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Please use the images above to browse our in-house inventory of ideal diamonds including the extraordinary A CUT ABOVE®, and a superb collection of brand name designer settings. We also provide extensive education to help you make a brilliant choice, and we have a team of GIA trained gemologists and jewelry professionals always available to answer questions or provide assistance by phone, chat, or email.
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Below you will find reviews written by Whiteflash customers from Sweden to give you a sense of their experiences and the variety and quality of jewelry we produce.


Love it!
August 17, 2023
I got my ring today and it’s absolutely gorgeous!! Many thanks for your perfect service!!! :)
Michelle V, Sweden
It really is my dream engagement ring!
March 08, 2022
My fiancé proposed to me this weekend. I loved my ring so much and just wanted to send a thank you of my own to your team! The ring is so beautiful and well-made. I can't keep my eyes off of it; it really is my dream engagement ring. When I saw the ring for the first time I was speechless. Thank you so much, I'm so happy with everything!
Kenna, Sweden
I think the ring is gorgeous, and so does she!
August 05, 2020
I think the ring is gorgeous, and so does she! =) I don't exactly remember what I expected when I ordered it, but for sure it has not disappointed me! We both think that the carat size is perfect in relation to the size of her fingers and the ring itself, and she loves that the ring is quite thin. Thank you for your help! I surprised her quite a bit and proposed to her yesterday when we had a picnic up on the mountain overlooking the harbor with the sun setting behind the whole scene, and I had smuggled a bottle of champagne along. Of course she said yes, I knew that she would, but she really loves the ring too =) She was expecting me to pop the question but later rather than sooner and was very surprised and not completely emotionally prepared for it =D
Martin E, Sweden
The ring was absolutely fabulous and she loved it
June 23, 2016
It went well and She said YES! the ring was absolutely fabulous and she loved it… I am glad also that all my GIA education paid off…. I am also very happy about your service…Have a great one and I am looking forward to buy more diamonds from you.
Ali A, Sweden

Sweden Diamond Engagement Rings and Jewelry

When you think of “Sweden jewelry” you might think of the tattooed and pierced face of Lisbeth Salander, the mysterious and Gothic computer hacker portrayed by Noomi Rapace and Rooney Mara in the Swedish and American versions of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. But as popular as the book trilogy and films are in Sweden, there is a lot more to this country’s ideas of style and fashion than safety pin earrings and dragon tattoos. In fact, Sweden jewelry is known throughout the world for its quality, affordability, and whimsical application of traditional concepts in Scandinavian design.
If you’ve ever been to an Ikea store, you can imagine a Sweden jewelry store. The same dedication to clean lines, minimal but effective use of color, and whimsical, fun details that are evident in the worldwide furniture manufacturer’s couches, beds and tables are visible in every made-in-Sweden engagement ring too. And although Sweden diamonds are not intrinsically any clearer or more sparkly than diamonds set in any other style, these simple designs and sleek ring settings really make the most of even the simple, practical diamonds most Swedish brides favor. ASweden jewelry store will often seem almost austere compared to the ornate, sparkly displays favored in the United States, but while the American engagement ring might look less exciting outside of the context of a store display, the Sweden engagement ring will look just as good no matter where you wear it.
Luckily, you don’t have to travel to Stockholm to stock up on quality made-in-Sweden rings, bracelets and necklaces. Many Sweden jewelry makers are now offering their pieces online through online marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. Smaller artisans without the benefit of a professional website or processing facility can use these sites to offer their handmade goods directly to the public, so you can order a made-in-Sweden ring from San Diego, or an elegant Swedish pendant necklace from Santa Fe. For beautiful and affordable Swedish jewelry influenced by the natural flora and fauna of Sweden, check out Silver Blueberry on Etsy, a private seller that offers delicate sterling silver pieces shaped like everything from the leaves of the wild strawberry plants found throughout Sweden or the hedgehogs beloved in the Swedish countryside.
A pink rose quartz cocktail ring set in a delicately ornate setting that resembles a bird’s nest is quintessentially Swedish jewelry—subtle, quirky and beautiful—even if it isn’t exactly the kind of thing Lisbeth Salander would wear.

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