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Whiteflash provides FREE insured FedEx shipping, both within the United States and to over 70 International destinations which we are able to serve.
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Please use the images above to browse our in-house inventory of ideal diamonds including the extraordinary A CUT ABOVE®, and a superb collection of brand name designer settings. We also provide extensive education to help you make a brilliant choice, and we have a team of GIA trained gemologists and jewelry professionals always available to answer questions or provide assistance by phone, chat, or email.
We specialize in taking the stress out of diamond and fine jewelry shopping by providing a wealth of information on our products and services, and providing you with a pressure free experience that you will want to tell your friends about!
Below you will find reviews written by Whiteflash customers from Hawaii to give you a sense of their experiences and the variety and quality of jewelry we produce.


August 20, 2022
10 STARS ! Unfortunately we can only vote 5 stars here lol. Their team (Brittany, Vera, Holly etc) are amazing. The craft is to perfection. I will definitely buy diamonds from them again for friends and love ones. Mahalo from Hawaii !!!
Mirriam E, Hawaii, USA
July 31, 2022
Liza was extremely responsive, making the time difference between Hawaii and Texas feel negligible. Her quick turnaround was a relief when it came to customizing a ring setting and buying a diamond that's never been seen in person. If you're uncomfortable with buying online, know that Liza and Whiteflash gave me the confidence to purchase with them. I am very happy with the end product. Thank you, Liza, for your dedication to quality and service!
Clement W, Hawaii, USA
May 13, 2022
The ring is beautiful.
Mark S, Hawaii, USA
March 10, 2022
Everything has been perfect and the diamond from you guys did not disappoint. Prior to ordering from you guys, I looked at similar diamonds in my local ring shop, they showed me their proprietary hearts and arrows diamonds which were beautiful, but cost an arm and a leg for what you get. Numerous places said the best to get would be your guys a cut above series. So immediately I went there as my go to search. Your guys a cut above is the same if not better quality than my local shop and easily 3-4k dollars cheaper. When it arrived, I knew I made the right choice. Mahalo for what you guys do.
Jordan M, Hawaii, USA

Honolulu Diamond Engagement Rings and Jewelry

Ask ten people what the most romantic city in the United States is, and chances are nine out of ten will have the same response: Honolulu, Hawaii. Despite its remote location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Honolulu is one of the top American tourist-drawing cities, with over 7.5 million tourists per year, most from the continental United States. Although some of these travelers are families, groups of friends, or even single travelers, a large percentage of these visitors are couples who travel to Hawaii to take in the gorgeous white sand beaches, endless blue oceans, and even more endless varieties of fun and romantic couple’s activities. Honolulu has some of the world’s best resorts, luxurious spas, fine dining options, incredible beaches, and every imaginable water sport from kayaking to surfing to deep-sea fishing. Whether you are an adventurous couple who finds an early morning hike up a volcano to be the most romantic thing in the world, or if your idea of romance is more about lounging poolside with a frosty drink, Honolulu has got you covered.
In fact, Honolulu jewelry store owners say that nearly every week, a couple, or sometimes a man on his own, comes in looking for a Honolulu engagement ring. There is something about watching a blazing sun sink into a perfectly blue ocean that makes many couples realize that there will never be a better moment or a more perfect place for that special memory to be made. In fact, Hawaiian proposals are so common that everyone from Honolulu jewelry store owners to hotel concierges are well equipped with everything you need to make your own proposal, no matter how last-minute, a spectacular success.
If you are looking for Honolulu rings at the last minute, start by asking your hotel concierge for a recommendation. Many larger resorts actually have small stores with a limited selection of jewelry designs from major American and international designers—if you are looking for a specific brand you remember from back home, this may be your best option. But if you are more interested in finding a local Honolulu jeweler that can provide you with a gorgeous, affordable, made-in-Honolulu ring, you have to ask someone who lives in the area for a recommendation. (Hawaiians are famously friendly, so chances are a woman will not be offended if you stop her on the street to ask where she got her ring.)
Although many couples choose their engagement rings together these days, more traditionally-minded men may still be hoping to buy their Honolulu jewelry without their significant other knowing about it until the big moment. Even on the most romantic vacation, experts recommend spending at least one afternoon without each other, doing something the other doesn’t enjoy. Encourage your significant other to book a massage or guided tour, and tell her you’ve signed up for surf lessons. Then, once she is occupied, slip out to one of the local malls (Waikiki Shopping Plaza is a local favorite) and find that perfect piece of Honolulu jewelry for her.

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