Diamonds set the Stage for Winter Weddings

Picture this…a historic mansion set in the snowy sparkle of a wintry landscape, 300 guests basking in the glow of candlelight and a bride whose glittering diamond is the stunning inspiration for the ceremony’s dramatic winter theme. With only 13 percent of weddings taking place during the winter, dazzle your guests with nuptials they’ll never forget.
Winter Weddings jewelry expert offers tips for planning diamond-themed nuptials
Your imagination’s the limit when planning a winter wedding once you’ve decided upon a theme. If in fact diamonds are a girl’s best friend, shouldn’t these icy wonders take center stage at her ceremony? “A bride’s diamond engagement ring and wedding band – aside from the eternal love of her husband-to-be – are the only daily reminders of her wedding day,” says, an online diamond and jewelry boutique. “When a diamond is a show-stopper, it’s only fitting that a bride would plan her wedding around it.” is known for its “show-stopping” Hearts & Arrows diamonds. The company’s expert diamond cutters specialize in Hearts & Arrows diamonds – referring to the patterning seen through the top and bottom of the gem signifying a diamond of the highest quality.

A Wintry Backdrop<

Consider icy blue, subtle lilac, white and silver as your color palette. These are the colors your diamond reflects under light. An expertly cut diamond, like those from, will out-sparkle all others. “When the facets of a diamond are proportionately cut, the jewel will attract and reflect the maximum amount of light possible, even in soft and distant lighting conditions,” explains Wexler. With each Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE® diamond, the company’s exclusive brand – each and every facet of the gem aligns perfectly – a rare (and pricey) occurrence in the industry.

Dress to Impress

Consider wearing a faux fur wrap or cape to stay warm against chilly drafts. Once indoors reveal a dress embellished with shimmering crystals that mimic your icy diamond jewelry.
Speaking of diamond jewelry, be sure to set aside ample time in your wedding planning to select your dream wedding band. Will it be a pave, Champaigne, eternity or a halo setting? “It all depends on the bride’s preference,” says Wexler. “In fact, our jewelry craftsmen can custom-design a ring made especially for her!”
For your main man, shower him with diamonds as well. “One of the hottest trends in diamond wedding bands for grooms is’s Champaigne wedding band,” says Wexler. “Sprinkled with 0.14 carats of diamonds inlayed in platinum or white gold, it’s the perfect complement to the bride’s diamond stunner.”

Culinary Delights

Let your menu reflect a wintry appetite. Serve your guests hot chocolate upon entering the reception, or offer them a variety of drinks at a gourmet coffee bar. A snow white wedding cake embellished with silver snowflakes and diamond-like crystals will continue your theme. How about a diamond-shaped ice sculpture to enhance your appetizer or dessert table?

Décor to Adore

Make a dramatic entrance to the wedding reception with a horse and sleigh. Consider hanging beading or crystals from the ceiling, like icicles. Continue wintry colors in your flower arrangements. Roses, tulips, freesias, hellebores and mums are beautiful in varying shades of white. Ice blue and lilac can be found in iris, freesia, statice and heather. Add crystals, sequins or silvery ribbons to your arrangements to contribute a diamond-like sparkle.

Wedding Party Gifts

Set your wedding party off in style with diamond-studded gifts. While your bridesmaids carry a stunning bouquet of flowers, match the theme of the day with a glittery pair of’s Flower Cluster earrings. The six petal clusters are set with 14 Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE® melee diamonds from 0.25 – 1.00 carats.
Would you rather show their diamonds off front and center? Perhaps a diamond pendant is your gift of choice. The Full Bezel Pendant is a classic sparkler that will remind your bridesmaids of your special day for years to come. Set in platinum, the focus is centered on a diamond of your choosing. Chain length is sixteen inches.

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