Celebrity Engagement Rings

Celebrity Diamond Engagement Rings
From necklaces and bracelets to earrings and tiaras, society is fascinated with celebrity jewelry and no pieces are more entrancing celebrity engagement. Whether it’s a glitter on a princess’s finger or a bauble gleaming on an actress’s left hand, celebrity engagement rings not only symbolize a loving commitment but also offer fans an intimate detail about their favorite stars. An engagement ring, after all, is not a Hollywood prop, but an intimate expression of the heart.
Whether it’s a glitter on a princess’s finger or a bauble gleaming on an actress’s left hand, celebrity engagement rings not only symbolize a loving commitment but also offer fans an intimate detail about their favorite stars. An engagement ring, after all, is not a Hollywood prop, but an intimate expression of the heart.
From antique rings to customized creations, there is as much variation among celebrity engagement rings as there is between brides. One of the most common attributes of a celebrity ring, however, is the exceptional carat size: these larger than life personalities often sport larger than life engagement rings.
  • Elizabeth Taylor, when engaged to her third husband, Michael Todd, wore a nearly 30-carat emerald cut diamond.
  • Lady Diana Spencer wore an 18-carat deep blue oval sapphire circled by fourteen diamonds when she promised to become Princess Diana.
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones’ nuptial promise to Michael Douglas was sealed with a 10-carat antique horizontal set marquise diamond.
  • Despite the eventual cancellation, Jennifer Lopez’s finger sparkled with a 6-carat radiant shaped pink diamond while she was engaged to Ben Affleck, a stone reported to cost more than $3 million.
  • Paris Hilton’s short-lived engagement was highlighted by the 24-carat emerald cut diamond ring.
  • Donald Trump presented his bride-to-be Melanie Knauss with an overwhelming 12-carat emerald cut engagement ring reported to cost a cool $1 million.
Not all celebrities prefer weighty rings, however. Many have chosen elaborate styles and settings over larger stones.
  • Queen Elizabeth’s classic 3-carat diamond is set in platinum with five smaller stones.
  • After Marilyn Monroe eloped with Joe DiMaggio, he presented her with a platinum eternity band set with thirty-six small baguette diamonds.
  • Jackie Kennedy was given a modest 3-carat emerald set with nearly three additional carats of diamond accents when she accepted John F. Kennedy’s proposal.
  • Jessica Simpson’s 4-carat engagement ring was an unusual pear-shape set in platinum with two side stones.
  • Katie Holmes’ 5-carat ring from Tom Cruise is a classic oval shape in a pave setting.
  • Reese Witherspoon’s 4.5 carat Asscher cut engagement ring is set in a stunning 1920s art deco style.
  • Camilla Parker Bowles wed Prince Charles with an emerald ring accented by baguettes on each side, set delicately in platinum with an art deco style.
  • Star Jones opted for a stunning princess cut diamond as a prelude to her lavish million-dollar wedding.
  • Madonna’s 5-carat total weight ring is a three stone design with bezel settings.

Finding Your Own Celebrity Ring

For many brides-to-be, celebrity engagement rings not only emphasize romantic love, but also the happily-ever-after that stars exemplify. Replica engagement rings are easy to find, but because most couples do not have the deep pockets of royalty or celebrities (even Jennifer Aniston’s modest ring cost a whopping $500,000), a couple must often choose which aspect of a celebrity engagement ring to emulate.


If the allure of a celebrity engagement ring is based on size, most couples cannot hope to compete. However, it is possible to replicate a celebrity ring’s size with lower-quality imitation diamonds or gemstones. While the ring may not have the same sparkle, it will have a significantly lower price tag and be more affordable without a Hollywood paycheck or royal stipend. Cubic Zarconia is a popular choice for replicating exorbitant rings because it is relatively affordable yet still a gorgeous choice.
Another way to replicate a ring’s size while keeping it in reach of non-celebrity brides is to adjust the setting or styling of the ring to mimic the appearance of the original. For example, in order to afford a larger center stone, a replica ring may use a different quality metal such as white gold instead of the more expensive platinum, or there may be a fewer number of baguettes or accent stones. Setting such as a ballerina or cluster arrangement can also simulate a larger stone while using less expensive stones as a substitute.


For an authentic-looking celebrity replica ring, the easiest sacrifice to make is to proportionally lower the size of the entire ring. For example, rather than using an 18-carat center stone, it would be possible to make a lovely replica of Princess Diana’s engagement ring with a smaller sapphire surrounded by smaller diamonds. While the replica is not identical, any true celebrity fan would instantly recognize the design.

Fake Rings

For a ring with the proper size and exact appearance of a celebrity ring, the only recourse for many people is to purchase an entirely fake ring without true gemstones, possibly without gold or another precious metal. For many women this is an unacceptable choice for an engagement ring, but it can be a unique way for a man to propose: choosing a replica ring of his beloved’s favorite celebrity. Never try to pass off a fake ring as anything other than a nostalgic token, however. Allow the bride to choose her own unique engagement ring while cherishing the thought and charm that led to a fake celebrity ring proposal in the first place.


While the genuine celebrity rings may cost well more than two-months’ (or two decades’) salary for typical couples, imitation rings are far more affordable. A good quality celebrity-inspired ring may cost up to $1,000 while still using precious metals and lovely gems, while the lower end of the price bracket includes fake rings that sell for less than $100. Which option a couple chooses should be based on their budget, the intent of the ring (actual engagement ring or quirky substitute), and the overall quality of the piece.
Celebrity pieces vary in size, design, style, and price, usually far outside the budget of most couples. With careful consideration of size, authenticity, and quality, however, it is possible to create convincing and nostalgic replicas of celebrity rings. No matter what engagement ring is presented, however, the ultimate goal is to remind the woman that she is undoubtedly the star of the show.

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