Christmas and New Year’s Eve Winter Proposal Ideas: The COVID Edition

If there is one thing that this year taught us, it’s that you can’t cancel love. In the toughest of times, we have been humbled and uplifted by our creative and committed couples who have shared their incredible winter marriage proposal stories with us, proving that no matter what you face, it’s always better to take it on together.
Christmas and New Years are extremely popular occasions for proposals; the decorations are already in place, the party atmosphere is palpable so all you need is a heart full of love and a stunning engagement ring…well, usually that’s all you need.
Holiday proposals might look a little different this year, but intimate settings, twinkling lights and a little creativity all go a long way. We hope this list gives you all the inspiration you need to create your memorable and unique proposal.

A Festive Picnic

Get in touch with the great outdoors. A private outdoor picnic with some beautiful candles is a stress-free way to set the scene for your proposal. Christmas dinners might look a little different this year, so don’t be afraid to use the restrictions as a chance to do something entirely different. Forgo turkey in favour of alfresco champagne and strawberries? The choice is yours.

The Beach

Rain or shine, the beach will always be a top choice for a proposal. If restrictions allow you to visit beauty spots, then finding some peace by the ocean is just what the doctor ordered. A Christmas morning walk together, or beneath the moon on New Year’s Eve – if you live near the ocean, the perfect setting is already provided for you.

Deck the Halls

There are some stunning Christmas decorations that double up as engagement props, or you could even try and make your own. Will you present the bauble as a gift, or see if your intended can spot it on the tree by themselves?

Virtual Celebrations

This heart-warming proposal proves that a romantic engagement with your nearest and dearest is still possible. This husband-to-be hid cameras to capture the special moment as family members watched on Zoom. A proposal like this is sure to make a great story for the grandkids one day.

Get Technical

This proposal is one of the most famous out there, and while packed out movie theaters are a no go, if you have the skills, creating your own short movie is a thoughtful proposal idea that is sure to be cherished. Let your imagination flow and become the director of your own masterpiece.

Long Distance Letters of Love

Long Distance Letters
Christmas and New Years without your loved ones is challenging, but the heart will weigh even heavier if you had planned a proposal. Reignite the lost art of letter writing and lose yourself in the nostalgic romance of flowing ink and wax seals. A long distance, love letter proposal will also leave you with a beautiful, timeline reminder of your incredible journey together.

Bring the Destination to You

One of our favorite lockdown proposal ideas is bringing your destination proposal to your home. You can get so creative with this idea; wherever you were meant to be in the world, bring the wanderlust straight to your own front door.

The Window Shopper

Perhaps shops and restaurants are closed where you are, but in many big cities, the impressive Christmas displays still mark this magical time of year. Grab some hot coffees to go and stage a city proposal under the bright Christmas lights.

The Imagination of Children

If you’ve already been blessed with the patter of tiny feet, you might consider a ‘family’ proposal, bringing the wonderous joy and imagination of children into your big moment. Drawings, handwritten letters, a puppet show acting out how you met with their favorite toys? There are so many ways to include your little ones in this magical moment.

Embrace the Chaos

Cuddled in front of a movie, relaxing in the garden, making breakfast together…however you have found joy in these challenging times, those moments are absolutely special enough for your proposal. Sometimes less, truly is more.
Good luck to all our customers, and indeed, lovebirds across the globe, who are proposing during the Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays. This moment is entirely yours so grasp it with both hands and make it one to remember.

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