Disney Inspired Engagement Rings for Every Princess

Whether it’s the tenacity of Mulan, the intellect of Belle or the soft romance of Cinderella, Disney princesses come in all varieties, with each one working their way into little girls’ dreams. If you remain a Disney fanatic at heart (or are a prince charming or princess hoping to marry one), there is a captivating selection of engagement rings out there, to bring a little Disney magic into your proposal.
While some designers create rings that are specifically ‘Disney’, creativity is key when choosing an engagement ring. Sometimes a subtle sprinkling of fairy-tale is more powerful and romantic than a purpose-built ring.
Dust off your glass slippers, jump on your magic carpet and leave the world behind; it’s time to be dazzled by some Disney inspired engagement rings.

The Classic Princess

When it comes to finding a prince charming, Cinderella takes the tiara. A sparkling pale gown, a horse drawn carriage and dainty twinkling heels: she really is a classic kind of girl.
If your partner is a hopeless romantic with a love of sparkle, Simon G’s ‘Delicate Diamond Engagement Ring’ might be the perfect fit. With round brilliant melee and a stunning princess cut center stone, this ring is the perfect example of classic, glittering and timelessness.
Simon G. LP1935-D Delicate Diamond Engagement Ring for Princess
Simon G. LP1935-D Delicate Diamond Engagement Ring

The Vintage Princess

If like Belle, your princess dreams of the gilded beauty and rich history of Paris, a vintage, French style ring is the answer. Using rich yellow gold that echoes Belle’s dress, and a Parisienne style that would have Esmerelda dancing to the bells of Notre Dame, Verragio’s enchanting design is a sophisticated nod to two Disney classics.
Verragio Parisian 100 Diamond Engagement Ring
Verragio Parisian 100 Diamond Engagement Ring

The Hands-on Princess

Not all princesses sit in a tower waiting to be rescued. If a traditional diamond ring is going to get in the way of your fiancés daring endeavors, then forgo a large loose diamond and opt for a diamond set band. Disney princesses like Merrida do defy convention after all. Benchmark’s scattered diamond ring is perfect for any woman working a practical job, who still wants a magical sparkle! Accompany this with a diamond eternity band as a wedding ring and it’ll be a match made in heaven.
Benchmark Scattered Diamond Wedding Ring
Benchmark "Scattered" Diamond Wedding Ring

The Nature-Loving Princess

Okay, so maybe she can’t sing with the birds like Aurora, or paint with the colors of the wind like Pocahontas, but if your partner is a lover of the wonders of nature like these princesses, a subtle floral design will make her heart blossom. Tacori’s ‘Full Bloom’ design is a striking engagement ring, adorned with a diamond halo that sparkles and delights like a delicate flower. It is elegant, feminine and unique, and it is available in rose gold for that extra hint of petal blush!
Tacori 55-2CU Full Bloom Cushion Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring
Tacori 55-2CU Full Bloom Cushion Halo Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Dazzling Princess

There is nothing quite like a Disney wedding. The breath-taking beauty of these moments of cinema stay with us through the generations. If your princess wants a show-stopping ring that she could only imagine in her wildest dreams, look no further. Tacori’s ‘RoyalT’ is the ultimate in fairy-tale romance and sparkle. This ring is more than a tinkling of wedding bells. This is a ring that sings it’s love from the rooftops!
Tacori HT2607RD10 RoyalT Cushion-Style Bloom Diamond Engagement Ring
Tacori HT2607RD10 RoyalT Cushion-Style Bloom Diamond Engagement Ring

But what if I still haven’t found the perfect ring?

If you are looking for something that is truly out there, we have put together a few wild card options. A word of warning to our brave princes and princesses, engagement rings are designed to last. The metals and gemstones are chosen for their everlasting qualities, therefore moving away from them can mean compromising their strength. Also, they are often designed with accompanying wedding bands, or an accommodating shape.
However, tradition does not always rule in the world of Disney, so here are some alternative and right-hand rings that you may also consider for your rule-breaking intended!


The ‘Amphora Amethyst’ ring features an enchanting, deep purple amethyst. Perfect for royalty (or wild hearted fortune tellers).
Amphora Amethyst Diamond Right Hand Ring
"Amphora Amethyst" Diamond Right Hand Ring

Snow White

The ring of a lifetime. This ring may be known as ‘The Queen Elizabeth’, but its vivid center sapphire, yellow diamonds and yellow gold accents would suit any Snow-White lover perfectly. An example of a masterpiece, fit for a fairy-tale.
Queen Elizabeth Diamond Right Hand Ring
"Queen Elizabeth" Diamond Right Hand Ring


With flowing platinum and yellow gold, weaved and threaded with diamonds, this ring is as abundant and spectacular as Rapunzel’s own glittering locks. Perfect for a princess looking to forgo tradition, and have one stand out ring as opposed to separate engagement and wedding rings.
Two Tone Right Hand Diamond Ring
Two Tone Right Hand Diamond Ring


With seafoam-mint Prestolite and rose gold accents, the colors of Ariel’s oceans and standout hair come together in a ring that is perfect for any aspiring mermaid.
Tacori SR106P12 Seafoam Mint Prasiolite and Diamond Ring
Tacori SR106P12 Seafoam Mint Prasiolite and Diamond Ring
There are a myriad of stunning stones and styles to choose from, but if your Disney dreams are still yearning, perhaps some Disney themed proposals will inspire you to begin the first chapter of your fairy-tale.

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