How to Find Out a Ring Size – In Secret

When it comes to a marriage proposal, 49% of American women would like the ring to be a surprise. That’s right gentlemen, you’re going to need to consider how to pop the question with the right sized ring ready and waiting. That concept might just be as daunting as the prospect of the perfect proposal itself.
However, this needn’t be as difficult as you fear. But, you do need to do your best to get it right. While most jewelers, ourselves included, will usually be happy to adjust a ring up to two sizes in either direction, you want to avoid this if possible. And it’s important to be aware that some ring styles are not sizable at all.

The Basics of Ring Sizing – What You Need to Know

Rings come in different sizes, and a good fit will put both the ring and the wearer in their best light. A well-fitting ring will be loose enough for comfort, yet snug enough not to slip – particularly over the knuckle.
Ring sizes vary the world over. American ring sizes are displayed as a number, to the nearest quarter. The majority of people have a ring size between 4 and 9.
Ring Size

Ring Measuring – The Dos and Don’ts

Before you consider how to get the ring measurement surreptitiously, you need to understand some basic dos and don’ts about ring measuring:
  • Do Consider Temperature: Take ring size measurements when the wearer is neither too warm nor too cold. Cold fingers will give a ‘too small’ reading and hot ones a ‘too large’ reading.
  • Do Go Up, Don’t Go Down: If in doubt, go up a size rather than down.
  • Do Consider the Knuckle: While the most important measurement will be where the ring sits, larger knuckles do require a larger size for comfort putting the ring on.
  • Do Estimate, Don’t Guess: There are steps you can take to accurately estimate your partner’s ring size. We’ll come to these shortly. However, don’t guess without any research about how to do so accurately.
  • Don’t Use String: Many jewelers will recommend a string measuring approach. While this can work, it requires a little more skill because string can stretch. Paper won’t, so it’s a safer option.

The Secret Factor – Getting Ring Size Right When Your Partner Doesn’t Know

While we truly hope you choose the right size first time, we also want you to realize this isn’t a test of your love, suitability for marriage, or general worth. We can, and do, make adjustments. We do so in a timely manner, with care and attention, so that your fiancée can get back to the important job of celebrating. In our experience, your efforts to please and surprise will be well-received, even if the sizing is wrong. Therefore, consider this a fun mission on the path to marriage, rather than the be-all-and-end-all of the perfect proposal.
There are a number of different routes you can take.
  • The Computer/Existing Ring Method: If you’re extremely ingenious you may be able to find a way that enables you to use our highly accurate Ring Measuring Tool. If you are able to borrow a ring, you can use the on-display ring size guide to measure it accurately online. Otherwise you could take it to your local jeweler or visit our store in Houston and we can measure the ring using our ring gauge tools. Be aware that the ring finger on a person’s dominant side is generally ½ size larger, so be sure to account for that. So if the sample ring is one that she wears on her right hand ring finger, and she is right handed, it will likely be ½ a size larger than the size you need to order for her left hand.
  • The Sleeping Beauty Method: If you think you’ll be able to do some night-time investigating, then this option is likely the best. You have two options open to you: use our free plastic ring sizers which you can get here or; use a strip of paper, place around the finger, and stick with tape at the right size (remembering the balance of comfort and safety). You can then mark the paper and measure accordingly.
  • The Friend Method: If you’re happy to let her close friends or mother know what you’re up to then you may be able to enlist their help. They may already know her ring size, or have some suggestions.
Once you have the measurements you’re all set to begin the process of choosing the perfect ring. Not all ring designs can be sized, or they may come in limited sizes, so we recommend having the sizing information before you fall in love, this time with a ring. But then it’s time to start browsing our incredible range of dazzling engagement rings or let your creative juices flow with our bespoke Custom Ring service.

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