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November 23, 2020
The size is just right for me. (I’m glad I didn’t go with larger stones.) It’s not over the top but it catches the eye. And the sparkle factor is crazy! I love these tiny ACA’s...they pack a punch! Thanks for your help with this!
Mary C, Missouri, USA
October 04, 2020
Once again, you and your colleagues at Whiteflash have been amazing and I appreciate everything you've done for me.
Stephen C, Missouri, USA
August 26, 2019
It looks absolutely amazing and is stunning in person! Thank you for all the assistance you have provided me. It was an absolute pleasure working with you and Whiteflash. Your customer service was incredible and made me feel valued as a customer. I couldn’t be happier with how everything turned out! Kudos to you and your colleagues!
Stephen C, Missouri, USA
July 17, 2019
It went great! She loves it. Thank you so much! It’s a beautiful ring.
Kurt W, Missouri, USA
Missouri -Jewelry

Missouri Diamond Engagement Rings and Jewelry

As Missouri goes, so goes the country. This old saying continues to be true in many respects—politically, socially, culturally, and demographically. The mean center of the US population is in Missouri; the state’s election results have accurately predicted national results in nearly every election since 1904. So it’s unsurprising that the nation’s turn towards a preference for locally owned stores and handcrafted goods in the fine jewelry market is reflected in Missouri jewelry shopping options as well.
Whether you live in “western-most Eastern city” of St. Louis and draw fashion inspiration from New York, or if you reside in the “eastern-most Western city” of Kansas City and look towards LA for style cues, Missouri jewelers can provide for their state’s split personality by offering uniquely Missouri engagement rings that have the elegance and refinement of New York City with all the dazzle and glamour of Los Angeles—all with a no-nonsense spin that is totally Missouri.
If you’re in the market for your own engagement ring (or wedding band, necklace, earrings, ring, or bracelet) you can skip all the stress and hassle by heading directly for the top-rated independent jeweler in your city:
St. Louis: If you are ring shopping in St. Louis, skip the hustle and bustle of the crowded mall stores and head directly for David Kodner, Personal Jeweler. A beloved Missouri jeweler for fifteen years, David Kodner is the type of jeweler that inspires grateful brides and other diamond shoppers to write ecstatic testimonials—and to bring all their friends to experience the meticulous attention to detail and caring but low-pressure shopping experience that David Kodner is all about. As a personal jeweler, David Kodner works closely with each customer to help him or her navigate his extensive inventory of settings, completed jewelry pieces and loose diamonds and find the one piece that is perfect for his or her style and budget. Plus, David offers affordable jewelry repair and the best custom jewelry design available in the city!
Kansas City: “Other jewelers sell jewelry; we design jewelry and make it by hand.” So reads the tagline on the website for Montanari Fine Art Jewelry, in Kansas City, Missouri. Jewelry stores carrying all the famous national brands of fine jewelry are a dime a dozen in Missouri, but only Montanari lives up to the promise of “fine art” that is in its name. Each piece at this elegant showroom is designed and crafted in-house, in styles that range from a modern take on traditional concepts to wildly creative contemporary looks. Plus, Montanari is famous throughout Missouri for working closely with customers to create custom jewelry design that does more than just faithfully reproduce a customer’s idea—Montanari jewelers brainstorm and sketch with the customer to create a design that improves on the customer’s original idea. It’s the perfect combination of professional design and one-of-a-kind custom work—just like Montanari is the perfect combination of quality craftsmanship with creative and bold design.

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