Top 10 Tips on How to Choose a Jewelry Store

There are thousands of jewelry retailers all competing for your business. This is incredibly liberating but can be quite daunting too. Which one do you choose? What do you base your decision on? How do you know that choosing jewelry store “X” is the best option for you?
It’s an important decision that is well worth doing a little research. So to help, here are the Top 10 Tips to choose a Jewelry Store.
Elena Diamond Wedding Set
Elena Diamond Wedding Set

10: Available Information

What information is available about the company? How long have they been in business? Do they provide details on their products and services? A good jewelry store will publish this information or at least make it available upon request. If they don’t, don’t bother.

9: Credentials

Do they have staff with GIA or other significant industry credentials? Is the store an AGS Member? What is their standing with the Better Business Bureau? What certificates, degrees or awards can they provide showing their legitimacy? Allow the jewelry store to earn your trust with their credentials. If they can’t show anything that defines them, look elsewhere.

8: Pricing

Compare prices – just remember if you want the best, you’re going to pay for it. However, see if the business is willing to work with you. The diamond may be a firm price because of quality but what about discounting the cost of the setting? Be mindful of pricing– if they don’t budge on anything, keep looking. If they’re shoveling on the discounts, it’s probably too good to be true.
Four Prong Diamond Engagement Ring
Four Prong Diamond Engagement Ring

7: Relationship

Are you just a walking wallet or a respected client they want to form a relationship with? You’re not buying something trivial – you’re making an investment and saying with your money, “I trust you.” The business should want to reciprocate the investment you make.

6: Availability of Product

Bottom line: do they have what you want? Is it in stock or do they have to order it? Make sure they can meet your needs.

5: Time Management

Can they provide what you want in the time frame you need it? If the time frame is short, what will happen if the store misses your deadline? They should be able to comfortably meet your needs.

4: Extras

Do they offer certificates on their diamonds? Which lab issued those certificates? Can you trade up your purchase later? All good things to ask which leads into Number 3.
Platinum Diamond Pendant
Platinum Diamond Pendant

3: Policies

Look closely –this can be a make it or break it point. Are there return privileges? Is there a warranty? Are there other benefits that add to your overall value? Make sure you know all your rights and privileges before the purchase.

2: Service

Remember, this is a service industry – they should remember that too. You’ll always get attention and service right before the sale, but what if you’re not ready to buy just yet? Do they drop you like stone? Be very cognizant of situations that may come up with you, or others – which brings us to Number 1.

1: Ratings & Reviews

Jewelry store reviews are vital to validating the quality of the business you’re considering working with! Has anyone you know shopped there before? How was their experience? Just one jewelry store rating can provide experiences and insights that you may not have considered. There are numerous places you can find objective jewelry store reviews such as If a jewelry store rating seems too extreme one way or the other, it may not be the best one to rely on. Look at numerous reviews, if available, and keep in mind the previous 9 tips – you should be able to find and trust examples of each if the company is well established.
Here’s a bonus tip! Judge the company’s integrity by their actions. You are making a significant investment and you have to be careful. Take your time, take a breath and enjoy!

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