Whiteflash Precision Cut Lab Grown Diamonds

Leveraging more than two decades of technical expertise in diamond light performance and precision diamond cutting, Whiteflash is proud to present our Precision Lab category for shoppers looking to beat the high cost of natural diamonds while getting maximum fire and brilliance in their lab-grown diamond.
From the same team that brought A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds to the international market, our Precision Lab diamonds are cut to exacting standards to produce optimal light performance. With the significant savings in lab diamonds it is no longer necessary for anyone to compromise on the most important C – Cut Quality.
Lab-grown diamonds have the same physical and chemical properties as natural diamonds. Therefore, they have the exact same potential for fire, brilliance, and sparkle as natural diamonds. But that full potential can only be realized when cut craftsmanship is of top quality.

Laboratory Certified and Laser Inscribed Lab Diamonds

Each Precision Lab diamond from Whiteflash comes with a high quality grading report from one of the foremost gemological laboratories detailing all of the four C’s and providing additional information related to the growth method. Since not all lab-grown diamonds are the same, this information is highly relevant to the purchase decision.
Each Precision Lab diamond we offer is laser inscribed with the lab report number and a clear indication that the diamond is lab-grown. Being able to positively identify your diamond with only a jewelers’ loupe at 10X magnification provides an extra measure of peace of mind.

3D Optical Symmetry

Precision Lab diamonds from Whiteflash are produced for those looking for the very best in certified lab-grown diamonds. We start with only the finest rough material and craft the diamonds for optimal performance. And, as always at Whiteflash, we provide the proof of superior cut quality with top tier laboratory reports and light performance imaging. Round Precision Lab diamonds are posted to our site with the full complement of advanced images as our natural diamonds; ASET, IdealScope, Hearts and Arrows, and of course HD video.

All Diamonds Vetted for Transparency

Transparency is a significant and often overlooked issue in both natural and lab grown diamonds. Issues with the carbon lattice such as graining and deformation can lead to loss of transparency, and result in a diamond that has diminished sparkle due to transparency deficits. The Whiteflash diamond review team evaluate transparency carefully and will not allow any diamond with such deficits to be in our brand.

Why Laboratory Grown Diamonds?

We understand that our customers have different tastes and budgets. They also may have preferences that are shaped by the debates that have arisen around issues of social responsibility in both the natural diamond mining arena as well as the lab growing industry. While both have their plusses and minuses, we respect our customers’ ethical sensibilities and offer top quality options to meet their personal requirements.
When economic uncertainty is an issue, lab-grown diamonds are a sensible choice for the money savings they offer. The good news for shoppers of lab grown diamonds, the technology involved in the process has become much better in recent years providing availability of larger, finer rough at the same time that prices have become more competitive.
Lab grown diamonds today represent a new and exciting option for many diamond shoppers for a variety of reasons. Modern diamond shoppers are fortunate to live at a time of so many great choices!

Why Whiteflash for your Lab Grown Diamond?

Rely on the world’s foremost experts on diamond light performance for your Lab-grown diamond purchase. Not only will you be assured of diamond quality and beauty at the top of the scale, but you have access to thousands of the most beautiful bridal and fine jewelry settings from all the top designer brands, and you will receive a level of customer care unrivaled in the industry!

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