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May 24, 2021
My boyfriend (now fiancé!) and I recently got engaged today and I cannot stop obsessing over how beautiful my whiteflash ring is. Thank you for designing the perfect ring. It was just perfect and the ring is amazing!
Tyler H, Ohio, USA
May 03, 2021
I highly recommend Whiteflash if you are looking for the perfect engagement and wedding rings. My husband used them 9 years ago when spending months researching and searching for the perfect diamond. He is a huge stickler and it takes him forever to make decisions about anything (especially life choices). So this speaks volumes for Whiteflash. He loved them! I recently decided it was time to upgrade my setting a bit and get a new wedding band. I looked around for a few months online and wasn't really impressed and decided one day to check out Whiteflash's site. I found a beautiful, unique ring. They were able to use my existing center stone. So I mailed my ring back to them and had it re-done. They were extremely thorough on mail-back directions, etc. The employees are super nice, super helpful, get back to you very quickly and are all around grade A! Not only that, but the rings are absolutely stunning, unique and just different than any other I've ever seen. I absolutely love my rings. The diamonds are so beautiful and I can't stop looking at them. Very happy with my choice to go with Whiteflash. I recommend them to anyone looking for jewelry!
Jana T, Ohio, USA
April 10, 2021
I got my studs today. ACA never fails to impress me!!! It’s so beautiful!!! Love Whiteflash upgrade policy!! 1 one upgrade and I think I’m done! Thank you so much for Whiteflash team. You guys are always wonderful to work with. Even though there are some bumps here and there, but at the end of the day you and your team are still the best!!! Thank you, I’ll be in contact next year for my final upgrade!
Natania W, Ohio, USA
April 09, 2021
Sparkle is more than we anticipated.
Peter K, Ohio, USA

Ohio Diamond Engagement Rings and Jewelry

On the most recent episode of the hit TV musical show “Glee,” titled “Yes/No,” one of the lead characters, high school choir and Spanish teacher Will Schuester (played by Matthew Morrison), shopped for an engagement ring for the dramatic proposal he had planned for his sweetheart, guidance counselor Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays). That got us thinking....if someone really lived in Lima, Ohio, (or in Akron, Columbus, or Dayton, for that matter), where would he go to buy his engagement ring? Would it be the kind of sweetly old-fashioned jewelry shop Ms. Schuester visits on the show? Would it be a designer jewelry boutique? Or would a real-life Ohioan have to find the engagement ring in a mall chain store? In the show, Will presents Emma with a modest but sparkling white gold ring set with a single delicate round diamond—where could someone find a ring like that in real-life Lima?
Lima, a small town of 40,000 people located in Allen County, Ohio, is not necessarily known for its major retail shopping opportunities, but if you were looking for a small-town Ohio jeweler in this town, you would start at the Lima Mall. In addition to mall mainstays like Kay Jewelers, the mall is also home to Roger’s Jewelers, an Ohio jewelry store that can provide the kind of individualized attention and warm customer service Ohioans look for.
In quiet, pleasant downtown Lima, the retail district is dotted with the kind of old-fashioned, elegant jewelry boutiques featured in that famous Glee scene. Jacob SW Jeweler and Jenkins Don Jewelers, both longtime mainstays of the downtown shopping district, provide a wide variety of fine jewelry and watches at prices that the average Ohioan can afford.
Many people looking for an Ohio engagement ring opt to shop in nearby Findlay and Fort Wayne. Findlay, with its historic town center and elegant boutiques, is home to Michael Eller Jewelry, and Von’s Jewelry. Meanwhile, over the Indiana border in Fort Wayne, stores like Fairfield’s carry vintage and antique jewelry, while Love Letters Jewelry creates unique custom-designed jewelry to order.
So which one of these shops would Mr. Schuester have patronized? Would he have driven out of town to Findlay or Fort Wayne in order to keep his upcoming proposal a secret? Would he have stopped in at the mall for an engagement ring, or would he visit a downtown boutique for his perfect ring? What do you think?

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