A Guide to Buying Lab Grown Diamond Bracelets and Bangles

A lab-grown diamond bracelet is a beautiful gift for a loved one or a well-deserved treat for yourself, and there are various types available from reputable jewelers today.
Four-Prong Timeless Lab Created Diamonds Tennis Bracelet
Four-Prong Timeless Lab Created Diamonds Tennis Bracelet
Lab grown diamond bracelets and bangles are becoming increasingly popular as wallet-friendly alternatives to mined diamonds. But do they make good diamond bracelets? If you're in the market for new wrist candy, here are a few things to keep in mind to help you find the perfect bracelet or bangle.

What are Lab Diamond Bracelets and Bangles?

Earth-grown diamonds and lab-grown diamonds are essentially the same chemically and structurally. Lab grown diamond bracelets and bangles can be just as sparkly and scintillating as their natural counterparts, only more affordable and accessible to a wider range of budgets.
Lab grown diamonds are not to be confused with cubic zirconia and moissanite - which may look similar to diamonds, but they have very different chemical properties and are much less durable and brilliant than lab-grown or natural diamonds. A costume jewelry piece would be a better fit for them.

Are Lab Grown Diamonds Conflict-Free?

The short answer is yes! All diamonds, regardless of lab grown or earth mined, from Whiteflash are conflict-free by virtue of ethical sourcing.
Our recommendation is for buyers to be skeptical of jewelers who make too much of lab-grown diamonds' conflict-free status, since the same can be said for practically all earth-mined diamonds since the early 2000s.
Taking conflict diamonds off the market has been a major success for the Kimberley Process since it mandates that they be brought to market in compliance with the process requirements.
As the diamond industry engages in an active debate about environmental issues, we all support the idea of transparency for consumers. Whiteflash intends to provide you with accurate information and all sides of issues arising within the diamond industry.

How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Graded and Certified?

In the same way as with natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are graded and certified. Lab-grown diamonds are graded by numerous gem labs, including the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the International Gemological Institute (IGI), and others.
Perhaps you will be surprised at how similarly both lab diamonds and natural diamonds are graded. Diamond clarity grading scales are the same regardless of whether they are lab-grown or natural and laboratory-grown diamonds can have inclusions that are too small to be visible without magnification, just like natural diamonds.
Even a gemologist is challenged to tell the difference between lab-created diamonds and natural diamonds, so don't worry about your lab diamond bracelets as only you will know.

Lab Grown vs Natural Diamond Bracelet Price

You can find lab diamond bracelets that fit a variety of budgets, styles and tastes. The availability and affordability of lab diamonds have been improved with technological advancements.
The cost of lab-grown diamond bracelets is much lower than that of high quality naturally mined diamond bracelets, though they have little or no residual value.
It is the lower upfront cost of lab grown diamond bracelets that makes them more affordable, not the long-term value. For gifting and self-purchase of diamond jewelry, it is a great choice.

How to Buy Your Perfect Lab Grown Bracelet or Bangle

How can you use lab grown diamonds to your advantage to purchase a simply stunning diamond bracelet or bangle? We've outlined some expert tips below.

Measure Your Wrist Accurately

Your bracelet should be securely fitted, but not uncomfortable. It shouldn't be too tight or feel like it will slide off your wrist. Be sure to measure your wrist before ordering your bracelet so you won't have to send it back if it doesn't fit.
Although bracelet sizes aren't as important as rings (which should be an exact fit), you should try to get as close to the right size as possible for both security and comfort.
  • Use a piece of yarn or ribbon to measure your wrist.
  • Measure the circumference of your wrist and cut the ribbon or yarn accordingly.
  • With a ruler or tape measure, measure the extended length of the yarn or ribbon.
  • Calculate your bracelet size by adding a half inch or one inch to your measurement. The most common bracelet size is 7 inches.

Decide on Lab Diamond Bracelet Carat Weight

A lab grown diamond tennis bracelet can weigh between one carat and fifteen carats (or more). Diamond tennis bracelets usually have between 30 and 110 stones, depending on their size and setting.
Make sure to determine what your budget is, as well as what style you prefer. You may want a chunky tennis bracelet that dazzles for as far as the eye can see, or instead one with a more delicate appearance with smaller stones.
Bigger isn’t always better. It depends on your taste and style what bracelet you select.

Lab Diamond Tennis Bracelet Cut, Clarity, and Color

Your tennis bracelet's diamond quality, including its cut, color, and clarity, largely determines how well it will sparkle and reflect light. Diamond tennis bracelets should generally have a minimum color of H and a minimum clarity of SI1.
It's important to remember that bracelets with a total carat weight of five carats inclusions are difficult to detect in such small stones. To maximize sparkle, we always emphasize that the cut is king.

Purchase Your Lab Grown Diamond Bracelet Online

As with natural diamond bracelets, lab grown diamond bracelets can be purchased online - you don't necessarily need to visit a retail store.
Ensure that you do your due diligence before buying any diamond jewelry piece and review all of its properties. Information on color, cut, clarity, total carat weight should always be provided.
The diamond's pictures and videos should not be overlooked. To get a sense of how your lab grown diamond bracelet might perform and interact with light, find a jeweler who has high-resolution images and videos.
The right jeweler will be able to advise and provide guidance.

Purchase From a Reputable Jeweler

With our Precision Lab Diamonds, Whiteflash is proud to offer customers the best of the best when it comes to lab grown diamonds and jewelry.
You can choose from the most affordable option or the most beautiful natural option with the help of our experts.
We offer exceptional lab diamonds both in our showroom in Houston, TX and online. These diamonds feature the highest color and clarity grades (DEFG color VVS1 - VS1) in the Hearts and Arrows Ideal Cut diamonds.
Each Whiteflash Precision Lab Grown diamond is produced with great attention to detail for optimal performance and beauty.
It is undeniable that lab grown bracelets and bangles are a cost-effective alternative to natural diamond bracelets. If you're looking for lab-grown diamond bracelets or other jewelry, you can rely on our team of professionals. Feel free to contact us if you cannot find what you need on the site - we’re here to help you find the diamond jewelry piece of your dreams.

Our Favorite Bracelets and Bangles

Lab grown diamond bracelets can add brilliance and style to your wedding day or special event. Prong settings are the most popular for tennis bracelets, while diamond shapes range from round cuts to princess cuts.
Here are our picks for lab-grown diamond tennis bracelets in various designs and styles.

Lab Grown Three-Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Three-Prong Lab Created Diamonds Tennis Bracelet
Three-Prong Lab Created Diamonds Tennis Bracelet
Shimmering from end to end, diamond tennis bracelets are a beautiful item to have in any jewelry collection. You may find it to be the most effective piece of jewelry you own. Tennis bracelets add the perfect amount of glitz to your ensemble, making them suitable for work or formal occasions.
Three prong tennis bracelets are made with diamonds that are interlocked and flexible in a continuous line to give the bracelet its desired appearance.
There is no doubt that the design is strong yet supple. It is fluid yet feels solid around your wrist. Diamond-infused, this bracelet style complements a variety of outfits thanks to its versatility.
Tennis bracelets have never really gone out of style, but their popularity is on the rise as diamond jewelry trends develop. It's the perfect match for lab grown diamonds as well, which are also in strong demand.

Lab Grown Four-Prong Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Four-Prong Timeless Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Four-Prong Timeless Diamond Tennis Bracelet
Even the dullest day can be brightened up with a tennis bracelet, a classic and elegant accessory. As a result of the four separate prongs that secure each diamond in place, these tennis bracelets are referred to as four-prong. It has a strong design, yet still manages to retain the elegance and delicateness typical of diamond tennis bracelets.
It is of course possible for you to choose between rose gold, yellow gold, white gold or platinum. You can opt for rose gold or yellow gold if you want to create a contrasted look. Choosing white gold will give your jewelry an understated, yet classic appearance, enhancing any wrist with its scintillating appeal.
We’ve created a simple guide to prong settings that can answer your questions about how they work, what other types of prong settings there are, as well as the benefits of choosing a certain design.

Lab Grown Diamond Bangle Bracelet

Shared-Prong Lab Created Diamonds Bangle
Shared-Prong Lab Created Diamonds Bangle
An elegant diamond bangle is a must-have in every woman's jewelry box because it is timeless, simple, and easy to wear. Your style will determine whether you choose something simple and minimal or something more detailed.
A bangle has a defined silhouette and a contemporary appearance, in contrast to the iconic tennis bracelet. The fact that you can wear bangles with just about anything makes them a great fashion accessory. The subtle sparkle and playful charm of diamond bangles enhance the everyday.
The best place to begin is with simple, elegant bands featuring pavé diamonds, then you can explore wider styles with bigger, bolder stones. It is easy to incorporate them into any jewelry collection thanks to their adaptability.

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