diamond marketers promote their product as more “socially responsible”. They often seek to demonize the natural diamond industry by suggesting that natural diamonds fuel conflict and that synthetics are the “ethical alternative”. Considering the fact that only 0.1% of natural diamonds have any connection to conflict today, and considering how many millions of people, including the neediest among us, are benefited by the natural diamond industry, it is very unfortunate that the lab grown industry would take this disingenuous and unfair approach to promoting their product. Practices such as these have led the lab grown industry to be sanctioned by the Federal Trade Commission for false and misleading advertising.
Synthetic diamonds have a place in commerce, and the benefits of the product should be promoted on their own merits - not by making inflammatory claims about an industry that provides so much opportunity for so many people around the world. Whiteflash is committed to offering natural mined diamonds of the finest quality and with the highest possible light performance direct to the consumer with full transparency and accountability and the most comprehensive assurance package in the industry. We also remain committed to supporting organizations like Diamond Development Initiative and United Nations Global Compact to do our part to ensure that the natural diamond industry is equitable and sustainable.
For more on the Whiteflash commitment to ethical practices, please see our social responsibility page.

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