Diamond Solitaire: Rekindle Your Love This Holiday

Diamond Solitaire
Many people think that diamond solitaires are only for one moment in their lives: engagement. But the truth is that the woman in your life may appreciate a ring more now than she did back then. Between work, kids, and other commitments, your relationship may have taken a backseat lately. But there’s nothing like an exquisite diamond solitaire from WhiteFlash.com to rekindle that spark and put your love front and center.
This holiday is a great time to show her how much you love her. A diamond ring is not only a wonderfully romantic gesture, but it makes your life so much easier, too. Aren’t you tired of trying to figure out what she wants for the holidays? Skip the anxiety of browsing racks of sweaters or endless aisles of kitchen gadgets. Save yourself the time and trouble of guessing whether the size or color is right. A diamond solitaire is always the perfect gift—one that she won’t even think about returning and will wear forever.
You may have already given her that all-important diamond engagement ring, but isn’t it time to surprise her with a second, even more incredible diamond solitaire? The smile on her face when she opens it will return every time she wears it. And after all, hasn’t she given you plenty of reasons to smile over the years?

The Perfect Choice, Every Time

You’ll always feel good about giving jewelry from Whiteflash.com because we don’t just try to sell you a piece of jewelry. We offer a true diamond education. Our site has a lot of great information—from the different diamond shapes you can choose from to an explanation of what makes one diamond better than another—all in easy-to-understand language.
Plus, we have an unparalleled selection of diamond rings, so you can choose a style that’s as unique as she is. First, think about the purpose of the ring: do you want it to coordinate with a piece of jewelry—such as her engagement ring and/or wedding band—that she already owns? Or do you it to make a statement on its own? If you want it to complement a piece she already has, make sure that the metal or diamond shape is similar. If it’s a statement piece on its own, the sky’s the limit! Pick out a metal, diamond shape, and style that she’ll love to wear over and over.
Choosing the shape of the diamond is a crucial element, but it’s also the most exciting. Think about your lady: Is she classic? Modern? Cutting edge? Whiteflash.com has everything from the timeless cuts like round, princess, and heart-shaped to contemporary cuts like asscher, cushion, and radiant. No matter what shape you select, know that Whiteflash.com provides only superior diamonds. We specialize in exceptional choices like Whiteflash A Cut Above and Expert Selection, which means that you get more flash and more sparkle for your money.
And when it comes to metals, Whiteflash.com offers diamond rings set in premium 950 platinum and 18 karat white and yellow gold. You’ll find endless options that are created from top-quality metals that meet international standards. There’s no skimping on design or quality, so she’ll be able to feel your flawless taste in the weight of her ring every time she moves her hand.
You’ll love browsing through the gallery at Whiteflash.com, but why not consider something even more personal: a custom-designed ring. With our design center, you can select every single detail that goes into her one-of-a-kind ring. Even if you don’t know a karat from a carrot, Whiteflash.com makes it easy and fun to design a ring that she’ll know is hers alone.
We appreciate our customers’ business, which is why we offer free shipping on everything we sell. And because we partner with FedEx, your jewelry will arrive before you know it—and is fully insured along the way.
This year, surprise her with a diamond solitaire from Whiteflash.com. It’s the last thing she’ll expect—and the only thing she’ll remember about this Holiday.

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