Should You Buy a Lab Grown Diamond in Houston?

The diamond is the pinnacle of beauty, renowned for its strength, versatility, and elegance. If you are thinking about purchasing a lab grown diamond in Houston or online, but don't know where to begin, rest assured that we are here to help.
Increasingly popular as wallet-friendly alternatives to mined diamonds, do lab-grown diamonds make sense for a major purchase such as an engagement ring?
1.01ct D VS1 Precision Lab Created Diamond
1.01ct D VS1 Precision Lab Created Round Diamond
Furthermore, lab grown diamonds are affordable for a wide variety of budgets. These synthetic diamonds, unlike natural diamonds, are produced in dozens of laboratories worldwide. Natural diamonds can only be found in a few places on Earth and are difficult to recover and bring to market. Every year, technology improves and makes manufacturing lab diamonds easier and more affordable.
This guide explains the basics of lab-grown diamonds, the Four Cs, and how to buy lab-grown diamonds in Houston or online.

The Basics: Lab Grown Diamonds 101

Lab Grown Diamonds
Lab-grown diamonds, as their name suggests, are created in a lab, unlike natural diamonds, which are mined from the Earth. Depending on how they are marketed, lab-grown diamonds are alternatively referred to as engineered diamonds, cultured diamonds, synthetic diamonds, or man-made diamonds.
Diamonds were first synthesized by General Electric in 1955. The stones were initially very small and the process was complicated and costly, thus making these lab-created gems a poor alternative to mined diamonds. Since then, methods to produce them have improved, along with size and quality, and costs have significantly decreased.
Many people equate lab grown diamonds with simulant or “fake” diamonds, such as cubic zirconia or moissanite.
It is true that cubic zirconia and moissanite might look similar to diamonds if you’re not familiar, but they are not chemically similar, nor are they as durable or as brilliant as diamonds.
A lab-grown diamond, on the other hand, is chemically, and physically identical to an Earth-grown diamond - right down to its basic crystal lattice of carbon atoms.
1.54ct D VS1 Precision Lab Created Round Diamond
1.54ct D VS1 Precision Lab Created Round Diamond
Is this to say that lab-grown diamonds are better than natural diamonds since they are man-made? Not at all. Even though lab-grown diamonds are grown under careful conditions, they aren't perfect. Some lab diamonds require treatments after they are grown to improve their appearance.
Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) are two methods used to create lab diamonds.. In both processes, imperfections can be introduced while the diamond is growing.

Lab Grown vs Natural Mined Diamond Price

In short, lab grown are cheaper than naturally mined diamonds but they have little or no residual value. As with every gemstone, resale value can vary over time. You shouldn’t view your diamond as a financial investment, but as an emotional one. In terms of value, this is a difficult call that everyone has to make for themselves.

The 4Cs

Grading reports can be issued for lab-grown diamonds the same way they can for natural diamonds. It is common for lab-grown diamonds to be graded by a variety of major gem labs, including the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the International Gemological Institute (IGI), HRD Antwerp, and the Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL).
In both natural and lab-grown diamonds, color, cut, and clarity determine their performance - and everything is graded similarly to mined diamonds.
In lab-grown diamonds, colorless or white diamonds can range from yellow-brown to completely colorless. Whether a diamond is lab-grown or natural, its color is graded using the same color scale.
Diamond Color Scale
Whether a diamond is lab-grown or natural, clarity grading scale is the same. Diamonds that are grown in a lab may have inclusions so small that you cannot see them without magnification. As with natural diamonds, this is also true.
Even a professional gemologist cannot distinguish between lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds without specialized equipment. Taking a look at the grading report and certification will enable you to determine whether a diamond is lab-grown or natural.
The purchase of any natural in-house, certified diamonds (A CUT ABOVE®, Expert Selection and Premium Select) qualifies you for our 100% Lifetime Tradeup Guarantee. This means that you may trade your diamond at any time for another that is of equal or greater value and just pay the difference - this does not apply to lab created diamonds.
With such a wide selection of in-house diamonds, you will never be short of choices.

Conflict-Free Guarantee

One way to ensure that you buy a conflict-free diamond is to purchase lab grown diamonds. As well as looking just like loose diamonds, lab diamonds are free from conflict.
There is no doubt that conflict or blood diamonds are on some consumers' minds. With 100% certainty, you know a lab grown diamond is free of this issue.
It is important to note, however, that lab-grown diamonds are not the only conflict-free diamonds available. In today's market, most diamonds are mined according to the Kimberley Process, which has been highly effective in preventing conflict diamonds from entering it.
There is a lively debate within the diamond industry surrounding ecological matters, but this debate promotes transparency to consumers and pushes for greener diamonds. When ecological discussions emerge within the diamond industry, Whiteflash intends to be at the forefront and provide the most accurate information to you.

Maximizing Your Lab Grown Diamond

As a whole, the jewelry industry has been around for a long time. Rarely does something truly new come along. It is only recently that man-made diamonds have reached a level of commercial availability, despite having been around for decades.
Having one can make you something of a trendsetter. In light of the cost savings and possibilities inherent in lab grown diamonds, how can you make the most of them? We’ve detailed some of our favorite ways below.

Buy Online

When purchasing a lab-grown diamonds, shop online. The process is very similar to that of purchasing a natural diamond - there is no need to venture to a brick-and-mortar store or outlet.
Before buying a diamond online, make sure you review its properties in full and do your due diligence as a buyer. The cut, color, clarity, and measurements of a diamond will be described in detail by reputable online retailers.
Make sure to look at pictures and videos of the diamond too. To get a sense of how a lab-grown diamond interacts with light, start with jewelers who have high-resolution imagining and videos of their diamonds.
Make sure your diamond comes with a grading report, of course!

Excellent Cut

There has been an increase in consumer demand for lab-grown diamonds as more people become familiar with them. If it is cut correctly, it can be just as beautiful as its natural counterpart.
Cut is the most important factor when it comes to any diamonds. There is no doubt that it is the most important contributing factor to a diamond's "sparkle," which ultimately determines its beauty. Due to this, you should never compromise on the cut quality of a lab-grown diamond.
The way diamonds are cut is identical for both mined and lab-grown diamonds. It is the same process regardless of how the raw stone looks. Making a perfect diamond out of a lab-grown diamond and maximizing its brilliance and reflection is just as challenging. The difference? With lab-grown diamonds, prioritizing cut is much more affordable.
1.23ct D VVS1 Precision Lab Created Round Diamond
By choosing an excellent or ideal cut diamond, you maximize your diamond's fire and brilliance. When you opt for a lab diamond you are saving so much money that there is no reason to compromise.
With every lab grown diamond purchased from Whiteflash, we are able to verify that it is a Hearts and Arrows diamond with no post-growth treatments applied. Each diamond is of high color and clarity and is inscribed LG with the report number. Please see samples of these fine lab grown diamonds on our natural vs lab grown diamonds page. In actual fact, lab diamonds of this quality have better light performance and are more beautiful than the majority of natural diamonds in the market! Most commercial quality natural diamonds are not well cut and have much lower color or clarity than Precision Lab diamonds from Whiteflash.

Upgrade With The Costs Saved

Laboratory-grown diamonds are less expensive than mined diamonds. In any a given range, lab-created diamonds will be better and/or bigger than mined diamonds. Typically, for the same price, you could get a lab-grown diamond of the same color and clarity, but at 2 carats instead of 1! The difference in size is quite significant.
It is important to keep in mind that when you buy lab-grown diamonds, their value is likely to depreciate due to the increasing supply and falling price of these stones. You should therefore not assume they have any residual value as natural diamonds do, or that you will be able to sell or trade it in the future.

Pair With a Beautiful Setting

The possibilities here are endless. For as long as it is a jewelry design where a center diamond can be set, it is possible to use alab-created diamond.
Have a look at some of our gorgeous designer collections - all of which are available to be set with a lab-grown center diamond. From the passionate and artistic Tacori to the superb styling and impeccable craftsmanship of Simon G, take a look at the beautiful collections below to truly maximize your lab diamond.

Purchase From a Reputable Jeweler

In order to accommodate customers looking for quality lab-created diamonds, Whiteflash currently offers a small, carefully vetted inventory of lab-grown diamonds.
We offer lab diamonds in Houston, TX as well as online, which have proven light performance courtesy of our expertise in cut quality. Located at the higher end of the color and clarity scale (DEFG color VVS1 - VS1), these diamonds are Certified Hearts and Arrows Ideal Cut diamonds with advanced light performance images to demonstrate their superiority.
To ensure maximum brilliance, every Lab Grown diamond is produces with great attention to detail, for optimal performance and beauty. If you are interested in taking advantage of these lab grown diamonds, please contact us prior to purchase to confirm availability. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require anything not listed on the site.

Ready to Buy a Lab Grown Diamond in Houston with Whiteflash?

Our goal at Whiteflash is to educate and empower buyers so that they can make the right choice. What motivates your decision? That's the first question to ask.
If you are looking for the most budget-friendly option, our experts can advise you on how to strike the right balance between cost and beauty. It is our pleasure to offer the pinnacle of diamonds (A CUT ABOVE® Collection Series), but we are equally in love with every diamond. At the core of our ethos is cut quality and light performance, so we don’t settle for anything less. Nor should you!
When the decision is motivated by ethical and ecological concerns, we provide transparency and peace of mind so you can make the decision that is right for YOU. Regardless of your choice, we can help you find the right diamond for your jewelry masterpiece.
Lab grown diamonds are a modern and cost-effective alternative to natural diamonds. Whether you're interested in buying a lab-grown diamond in Houston or online, our team of experts are ready to empower you with all the information you could need and assist you in your purchase.

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