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February 14, 2017
Just picked up the earrings!! They look absolutely gorgeous . Couldn't have done this without you . Thanks for your fantastic advise and guidance. Have a Happy Valentines !!
Chandsekar R, Singapore
November 15, 2016
The ring is very beautiful and the diamond sparkles like crazy. I like it a lot! I'm glad that I came across Whiteflash with their super fine diamonds and professional yet responsive team to support me throughout the buying process. Well done!
Anthony, Singapore
September 29, 2016
I have received the package and it looks absolutely stunning. Its perfect. Let me thank you thank you for being on this journey with me. It has been my pleasure learning and communicating with you. Your service has been impeccable since the first minute. Thank you very much!
Dean L, Singapore
May 09, 2016
We are still constantly fascinated by the brilliance of the ring. I think no one in the right mind could possibly be disappointed by the quality of the diamond. So much so that I am considering buying another diamond pendant from you guys.
Zhongyuan M, Singapore

Tampines Diamond Engagement Rings and Jewelry

The largest residential area in Singapore, Tampines is located in the East region of the state’s main island. Despite being one of the most densely populated areas of Singapore, it is considered a very desirable place to live, work and shop. In fact, it is said that the Tampines jewelers are some of the most talented and innovative in the country.
Although much of Tampines’ residential area consists of the high-density apartment blocks utilized elsewhere in the country, the buildings in Tampines have architectural details and differences that set them apart and contribute to the town’s unique look. In fact, thanks to Tampines’ simultaneously efficient and yet pleasant living conditions, the UN awarded the district with the World Habitat Award in 1992 in recognition of its outstanding contribution to human settlement.
Part of what makes Tampines an attractive region to Singaporeans is the excellent shopping. Tampines is home to no less than three shopping malls.
Tampines Mall, the oldest and most established of the three, is the most popular mall in this region of Singapore. It also serves as the central bus and rail station for the area. In addition to a playground area, a cinema, supermarkets and other essential shops, Tampines Mall is anchored by Isetan, a local department store—the source of some of the best bargains on Tampines jewelry. There is also a branch of the international beauty and accessories chain Watson.
However, the options for Tampines jewelry shopping don’t end there. Century Square Mall is billed as the “Women’s Mall” for its female-centric shopping opportunities. An entire floor of the mall is labeled “Exclusively Hers” for its wide variety of women’s apparel, cosmetic, jewelry, shoes and beauty shops. Anyone looking for a Tampines engagement ring would do well to start here—not only is there a wide selection of fine jewelry, but the salespeople are known for being friendly and patient.
Finally, the most recent addition to the Tampines jewelry shopping scene is Tampines 1, which opened only three years ago to great acclaim. Tampines 1 is billed as the most modern and innovative mall in Singapore, with a carefully selected collection of international and local design labels. Included in this ultra-modern shopping destination is an excellent selection of Tampines jewelers, including Lee Hwa Galleria, Soo Kee Jewel Pavilion, Craft Jewelry, and Tian Po.

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