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Whiteflash provides FREE insured FedEx shipping, both within the United States and to over 70 International destinations which we are able to serve.
Whiteflash has been serving smart diamond and jewelry shoppers all over the world since the year 2000, providing the finest in ideal diamonds and designer engagement rings. Hailed as "Lord of the Online Rings" by the prestigious Kiplinger's magazine, Whiteflash is one of the most trusted and best reviewed sites on the web today. Find out more About Us including our comprehensive package of benefits and guarantees.
Please use the images above to browse our in-house inventory of ideal diamonds including the extraordinary A CUT ABOVE®, and a superb collection of brand name designer settings. We also provide extensive education to help you make a brilliant choice, and we have a team of GIA trained gemologists and jewelry professionals always available to answer questions or provide assistance by phone, chat, or email.
We specialize in taking the stress out of diamond and fine jewelry shopping by providing a wealth of information on our products and services, and providing you with a pressure free experience that you will want to tell your friends about!
Below you will find reviews written by Whiteflash customers from Poland to give you a sense of their experiences and the variety and quality of jewelry we produce.


The service provided by this company is really on the highest standard
October 05, 2020
Special thanks to Michelle Adams who was my caretaker - really nice and helpful person. The service provided by this company is really on the highest standard and I appreciate the effort from every member of the staff during every stage of the whole process (ordering an engagement ring). I felt that they try hard to make the purchase something special and they want the costumer to fell happy and well taken care of the whole time.
Wojciech K, Poland
The best place to buy Diamonds and rings!
April 10, 2019
Top quality, great customer support. The best place to buy diamonds and rings.
Artur S, Poland
The ring is amazing!
February 04, 2017
Outstanding service, great help, I was really impressed by the time and effort the company put into helping clients. Not to even mention the ring that is amazing. Thank you for everything.
Michal K, Poland
The setting is a piece of art
September 01, 2016
The ring is really amazing! Diamond looks much more white than I expected. And of course, I can't see any inclusions. The setting is a piece of art. I'm happy for choosing Whiteflash and I'll spread a word
Leszek, Poland

Poland Diamond Engagement Rings and Jewelry

Poland is one of the most underrated countries in Europe. To most people, the word “Poland” conjures up images of negative stereotypes, endless cold winters, and bland food. But the real country of Poland is so much more complex than that—and makes an incredible, and incredibly inexpensive, Eastern European getaway. A fervently Catholic country with a strong local culture, Poland has many beautiful places, modern cities, and idyllic villages set in a picturesque countryside.
Poland’s bigger cities, such as Warsaw and Krakow, combine Old World elegance and architecture with the thriving arts and culture that have emerged in many countries in the former Soviet bloc. You’ll find young artists operating galleries out of factories that once manufactured cars, or musicians performing experimental jazz in the plaza in front of the former government buildings. All of these mingling of old and new has produced a wholly new style of Poland jewelry—one that borrows quality, craftsmanship, and motifs of Old-World Poland and refreshed it using the creativity and playfulness that characterizes the country today.
Polish citizens tend to prefer traditional jewelry items, so many items in a Poland jewelry store may look boring or even out of date to an American visitor. Poland engagement rings are often opulent and glitzy, but may lack the refinement many modern American consumers are seeking. However, in the art galleries and more trendy Poland jewelry stores, you can find intriguing Poland rings, bracelets, and necklaces that are utilizing these traditional themes in completely new and exciting ways. For example, look for stores near the trendy urban center of Warsaw that are repurposing antique Poland diamonds into edgy new jewelry settings made of steel and iron, or artisans who are creating sleek, modern interpretations of the motifs common to traditional Poland jewelry such as the cross.

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