Whiteflash Custom Jewelry and Engagement Ring Design

Our team of highly skilled and experienced craftsman are ready to take your ideas from concept to dazzling finished product. It is a step by step process that gives you a high level of creative control in bringing your vision to life. The end result is a top quality jewelry piece that is as intimately personal as it is beautiful. The work is done on premises by Whiteflash jewelers in our own workshop, and most projects are completed in a matter of weeks.
If you are interested in exploring a custom design project and obtaining a free quote, please fill out the short form below so that one of our friendly and knowledgeable diamond and jewelry consultants can contact you. Please supply any information you would like to help us understand your vision. There is also a button to upload any photos or drawings that would be helpful in communicating the design elements that are important to you.
*Please note that the Whiteflash custom design service is reserved for customers purchasing Whiteflash diamonds.

Design the Engagement Ring of Your Dreams

Our custom design and manufacturing service is provided for customers looking for something unique and different. Before deciding on going the custom route, we strongly advise customers to browse through our catalogue of fine designer brands. You may find that what you are looking for is readily available, or you may find something you like even better than what you originally had in mind! Many styles offered by each designer may not be in the Whiteflash catalogue but are available. If you visit the designer's website and find something you like, let us know. All designs offered by these fine companies are available through Whiteflash and we will be happy to get you a quote. The designers will also do some customizations in order to tailor the piece to individual preferences.
You may also like to browse the Whiteflash design gallery to see our extensive portfolio of custom projects done for customers over the years. The gallery is organized by jewelry type. You can click on the images within each type to see more details of the project. You may find it helpful to reference these listings in communicating your design ideas to us.
*Please note that Whiteflash does not engage in the practice of copying designs that belong to other designers. Duplication of copyright designs is both unethical and illegal. You should use caution doing business with any jeweler who offers to copy another designer's intellectual property as it is a red flag that the jeweler may be involved in other unethical practices regarding the quality and authenticity of the products or services they offer.
Unique and Personal
Choosing to do a custom jewelry design project is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. Whether you choose to do something completely creative or simply put together classic design elements in your own way, a custom made jewelry piece is very personal and special.
Evaluation and Quotation
Whiteflash offers an outstanding custom jewelry design service specializing in engagement rings and matching wedding bands. Whiteflash custom design is reserved for certified diamonds purchased from Whiteflash. It is a step by step process that will give you utmost confidence in the design and allow for some changes before the piece goes to production.
Confirmation and Payment
There is no charge to have our team evaluate your project and provide you with a firm quote. Upon acceptance of the quote an order confirmation will be sent to you. Full payment is required to begin designing your project in CAD (Computer Aided Design). Full payment of any certified diamond or other feature gemstone going into the custom piece is also required for work to begin.
CAD Rendering and Approval
Upon receipt of payment your order will be sent to our senior designer who will gather all specific details in order to create your special piece. He will then build your design in his CAD software enabling him to send you computer “renderings” (images that look very lifelike), for your evaluation and approval. One minor revision of the design is permitted at no additional charge. You can expect to receive your renderings by email in approximately 7 business days.
Refund Policy and Production
If, for any reason, you decide not to proceed to production at this point you will be refunded the amount of your payment less a $250 non-refundable design fee. Upon design approval the piece proceeds to our state-of-the-art production facility to be manufactured. At this point your custom project is non-refundable. Building your piece takes approximately 12 business days.
Revisions and Timetable
Most projects go from start to finish in about a month, but delays in design approval or payment will impact final timeline. Revisions to the design will add to delivery time, and changes beyond the one free modification will result in additional charges (up to $250 for an essentially new design).
Creative Photography and Secure Delivery
Upon completion of your project our photography team will capture beautiful creative digital images of your special creation. These images are a joy to share with family and friends or post to sites like Facebook and Pinterest. Once photography is done and the piece has been put through the final steps of quality control, it will be shipped to you via insured FedEx delivery. Our logistics department will communicate with you to coordinate secure shipping.
Design Gallery
For custom jewelry design ideas you can visit our design gallery. And to hear what Whiteflash customers have to say their special pieces, please read our customer reviews. Please feel free to give us a call at 877-612-6770 if you have any further questions or if you would like a free quote.

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