Are Super Ideal Cut Diamonds Worth it? And Where to Buy Them

If you are in the market for a beautiful diamond, you may have considered ideal, or even super-ideal cut diamonds. The diamond cutting and polishing process might be deeply complex, but understanding the ins and outs of super-ideal cut diamonds doesn’t need to be. We believe in a diamond education for all of our customers and this comprehensive guide to super-ideal cut diamonds will outline the unique aspects of these exceptional diamonds.
Simon G. MR1811 Passion Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Simon G. MR1811 Passion Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Starting your diamond journey always begins with the four C’s. The cut is undoubtedly the most important of all the diamond quality factors and will have the biggest impact light performance and overall beauty. The cut dictates a great deal of the visual properties of a diamond – if the cut is poor then even colorless (D grade) and flawless (IF/FL/VVS1 grade) diamonds will lack the sparkle and beauty that we covet for our jewelry.
Despite the significance of the cut, there are only a tiny percentage of diamonds which are cut to unleash the full potential of the diamond. The market is saturated with average to poor cut diamonds and sadly they make up the majority of diamonds bought across the globe. Carat weight and the desire for a large diamond has seen diamond cutters compromise on the cut quality in order to yield a greater carat weight. You may come across ‘high quality’ collections of diamonds that champion color and clarity grades, however on closer examination the cut is often compromised. The result is diamonds which lack brilliance, sparkle and fire.

What is a Super Ideal Cut Diamond?

In the simplest terms, a super ideal cut diamond is one which goes above and beyond the top cut boundaries. The highest GIA cut grade is ‘Excellent’ while the AGS use 0 to denote the highest grade. However, around 2005 the term ‘triple zero’ emerged to describe AGS graded diamonds which were considered an overall ideal cut, including ideal proportions, polish, symmetry and light performance. The GIA equivalent for an AGS 000 is a Triple Excellent. GIA Triple Ex diamonds can be found in our Premium Select category of in-house diamonds.
A CUT ABOVE Diamonds
We use this image to demonstrate exactly how our super ideal A CUT ABOVE® diamonds measure up against GIA ‘Excellent’ and AGS ‘Ideal’ diamonds. The bullseye of light performance, our A CUT ABOVE® diamonds represent a tiny subset of AGS ideal diamonds which meet our stringent parameters. The diamonds are extensively tested and reviewed by our panel of gemologists who use the most advanced diamond testing technology to assess optical symmetry, light performance and other crucial visual factors that an A CUT ABOVE® diamond must possess. While some set their bar at an AGS ideal cut, this is the bare minimum requirement for our super ideal diamonds and the full A CUT ABOVE® specifications go far beyond this.

The Secret of Super Ideal Cut Diamonds

The secret of our super ideal cut diamonds is that there are no secrets. We believe in full transparency and letting the science and performance reports speak for themselves. Diamonds undoubtedly carry an aura of magic, but achieving the high levels of light performance and irresistible sparkle comes down to precision cutting and a scrupulous approach to selection and grading.
We publish the entire breakdown of both our A CUT ABOVE® Princess diamonds and our A CUT ABOVE® Round Brilliant diamonds. So that our customers can understand the full scope of the value they are receiving by owning these elite gems.

Seeing the Difference

While we pride ourselves on offering an in-depth diamond education and detailed technical information, we also understand that the beauty of a diamond is the most important thing to our customers. So, can you really see the difference with a super-ideal cut diamond?
A straightforward side by side comparison of a standard diamond and a super-ideal diamond will give the first indicators of the optical differences. A super-ideal cut diamond will offer an abundance of sparkle, brilliance and intense fire. Even a complete diamond novice will notice the differences in this context. However, very few people have access to quantities of loose diamonds, and even fewer people have access to super-ideal cut diamonds. It is unlikely that you will find typical jewelry stores carrying super-ideal diamonds which makes a ‘by eye’ comparison tricky.
Understanding the need for technical expertise in the market, we use the best diamond software available to bring you high-res images and videos of our A CUT ABOVE® diamonds – you can view them twinkling and rotating, giving you a complete view that rivals a jeweler’s loupe. You can search for A CUT ABOVE® Round Brilliant diamonds and A CUT ABOVE® Princess cut diamonds using our Loose Diamonds Search and use the filtering tools to narrow down your results.
Yes. You can see the difference with a super-ideal cut diamond by eye, but to take it a step further, additional performance reports will show you exactly what makes that diamond sparkle.
A CUT ABOVE Diamonds
We provide ASET, Ideal-Scope and Hearts and Arrows imaging as standard with all of our super ideal diamonds. These images allow you to view symmetry, light return and light leakage - these diagnostic images allow you to assess tangible data that gets to the heart of diamond performance. If you struggle to truly analyze a diamond by eye, these reports make for an easy comparison.

Are They Worth It? And Where to Buy Super Ideal Cut Diamonds?

The rarity and seemingly miraculous creation of a diamond begins deep within the earth, but this treasure from mother nature can only unleash its full potential when the skills of man are applied. Though people may believe they just want a diamond, our wealth of experience suggests that this is not true. People want the unique attributes of a diamond; they want the dazzling sparkle, the intense fire and blinding brilliance. These attributes come to life with a super-ideal cut. The pinnacle of man and nature creating something with exceptional beauty.
In addition to visual superiority, owning a super-ideal cut diamond is to possess something truly special. With so few diamonds meeting the A CUT ABOVE® specifications, the diamonds which make the grade are some of the rarest in the world. Using masterful cutting skills, stringent analysis and cutting-edge technology, super ideal cut diamonds amplify the magic of this wonderful, rare material.
They are absolutely worth it. Whiteflash specializes in Super Ideal Diamonds, and for customers who desire the “best of the best”, there are A CUT ABOVE® super ideal diamonds – buy your perfect Diamond Below:
To learn more about Super Ideal Cut Diamonds, read this article – otherwise feel free to ask any questions on our live chat with one of our Diamond Consultants.

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