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January 04, 2017
Happy New Year! My (now) finance loves the ring, the design and diamond are perfect. We'll be in the market for wedding rings soon.
Arthur K
January 03, 2017
A cut above diamond, a cut above customer service. After a few months of research and looking at competitors websites I decided to use Whiteflash due to the reputation of outstanding customer service. The Website is very easy to navigate through and selection of rings & diamonds was more than enough to choose from. I particularly liked being able to view recent purchases. Once we decided on a ring style and rough diamond size we contacted Whiteflash and they responded very quickly, For each step of the way, the customer service was excellent (each department has a representative) and the transition between departments was seamless. I would not hesitate to recommend Whiteflash.
Mark L, UK
January 03, 2017
The ring is lovely. Thanks very much for all your help. Happy New year!
Roger E, Australia
December 29, 2016
I confirm receipt of the ring. I love it! Thanks to Whiteflash for the amazing work and service!
Gary H, Bermuda

USA Diamond Engagement Rings and Jewelry

The classic solitaire engagement is an American tradition, so it should be no surprise that every single town in the United States, no matter how small, seems to have its own small locally owned United States jewelry store. These days, with megamalls and retail strips lining every interstate corridor throughout the country, United States jewelry chains like Kay Jewelers have spread across the country and are now available in nearly every county and all 50 states. But neither the small town local jeweler or the jewelry mega-chain can compete with the best sources of United States jewelry—the diamond district.
The presence of strongly regulated trade associations in the United States jewelry industry have given rise to the presence in many big cities of diamond districts—neighborhoods in which many diamond and jewelry stores are located. The centrality of these districts make them especially attractive to tourists looking for authentic United States engagement rings—the fact that the stores are located close together makes it easier to comparison-shop and creates tough competition between the stores.
The most famous diamond district is, of course, the New York City Diamond District. Located in Midtown Manhattan, not far from the famous Theater District and Times Square, the Diamond District is a tightly packed few blocks with thousands of wholesale and retail sellers offering everything from pawned, used jewelry to the best diamonds to be found in the United States. The district averages $400 million in sales per day, between its 2,600 traders and dealers. The headquarters of the GIA is also located here.
But New York City is by no means the only United States jewelry center. You can get some of the best United States diamonds in the Houston diamond district, a smaller and less organized neighborhood that specializes in high-end diamonds and online sales. For very traditional United States engagement rings, visit Jewelers’ Row in Philadelphia, the oldest continuously operating diamond district in the United States.

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