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October 25, 2017
The ring is spectacular. I really had high expectations and it exceeded my high expectations by a mile. Absolutely stunning. Thank you for your help with everything.
Peter R, Connecticut, USA
April 12, 2017
Omigod, I just love my new earrings — they are simply gorgeous! What a super job you guys do at Whiteflash. (Only problem is now I'm thinking I should have gone a tad bigger.) Thanks for all your help with my order and for making things go so smoothly. It was a pleasure dealing with you.
Kathy S, Connecticut, USA
January 24, 2017
It's important to highlight that you are truly exceptional in the support you provided throughout the experience. This was a major life purchase so I think it's important that people feel comfortable with making such a large purchase online--that you won't just take our money and run. I can't express how thankful I am that you were able to deliver on time before the July 4th holiday weekend. She absolutely loves it! My sister even wanted to trade her ring for my fiance's.
Borin L, Connecticut, USA
January 04, 2017
The ring is a complete hit!!!! For one she absolutely loves it!!!! Her friends have even commented that isn’t it crazy that the ring is totally her and something she would’ve chosen for herself, so I guess I did a pretty good job!! Yes, I swear I had no help picking it out either. I truly went on my gut instinct. The diamond is absolutely sick!!!! She has even said when someone usually gets engaged, you look at the ring once and go oh that is pretty and then don’t look at it again. With her ring (and I have seen it with my own eyes many times), people look once and then they go back and look a second and third time!!! That thing shines in the light, dark, or whatever kind of lighting it is in. I catch her looking at it constantly and sometimes I glance over in the morning and catch her checking it out while lying in bed. LOL. I wanted a ring that was going to sparkle like crazy, and I sure found one that does. She and I could not be happier!!!! I will not hesitate to refer people to White Flash in the future due to superior customer service, and exceptional quality of products. I was very hesitant to make a sizable purchase like that online, but all of you made me feel very comfortable after a few short conversations. I put my trust in White Flash and you definitely delivered!!!!
Chris J, Connecticut, USA

US Coast Guard Academy Connecticut Jewelry

Located on the Southeastern coast of the state of Connecticut, New London is a vibrant, exciting town with a rich maritime history. With its close historical, industrial and cultural connection to the Long Island Sound it borders, it is no surprise that New London is also home to the United States Coast Guard Academy. Whether you find yourself in New London on business, visiting friends or family, or even attending the Coast Guard Academy, there is plenty to do on the weekends in this small but dynamic town.
New London is steeped in the rich American history of New England’s days as a maritime superpower. You can get a better sense of this history when you visit Hempstead Houses, a collection of historic mansions that date all the way back to 1678, when New London was one of the first colonies settled in New England. You can even shop for your own piece of New England history to bring home at the famous New London Antiques Center, one of the foremost antiques marketplaces in the area. And to complete the picture of New London’s unique history, don’t forget to visit Yah-Ta-Hey, a Native American art gallery and gift shop.
Plenty has happened in New London since Colonial days. You can visit the Monte Cristo Cottage, home of the playwright Eugene O’Neill and the setting for several of his plays. And for an activity that combines an appreciation of the past with a good time in the present, visit the Garde Arts Center, once a prominent vaudeville stage and now a center for a wide variety of live arts performances. Complete those doses of high culture with an afternoon spent wandering the Lyman Allyn Art Museum, home to a fine collection of New England art, and then finish off the evening at Brie and Bleu, a fine cheese and wine emporium.
When the weather is good, there is no better thing to do in New London than to get out and enjoy the crisp ocean air near the waterfront. You can spend a relaxed afternoon picnicking and relaxing at the Connecticut College Arboretum, or, for a more exciting time, visit Ocean Beach Park. In addition to beach access and a sizable outdoor pool, the park offers mini-golf, arcades, rides for children, and a variety of concession stands. After a day of fun, you can end the night on a high note by checking out El N Gee, a club and music venue that dates back to heyday of punk music.
From sleepy historic village to modern beach resort, New London has a something to offer for everyone.

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