Best Carat Size for a Size 6 Finger

Across the U.S. women wear rings between sizes 5 and 7, with size 6 being the most common (16.45 mm). It's time to choose an engagement ring that complements it. It is wise to consider the finger type and hand shape of the recipient when choosing an engagement ring. This will help prevent beautiful rings from looking unflattering when you slip them on.
Classic 6 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Classic 6 Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Carat weight and size are probably the first things that come to mind when you hear people talk about diamonds. Despite what most people think, carat weight isn't actually an accurate representation of the diamond's size. It is cut craftsmanship that can impact greatly both the actual dimensions and apparent size of the diamond. Considering carat weight and cut in tandem is a wise decision.
Our guide to the best carat size for a size 6 finger will provide the average engagement ring size, chart carat weight to millimeter size conversions, offer setting inspiration and tackle the all-important question: “is bigger always better”?

The Average Size of an Engagement Ring

Most people asking this question are in fact referring to the weight of the diamond, rather than actual size. Regardless of ring finger size, the concept of bigger is better is so ingrained in the minds of novice buyers in everything we purchase, it is easy to assume it also applies to diamonds and carat weights too.
However, average carat weight varies greatly according to age brackets, countries, and even cities, making it extremely difficult to determine an 'average' value. As a rule, one carat is equal to 200 milligrams, or one fifth of a gram.
Diamond Carat Weight
One carat is often considered the 'magic weight' by buyers of diamonds. According to statistics, the average diamond weight in the USA is about 1.00ct to 1.20ct, while the average diamond weight in the UK is about 0.60ct. There are many factors that can influence this figure, so it is not an exact science.
When it comes to balancing the four C’s, some buyers may be tempted to prioritize carat weight and place the majority of their budget in this area. Our advice would be to refrain from doing so, even though we respect everyone's personal preferences.

Is a Bigger Diamond Always Better?

Your diamond's carat weight influences how it looks, but it does not directly affect its size. The appearance of two diamonds of the same weight can differ greatly depending on how they carry the weight. There is no guarantee that a diamond will look bigger just because it has a higher carat weight.
A person's style, stature, hand size, setting preference, and budget should determine the most complementary stone size for your beloved. Our opinion is that not everyone would look great wearing an excessively large diamond on their hand every day. It does not suit the average lifestyle or those who are active in their daily lives.
Size is also highly subjective! In the opposite situation, a small diamond looks disproportionate on wider fingers. It would certainly help if you were able to visualize how the ring would look on the finger of your recipient when choosing the carat size. The best carat size for size 6 fingers is generally 0.50 carats or greater, as this tends to make them appear beautiful and balanced.
Diamond Size Comparison on Hand

Prioritize Cut Over Carat

There is no doubt that a large diamond is desirable, but only if cut quality has not been compromised for size. Those with insufficient diamond education may wonder why their diamond doesn't sparkle. Generally, diamonds should not look too large or too small in relation to their carat weight; it indicates a poor cut and will reduce the stone's brilliance.
Shallow and Deep Cut Diamond chart
Often, diamonds are cut thicker or deeper at their girdle when they are proportioned for maximum carat yield. Consequently, diamonds appear smaller than their carat weight would indicate and often suffer from significant light performance deficits. Other times, cutting a piece of rough shallow can result in a diamond with a larger overall diameter. The diamond will also have weak light return as a result of this.
At Whiteflash, we emphasize cut as a fundamental element of the diamond buying process and indicative of diamond excellence.
Cut quality determines the amount of fire, brilliance and scintillation that a diamond can exhibit. Learn about our A CUT ABOVE® diamonds here, which are among the best performing internationally recognized Super Ideal Diamonds.
In reality, there are no hard or fast answers since everyone has a different preference. Some carat sizes may appear too small or too large to you, but they could be the perfect size for another person. Or a larger carat might look proportionate on the finger, but not suit your significant other's active lifestyle.

Carat Weight To Millimeter Size Conversion

As stated above the relationship between carat weight and actual dimension varies according to the cut quality of the diamond. The average size for a woman’s hands with a finger size of size 6 is 16.45mm. The chart below provides an approximate conversion for well-cut round diamonds.
Carat weight to diameter chart
For additional reading we have detailed Carat Guides on the following sizes:
Whiteflash also provides an incredibly popular 100% Lifetime Trade-Up Benefit enabling clients of our in-house diamonds to trade up to a larger stone in the future as tastes and budget change.
For those who are concerned about their diamond's lack of presence and drama, we have some tips for enhancing it.

Choose the Right Setting for Size 6 Finger

It is impossible to have a 'normal' ring size. There is a great deal of difference between us. The length of our fingers varies between people; some have short, broad fingers, and others have long, slender fingers.
The type of setting you select will also dictate how big your diamond looks. A thin size 6 ring will not fit the same as a thick size 6 ring and thinner bands make the center stone stand out more. Using cathedral settings allows you to display your diamond high, halo settings create drama and presence on the hand, and side stone style rings add more visual impact.
Valoria Amphora Diamond Engagement Ring
Valoria Amphora Diamond Engagement Ring
When it comes to diamond rings, halo settings are an excellent way to make them appear larger. Your diamond will be the star of the show, but a twinkling halo will make it even more captivating. A diamond ranging from 0.5ct-1ct would be perfectly at home displayed in halo diamond engagement ring.
By choosing the right setting paired with a spectacular diamond, your carat size can be enhanced exponentially.
Vatche 310 Round and Pear Three Stone Engagement Ring
Vatche 310 Round and Pear Three Stone Engagement Ring
Three-stone engagement rings symbolize the past, present, and future of your relationship. With the central diamond adorned with pear cut diamonds, this Vatche ring creates an elegant and balanced engagement ring to sprawl across the width of the finger.
Ritani 1RZ7241 Cathedral Tapered Solitaire Engagement Ring
Ritani 1RZ7241 Cathedral Tapered Solitaire Engagement Ring
There is nothing more beautiful than a simple solitaire diamond, regardless of its carat size. With platinum prongs and a tapered band, this Ritani Cathedral solitaire securely holds your diamond.
If you intend to upgrade your diamond in the future to a larger carat, a solitaire setting is a good choice since it is the most popular style and can often accommodate a larger stone.
Overall, when it comes to the best carat size for a size 6 finger, the engagement ring you choose for your future spouse should take many factors into account - not just carat. Picking a ring that is beautiful, balanced and budget-friendly is the ultimate goal.
Our inventory of loose diamonds and our in-house A CUT ABOVE® super ideal cut diamonds are the perfect centerpieces for our beautiful collection of designer settings, to suit every individuals unique priorities and budgets.
The purchase of a diamond for an engagement ring should be an artful balance rather than based solely on the size of the center stone. We believe it should also be fun, not intimidating, which is why we provide the best-in-class customer service and education.
Here at Whiteflash, we also provide a personal consulting service for customers, allowing our diamond experts to offer support so you can shop with confidence. With the goal of making it easier for you to visualize and fully understand the diamonds that catch your attention, we have a friendly and knowledgeable team of specialists who are able to provide you with images and answer all of your questions.

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