Quality Over Quantity? A Guide to Small Engagement Rings

It is easy to fall into the trap of assuming that bigger is better when it comes to engagement rings, however at Whiteflash we do not believe that this is always the case.
Quality will always reign supreme when it comes to diamond engagement rings, and with a huge variety of styles and features to choose from, a petite engagement ring can be just as striking as a large one. There are a few different reasons why our customers many times opt for a petite ring:

Financial Benefits

Ritani 1RZ7286 Knife-Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring
Ritani 1RZ7286 Knife-Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring
Coming down on the carat weight leaves more room in the budget for the most important factor; the quality of the loose diamond. Carat weight can have a big impact on price. For instance, choosing a diamond that is 0.40ct instead of a half carat allows you to go for a better cut, color and clarity. A delicate diamond with a knockout sparkle will have a big impact that won’t break the bank. This gorgeous 0.315ct F-VS1 diamond is from our in-house A CUT ABOVE® collection; with only a tiny percentage of the world’s diamonds making the grade, these diamonds give incredible light performance resulting in the best sparkle around. At $990 this diamond would look perfect in simple, graceful setting like this knife-edge solitaire setting by Ritani. A world-class diamond and a designer setting for $1,225. Choosing small can work within your budget without making any sacrifices on quality.

Style Choice

Tacori 40-1.5RD Sculpted Crescent Millgrain Solitaire Engagement Ring
Tacori 40-1.5RD Sculpted Crescent Millgrain Solitaire Engagement Ring
Whether its lifestyle or simply personal preference, many of our customers want a little treasure that is full of beauty and sentiment in a dainty, graceful package. Many of our designers create perfectly balanced settings that work beautifully with a smaller diamond. The Tacori Sculpted Crescent ring (pictured above) is an example of an elegant, detailed setting that would hold a dainty diamond without overpowering it.

Dainty Hands

Petite Diamond Engagement Ring
Petite Diamond Engagement Ring
Never underestimate the importance of matching the engagement ring to the wearer. An engagement ring becomes a part of you, intended to be worn every day with comfort and ease. If the intended has small hands, a petite diamond on a slim band will give a graceful appearance. Personal taste is, of course, the most important aspect when choosing an engagement ring, but we encourage you to think about the size that will work best for the wearer. A petite pave setting (pictured above) is a great way of adding sparkle while maintaining a delicate appearance; the perfect setting for your dream diamond.

How Do I Choose a Small Diamond?

If you are looking for a small diamond it’s important to maximise quality to unleash all of the sparkle that dainty gem has to offer. Our A CUT ABOVE® diamonds range from delicate carat weights right up to the largest of diamonds, but they all share the same stringent levels of cut quality and light performance.
A CUT ABOVE Diamonds

Start Small and Trade Up

A generous trade-up benefit is another reason to dial down the size and get the best quality your budget can afford today. In the future you can always upgrade the size. The Whiteflash 100% Lifetime Trade Up policy is simple and easy to use. With this popular benefit included on all Whiteflash in-house diamonds, there is no reason to compromise on quality today even if you know you will want a larger diamond later.

Find Your Perfect A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Cut Diamond

Consider settings that will not overwhelm the feature diamond. A simple solitaire will allow your diamond to take centre stage, however pavé, side stones, and unusual silhouettes can all work beautifully with a smaller diamond. Choose the setting that speaks to you and your sense of style! Our collection of designer engagement ring settings are sure to inspire your search for ‘the one’.
A small engagement ring does not mean ‘having less’ it means going for the best quality in a perfect little treasure.

Be Inspired By Our Designer Engagement Rings

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