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Whiteflash provides FREE insured FedEx shipping, both within the United States and to over 70 International destinations which we are able to serve.
Whiteflash has been serving smart diamond and jewelry shoppers all over the world since the year 2000, providing the finest in ideal diamonds and designer engagement rings. Hailed as "Lord of the Online Rings" by the prestigious Kiplinger's magazine, Whiteflash is one of the most trusted and best reviewed sites on the web today. Find out more About Us including our comprehensive package of benefits and guarantees.
Please use the images above to browse our in-house inventory of ideal diamonds including the extraordinary A CUT ABOVE®, and a superb collection of brand name designer settings. We also provide extensive education to help you make a brilliant choice, and we have a team of GIA trained gemologists and jewelry professionals always available to answer questions or provide assistance by phone, chat, or email.
We specialize in taking the stress out of diamond and fine jewelry shopping by providing a wealth of information on our products and services, and providing you with a pressure free experience that you will want to tell your friends about!
Below you will find reviews written by Whiteflash customers from Bermuda to give you a sense of their experiences and the variety and quality of jewelry we produce.


November 19, 2020
Customer service and the product was both excellent. Want to thank Brittany Godin for helping me through the daunting purchase process.
Jason K, Bermuda
December 29, 2016
I confirm receipt of the ring. I love it! Thanks to Whiteflash for the amazing work and service!
Gary H, Bermuda
September 26, 2014
The ring is stunning, she loves it. She's amazed at how much it sparkles in natural light. I can't imagine how it would look in a showroom. I'm so glad I had done enough research to discover about hearts and arrows diamonds. I was so close to just ordering from Blue Nile. It's been a pleasure dealing with Whiteflash. Everyone I've dealt with have been great from initial inquiries to post purchase questions. Thanks again.
Allan, Bermuda
December 22, 2011
I purchased the halo bezel pendant in platinum - the pendant does not flip at all due to its great design and sliding chain. This is my second purchase from whiteflash (first purchase was diamond stud earrings) and I am always happy with the excellent customer service and quality of end product. I worked with Liza and she was very knowledgeable and responsive.
Lysa B, Bermuda

Bermuda Diamond Engagement Rings and Jewelry

Bermuda jewelry store owners are already familiar with the phenomenon: a couple comes to the island nation on vacation, then falls in love with each other over the pristine white sand beaches and endless blue ocean, and comes running into a Bermuda jewelry store looking for that perfect Bermuda engagement ring so they can take their relationship to the next level right there on the island. Luckily, these jewelers are prepared for that kind of romantic impulsivity, with a huge variety of engagement rings and other pieces of Bermuda jewelry perfect for commemorating that major milestone in your relationship.
However, like any other tourist center, Bermuda jewelry stores can overwhelm unprepared visitors with a vast array of kitschy, knockoff products that will fall apart or wear out faster than your tan can fade. “Bermuda rings” and other tourist-oriented products embellished with the name of the island are often made of cheap materials and will probably never get worn again. If you want to make the most of your souvenir budget, it’s best to seek out one of the many quality fine jewelry stores in Bermuda and buy one pieces of real jewelry influenced by the local culture in a subtle, non-kitschy way.
For over 100 years, Bermuda jewelry store Atwood Dickinson has built a world-renowned reputation as the purveyor of the finest jewelry in the Caribbean. In fact, today that are exclusive agents in the region for some of the world’s best brands of jewelry and watches, including Cartier, Patek Phillipe, and Tag Hueur. In addition, this elegant shop is famous for the Bermuda Collection—an elegant, high-end jewelry collection inspired by the natural scenery of the island. Using the flora and fauna of Bermuda as their cue, on-site jewelers craft timeless and fashionable jewelry pieces that visitors can bring home to remember their unforgettable trip to Bermuda-and actually wear. For example, a delicate conch shell pendant in 14 karat gold is island-appropriate but will also look great with a little black dress at a cocktail party, and a pair of sea turtle cufflinks are formal and sophisticated, with just a touch of island whimsy.
However, if you need an emergency, last-minute Bermuda engagement ring, these island-inspired choices are not your only option. Jewelers like Atwood Dickinson also carry a range of ready-to-purchase engagement rings in every style and at every price point. If you have time, you can choose from a full inventory of Bermuda diamonds and have one set into the engagement ring setting of your choice, but if you need to propose before the sun sets on your last day of vacation, you can purchase a pre-set engagement ring and have it in your hands in minutes.
Whether you are looking for a classic Cartier ring that will look like you bought it in a Madison Avenue boutique, or you want a delicate pearl bracelet with a shell pendant to remind you of your magical trip to the enchanted island of Bermuda, the jewelry stores here are happy to accommodate your request.

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