1.01 ct G VS1 Premium Select Cushion Cut Loose Diamond

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    Representing a smart combination of quality factors, this beautiful 1.01 carat GIA certified diamond from our Premium Select category is a terrific value with a clarity grade of VS1 and a color grade of G.
    This diamond is from our Premium Select category consisting of in-house diamonds with GIA Triple Excellent reports, and featuring proven light performance and optical precision at the very top of the GIA scale. Premium Select diamonds are in stock and available exclusively at Whiteflash. Click on the logo for more information.
    This diamond has been graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) Gem Trade Laboratory. The GIA has a global reputation for accurate and ethical diamond grading. Click on logo to view the certificate.
    This diamond qualifies for the Whiteflash 100% Lifetime Trade-Up Guarantee.
    Item Code GIA-6107879323
    Category Premium Select
    Shape Cushion
    Carat 1.010
    Color G
    Clarity VS1
    Measurements 5.97x5.83x3.79 mm
    Item Code
    Diamond item codes identify the lab (AGS or GIA) and the specific report number for full transparency and to give customers the ability to run independent report verification. The item code is hyperlinked to the certificate. Access is also provided through the AGS Logo and Diamond Certificate links at the top of this page.
    Whiteflash offers four categories of certified diamonds: A CUT ABOVE® super ideal, Expert Selection ideal, Premium Select GIA Triple Ex, and Virtual Inventory. For more, see this page on Whiteflash Diamond Categories.
    the outline and/or facet arrangement of the diamond, sometimes confusingly referred to as the “Cut” of the diamond. For more, see this page on Diamond Cuts and Shapes.
    The carat weight of the diamond(s). 1 gram = 5 carats. For more info, see this page on Diamond Carat Weight.
    Diamond color is graded on a scale from D-Z. DEF are considered Colorless, GHIJ are considered Near Colorless. For more, see this page on Diamond Color Grading.
    Diamond clarity (sometimes referred to as purity) is graded at 10X magnification on a scale from Flawless to Imperfect. For details on how this is assessed, see our page on Laboratory Clarity Grading.
    The outer dimensions of the diamond expressed in millimeters. Fancy shape diamonds include length, width and depth. Rounds include minimum and maximum diameter and dept.
    Cut Fair
    Polish Excellent
    Symmetry Very Good
    Fluorescence None
    Eye-Clean Yes
    Culet None
    Cut refers to Cut Quality, the most important aspect of diamond beauty. It is a measure of craftsmanship that involves the proportions, facet placement and finish of the diamond. For more details see our page on AGS Cut Grading.
    The aspect of finish related to the quality of facet flatness and luster. Each facet should be polished to a mirror finish.
    Also known as ‘meet point’ symmetry, describes the degree to which contiguous facets meet precisely at the proper places all around the diamond.
    Some diamonds react to strong ultraviolet light waves by emitting light, usually blue, in a process known as photoluminescence. More information can be found on our fluorescence page.
    The ability or inability to see inclusions in a diamond with the naked eye. Our definition of eye-clean: No inclusions visible to the naked eye of a person with 20/20 vision when viewing the diamond in the face-up position at a distance of approximately 10 inches under normal overhead lighting. Distance, lighting and human vision all influence this judgment.
    The very bottom of the pavilion side of a brilliant style diamond. It is usually pointed, but can have a flat facet placed on it that can range from very small to large.
    Depth % 65.0
    Table % 65.0
    Crown Angle 0.0
    Star % 0.0
    Pavilion Angle 0.0
    Crown % 0.0
    Lower Girdle % 0.0
    Depth %
    The depth of the diamond expressed in relation to the average diameter. See also Diamond Glossary.
    Table %
    The average size of the table expressed in relation to the average diameter.
    Crown Angle
    The angle formed by the crown bezel facet and the girdle line.
    Star %
    The length of the star facet expressed in relation to the crown height.
    Pavilion Angle
    The angle formed by the main pavilion facet and the girdle line.
    Crown %
    The height of the crown expressed in relation to the total depth.
    Lower Girdle %
    The length of the lower girdle facet in relation to the pavilion depth.
    December 03, 2020
    I received my eternity band today, and oh goodness I just LOVE it. It is absolutely GORGEOUS and perfect. It is really everything I was hoping for and then some. Thank you so so much for creating such a stunning band for me. I can't wait to wear it out, with all the little sparkles flashing everywhere!!! It is fantabulous!!! You guys seriously rock. Thank you SO very much once again!!! I will cherish this band for many years to come. :) :) :)
    Jennie C, California, USA
    December 02, 2020
    I loovveee my princess studs. They are super sparkly. For quality and value, you can never go wrong with an ACA. The right stones took some time to find but it was worth the wait. This was my second time dealing with WF and the customer service has been spot on. It’s always a pleasure dealing with competent people. From Liza (my go to gemologist) to the accountants, the experience was seamless. If you’re buying diamonds site unseen, never buy elsewhere but Whiteflash. In fact, don’t buy elsewhere period!
    Marites S, Guam
    December 02, 2020
    Brittany was a great help in choosing an engagement ring. The diamond we chose is amazing in terms of sparkle and radiance. Pictures can't do it justice. This ACA diamond is so "alive" and has so much sparkle that it's hard to stop looking at it in different lighting settings to see what type of sparkle it is producing. Truly Beautiful!
    Jason W, Pennsylvania, USA
    December 01, 2020
    I wanted to write a letter of appreciation to you and your employees. My fiancée and I ordered a three row domed pave engagement ring from your company in September. It is such a beautifully crafted ring and we were so pleased when it arrived. I am complimented on the ring on a daily basis and when I take it in to get cleaned, the jewelers won’t stop raving about it! It is a beautiful piece that I absolutely love and will cherish forever. We waited a little too long to buy the matching band and when I went online to order it about two months ago, it was no longer available. I was absolutely devastated. I wrote an email that Friday night requesting information on the discontinued ring and also attempted calling and your business was closed for the weekend. I had first discovered the ring after searching for over a year for the perfect engagement/band set and I knew that there wasn't another ring out there like this one. I was so distraught thinking that I would have to settle for something different and sub par, that I worried about it the whole weekend. I was ecstatic when I received an email response from Liza Horowitz on that Monday morning saying that would find out if I could special order it, even though it was discontinued. I was so pleased to hear that I could make that special order for the matching band. I had email communication with Liza during the whole process of getting my band ordered, paid for, and made. Liza even wrote me an email checking in with me and making sure I was pleased with the band after I had received it. I was also in communication with Vera Wages for the duration of the order process. The customer service and attention to detail that Liza and Vera provided was fantastic and much appreciated. Good customer service seems to be hard to come by and I don’t think that other companies have such a high standard. Your employees have been phenomenal to work with and I have appreciated their endless assistance and kindness. I have recommended your company to family and friends and will think of your company when I plan on buying any future jewelry. Thank you so much for making my experience with your company so positive. I love both of my rings and every time I look at them, I enjoy them more and more.
    Mary H, California, USA

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