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Whiteflash donates 100% of the profit from the sale of Dreams of Africa® jewelry to Jewelers for Children (JFC) as part of our social responsibility initiative. By making a purchase, you contribute to JFC and their outstanding causes benefiting children. 
The African continent is earth's most vivid mosaic of cultural and natural wonders. It is a fascinating and mysterious part of the world. Every human being has a connection to Africa as it is the birthplace of our species- the “Cradle of Mankind”. But enormous problems also exist that cannot be denied. Environmental, social, political, and economic distress affects millions of people on the continent, many of them children.
The discovery of diamonds in Africa in the middle of the 19th century brought with it investment and development in large mining operations as the industry rapidly expanded. Diamonds were later discovered in alluvial deposits that were spread over large areas that could not be easily secured and controlled. This would eventually present opportunities for conflict, as alluvial diamonds could be illegally seized and used by warring groups' destabilized governments. Conflict fueled in this way in the late 20th century resulted in serious abuses, becoming painfully evident to the world in the 1990s. In 2003 the United Nations succeeded in bringing industry leaders, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) together in the Kimberly Process to address this problem.
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Today it is estimated that less than 1% of diamonds on the market are associated with conflict, but isolated problems still exist and require constant vigilance of the world community. A bigger issue is the beneficiation of local diamond mining communities by making sure that proceeds from the resource are shared. There are notable models of success like that of Botswana, now one of the most stable and prosperous countries in Africa as a result of the discovery of diamonds and the equitable development of the resource. Partnerships between the private and public sectors have significantly benefitted employment, income, health care and education. This model of responsible resource management must continue to spread to other countries in Africa and around the world.
Whiteflash understands that we have both an opportunity and an obligation to do our part to bring about positive change in the world. We are particularly sensitive to the challenges of artisanal diamond mining communities in the alluvial areas of Africa, and especially the needs of the children in these areas. The aspirations and dreams of a new generation are riding on civil society continuing to come together to improve their prospects. That is why we are active supporters of the United Nations Global Compact and the Diamond Development Initiative.
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We have also designed and dedicated a special collection of jewelry called Dreams of Africa® to represent our commitment. It symbolizes our hope for a better future for Africa, and it is a funding vehicle for our financial support of Jewelers for Children (JFC). Whiteflash contributes 100% of the profits from Dreams of Africa® jewelry to JFC and their collection of wonderful charities benefitting children.
The signature piece for this initiative is the Dreams of Africa® dual sided Diamond & Sapphire Pendant. One side is graced with 39 brilliant A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond Melee (0.62ctw; F/G VS) and the opposite side is embellished with 39 beautiful pink sapphires (0.77gtw). The pendant’s sparkling conflict-free diamonds symbolize innocence. Its bold sapphires stand for truth. The beautiful A CUT ABOVE® center diamond is a symbol for mother Africa and the sweeping spirals portray the dream to spread awareness of the children’s plight to the strong outer circle symbolizing the world we live in. Worn near the heart, the intention of this artistic expression is to touch the hearts of all who share in our vision. The Dreams of Africa® collection includes ring, earrings, pendants and cufflinks in gold, diamonds and sapphires.
We hope that you will be inspired by the designs that celebrate the beauty and richness of Africa and which enable you to promote awareness of the cause to all those who may admire it. In this way, we share in making a positive contribution to the betterment of an interconnected world, and to the dreams of a new generation.

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