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Whiteflash has been serving smart diamond and jewelry shoppers all over the world since the year 2000, providing the finest in ideal diamonds and designer engagement rings. Hailed as "Lord of the Online Rings" by the prestigious Kiplinger's magazine, Whiteflash is one of the most trusted and best reviewed sites on the web today. Find out more About Us including our comprehensive package of benefits and guarantees.
Please use the images above to browse our in-house inventory of ideal diamonds including the extraordinary A CUT ABOVE®, and a superb collection of brand name designer settings. We also provide extensive education to help you make a brilliant choice, and we have a team of GIA trained gemologists and jewelry professionals always available to answer questions or provide assistance by phone, chat, or email.
We specialize in taking the stress out of diamond and fine jewelry shopping by providing a wealth of information on our products and services, and providing you with a pressure free experience that you will want to tell your friends about!
Below you will find reviews written by Whiteflash customers from Australia to give you a sense of their experiences and the variety and quality of jewelry we produce.


May 11, 2017
I was truly gobsmacked when I saw the ring! My first reaction was it was HUGE! I'd never seen such a large diamond in my life! I actually opened it in the FedEx store, the owner saw it as well and said it's the biggest ring he's also ever seen in real life, and apparently he told me quite a few people purchase rings online and get them delivered to his store. I wasn't expecting it to be that big based on what I saw on the website... it is a truly beautiful piece. I want to sincerely thank you and your team for your help with creating the ring and answering all my questions. It was a great experience overall (I was really nervous that something might go off track or that the ring wouldn't be delivered while I was in HK but it all went smoothly!) I've recommended your site now to some of my other friends who are also looking to propose :)
Kevin C, Australia
May 08, 2017
I just wanted to let you know that I've received my ring and it is absolutely beautiful - I love it! Thank you so much for your help.
Kate T, Australia
April 04, 2017
The ring looks amazing. Credit to Vatche for doing such an incredible job with the setting and the diamond itself is more brilliant than any I've seen before. I'm very pleased with how much it sparkles and how bright it is in daylight, and the fire it shows under halogen lighting is ridiculous. I was quite anxious to see how it would come together, and I'm relieved and thrilled with the proportions and the fit.
John N, Australia
February 12, 2017
The ring is wonderful and my new fiancee loved it. A big thanks also the efforts in resolving AUSFTA issues with FedEx. There’s a good chance we’ll be back for the wedding rings!
Dane W, Australia

Sydney Diamond Engagement Rings and Jewellery

Australian diamond and jewellery buyers can experience the convenience of Whiteflash free worldwide FedEx shipping along with the benefit of the duty free international trade agreement (AUSFTA) that is likely applicable to the purchase.
Below you can read reviews from actual Australia customers about their experiences with Whiteflash Ideal Diamonds and Fine Jewelry.
If you’re looking for engagement rings in Sydney, Australia, you can’t do better than Whiteflash, an online diamond jewellery business serving the Sydney engagement ring and diamond jewellery market for over 11 years. The most fashionable and well-informed customers know—for real diamond quality, you can’t beat the A CUT ABOVE® stone. Sydney is famous for its laid-back mentality combined with cool modernist style—just look at the classic Sydney Opera House or the graceful swoop of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Of all the engagement ring shops and websites available to the discerning Sydney diamond consumer, Whiteflash is the one place where you know you will get unparalleled diamond quality, and of course, good old fashioned friendly service. Whiteflash knows the power of a friendly voice on the phone or a friendly email when you are trying to make big decisions about diamonds. Looking for a sparkling solitaire engagement ring or loose diamonds in Sydney?
There’s a lot of jewellery in the Harbour City, and certainly many jewellery stores in Sydney that will show you sparkly diamonds, but to find a one-of-a-kind A CUT ABOVE® diamond engagement ring, dear Australian mates, you have to go to Whiteflash. In their eleven years in the business, Whiteflash has learned what the Sydney community wants—beautiful, top quality engagement rings and wedding bands in casual but eye-catching styles. Since Whiteflash is primarily e-commerce, they can provide reasonable prices on the highest quality diamonds that Australia-based jewelers just can’t match. Whiteflash’s easy-to-use website and friendly agents will help you build your dream engagement rings in Sydney and then ship it to you—it’s quick and easy! Whether you propose after surfing at Bondi Beach or during a romantic picnic at the Royal Botanic Gardens or Olympic Park, when you pull out the A CUT ABOVE® ring, she is sure to say yes! If you are looking for engagement rings, wedding bands, and any other kind of diamond jewellery, trust Whiteflash to provide top-notch diamonds and the best customer service.

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