Inventive at Home Proposal Ideas

2020 is the year that ‘at home’ became the place to be. It may have been forced on us by Covid 19, but we love the opportunity for unique and highly personal proposals. By choosing to propose at home, you can get things spot on, in the place your relationship stems from. Want some inventive at home proposal ideas? Take a look at these:

1. Romance is red

If your fiancée-to-be is one for grand gestures, and will be bowled over by the chance to get the perfect photos, then you can stage the perfect setting for an at home proposal using rose petals and balloons. Dim the lights and get down on one knee, in a transformed home.
Keep to the theme with this dusky pink rose gold Vatche solitaire engagement ring.
Vatche 191 Swan Solitaire Engagement Ring
Vatche 191 Swan Solitaire Engagement Ring

2. Travel at home

Global travel restrictions may be in force, but there’s nothing to stop you reliving your travel memories of the past. Recreate your favorite destination at home. Perhaps pull out baguette, brie and wine for a Parisian proposal, or afternoon tea to remind you of London.

3. Go candlelit, like Chandler and Monica

Collect every candle you can find and turn your living room into a candlelit haven. You could even switch things up, like Monica from Friends did, and have the lady go down on one knee. As Monica said, “I thought that it mattered what I said, or where I said it, then I realized that the only thing that matters is that you make me happier than I ever thought I could be.”
Looking for the perfect ring to sparkle in the candlelight? Choose the Tacori Dantela Crown – the halo of diamonds will ensure a flutter of reflections all around.
Tacori 2620RD Dantela Crown Solitaire Engagement Ring for 0.50ct center
Tacori 2620RD Dantela Crown Solitaire Engagement Ring

4. Enjoy a walk together

Everyone has their favorite walk from their front door. Why not make it a walk to remember forever by proposing on route, in a place that’s special for you?

5. Fine dining chez moi

Who says that fine dining is only reserved for restaurants?! Prepare, practice and cook up a range of dishes to capture your loved one’s heart. Pop the question over dessert and don’t worry about having to fit in with the other diners at the restaurant!
Any choice of ring is perfect for revealing at dinner, but we adore the simplicity of the Cadence Diamond engagement ring.
Cadence Diamond Engagement Ring
Cadence Diamond Engagement Ring

6. Mexican night!

If you’re a fan of taco night, the perfect proposal is simply a step up. Get some theming on board, choose your favorite tacos, and buy a piñata. Pop the ring inside and let her relive her childhood as she bashes it to reveal the surprise! Make sure the ring is in its box if you don’t want to spend the evening searching between floorboards!

7. Gather in the garden

Meeting up indoors may not be the best idea, but that doesn’t mean you can’t safely celebrate with friends. We love this idea of creating a garden walkway of loved ones and fairy lights, ready for the ultimate at home proposal.

8. Trivia and games

Do you and your partner love a games night? Turn your games session into one to remember by adding “will you marry me?” to quiz questions, or making the ring the prize. With some careful strategy, you can actually ask the question during The Game of Life!
Be sure of the right answer when you propose with this French-Set Halo-Diamond engagement ring from Ritani.
Ritani 1RZ3702 French-Set Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Ritani 1RZ3702 French-Set Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

9. Pizza proposal

Everyone’s happy when pizza is on the agenda. We’ve seen lots of different pizza-themed proposals. Hide the ring in the pizza box, and reveal it, or get creative and make some heart-shaped pizzas.

10. Make a proposal fort

When you were kids, nothing could beat the magic of clambering into your homemade fort. Relive those exciting moments by creating a grown-up proposal fort, just like this couple did.

11. Woo her with breakfast in bed

Life is often too busy for breakfast in bed. Choose a day without plans and plan a delicious morning treat. Use a tray, pop some flowers in a vase, and make sure you’ve got the ring to hand. After all, this is the person you want to wake up next to for the rest of your life.
A perfect ring for catching the morning light is the Trellis Three Stone ring setting paired with your own choice of diamonds.
Trellis 3 Stone Engagement Ring
Trellis 3 Stone Engagement Ring

12. Backyard memories

Your backyard could be the perfect at home location, with some thought and planning. Lay out the rug, get some twinkling fairy lights set up, and get down on one knee. Put on your favorite tunes to add to the ambience.

13. Go for the ultimate surprise

Check out the shock on this fiancée’s face! Cleverly staged, her partner placed the ring on her alarm clock. It took some realizing what was going on, but it’ll certainly be a memorable proposal. For low effort and high impact, this could be a at home proposal idea for you.

14. Treasure hunt

Treasure hunts are brilliant at building the tension and excitement. What better treasure at the end of the hunt than an engagement ring? Make the clues personal, relating to your relationship, and lead them around the home until they find you down on one knee.

15. Be ready for the spur of the moment

Sometimes it’s best to pick the moment when it appears. At home proposals lend themselves to spur of the moment decisions. So when your heart is bursting with love, whip out the ring from your pocket and make this your moment.
Choose your ring with your fiancée-to-be in mind, thinking about what she would love. A classic option is the Legato Sleek Line Solitaire.
Legato Sleek Line Solitaire Engagement Ring
Legato Sleek Line Solitaire Engagement Ring
Let us help you choose the perfect ring for your at home proposal. Browse our site for inspiration, use our live chat or give us a call on 877-612-6770 to discuss your diamond choices.

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