From Round to Oval: Most Affordable Diamond Shapes

With so many shapes and cuts to choose from in the dazzling world of diamonds, it can be both exciting and overwhelming. With any purchase, it’s important to be informed.
Each diamond cut has its own unique style and appeal, from the timeless allure of the classic round cut to the playful charm of the princess cut. WIth preferences and tastes considered, the question on many buyers' minds is: which diamond shape is the most affordable?
Choosing a diamond cut that balances beauty and budget can be easier when you are aware of the cost differences among various diamond cuts. This blog examines the affordability of diamond shapes, highlighting which ones offer the best value without compromising on elegance and sparkle. We focus on natural diamonds but provide information on lab grown diamonds as well.

How Diamond Prices Vary Depending on Shape

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Remember, diamonds don’t come out of the ground sparkling and brilliant. Instead, they have to be faceted and polished cut into a specific shape by an expert diamond cutter from a rough diamond. In the process, between 30% and 60% of the rough stone's original weight is removed during cutting.
From one diamond shape to another, the percentage of rough diamond removed can vary dramatically. On average, the carat weight of a princess cut diamond consists of about 70% of its original rough weight. In other words, only 30% of the rough stone is lost during the cutting process.
Only about 50% of the original diamond remains after cutting and polishing for a round diamond. This results in about 60% of the rough diamond being removed. As part of this process, the material that's removed cannot be used to produce other diamonds.
Inevitably, this directly affects pricing. Depending on what you're looking for, prices for different diamond shapes can vary considerably due to the large variation in rough diamonds used and their yield.
Liberties are often taken by cutters in terms of proportions in order to maximize the carat weight. Well cut diamonds require polishing away more of the rough, thereby costing more to make.
Our customers have varying tastes and budgets, which is why lab-grown diamonds are a popular choice today given their considerable money savings. Fortunately for shoppers of lab grown diamonds, technology has advanced in recent years, enabling larger, finer rough to be available at lower prices. Lab grown diamonds do not vary in price as much by shape as natural diamonds do, because yield from rough is not as critical.
Many diamond shoppers today are attracted to lab grown diamonds for a variety of reasons; most notably, the sizable cost savings and ability to prioritize important characteristics like high quality cut, or to fit a designer ring into their overall budget Fortunately, we live in a time where there are so many superb options for diamond shoppers today!

What Is The Most Expensive Diamond Shape?

Due to their popularity and relatively low yield from the rough, natural round diamonds are generally the most expensive diamond shape.
In general, they can be as much as 50%% more expensive than the least expensive diamond shapes. The following are some advantages of choosing a round cut diamond, which lend to their price:
Brilliance: Due to their extraordinary brilliance, round diamonds are the most sparkling diamonds. It is the 57-facet cut of a round diamond that enhances its brilliance and fire, making it a most scintillating diamond shape when cut with precision..
Versatility: As timeless classics, round diamonds are incredibly versatile. This ensures that they are always in style, regardless of whether they are used in a vintage or contemporary setting. From engagement rings to necklaces and earrings, round diamonds are a popular choice for all kinds of jewelry, further increasing their price and demand.
Rarity: There is a greater demand for round cut diamonds than for any other shape. Their popularity ensures round cut natural diamonds have long-term stored value, making them an attractive purchase. Moreover, round diamonds are more expensive due to the higher percentage of rough diamonds that must be removed during the cutting process.
Cut quality: Cut quality significantly impacts the price of natural diamonds. A cutter can use proportions that maximize the carat yield from the rough while compromising all important light performance. A diamond cut with precision will have less carat weight and will then be more expensive per carat. But this premium is well worth the cost as it will be much more beautiful, and can actually look bigger than diamonds of the same carat weight that have had their cut quality compromised.
Best light performance: An exquisite and brilliant appearance is achieved by cutting round diamonds specifically to reflect the maximum amount of light. It is the diamond's symmetrical shape and precise faceting that is responsible for its superior light performance. It is due to this dazzling display of brilliance that round diamonds are so highly sought after.
Tolerance of Defects: Inclusions and defects are more easily concealed in round diamonds due to their outstanding scintillation. Small inclusions get camouflaged among the rapid on/off blinking of facets. Even diamonds with minor imperfections can appear flawless when expertly cut. As a result, a broader selection of round diamonds are appealing to shoppers, thereby increasing their demand in the market.
In summary, a round cut diamond offers excellent brilliance and sparkle for people looking for a classic, versatile, premium diamond.

An Overview: Most Affordable Diamond Shapes

1. Marquise Cut Diamonds

Marquise Diamond
Marquise Diamond Facets
Actual photo and facet diagram of a marquise cut diamond
With their distinctive, elongated shape and pointed ends, marquise cut diamonds have a striking appearance. This unique silhouette not only elongates the finger and makes it appear slimmer, but it also maximizes the diamond's carat weight, making it appear larger than it actually is.
Therefore, marquise cut diamonds offer excellent value for money. They are becoming more popular, and offer a stylish and affordable choice for engagement rings.

2. Pear Shaped Diamonds

Pear Diamond
Facet Diagram of Pear Shape Diamond
Actual photo and facet diagram of a pear cut diamond
Pear-shaped diamonds, also called teardrop diamonds, combine round and marquise shapes to create a striking, yet softened silhouette. Those seeking something different from the traditional round cut are drawn to this shape because of its graceful and unique design.
Pear shaped diamonds tend to be less expensive than oval cut diamonds and comparable to marquise cuts, offering a blend of aesthetics and affordability. Their distinctive form also allows for various creative ring settings - making them perfect side stones - enhancing their appeal among engagement ring shoppers. And they outstanding in fine jewelry as pendants and drop earrings.

3. Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval Diamond
Oval Diamond
Oval Diamond
Actual photo and two versions of the oval Brilliant facet arrangement
Oval cut diamonds have surged in popularity recently, and show no sign of slowing down. The elongated shapes are not only affordable in comparison to round cuts, but they also provide a slimming effect by enhancing the wearer's finger length.
As a result, this cut offers both the brilliance of a round diamond and a sleek, lengthened silhouette, making it an attractive, cost-effective and versatile choice.
Oval diamonds typically have a price point similar to Emerald cut and Asscher diamonds, positioning them as a mid-range option in terms of cost. Their contemporary appeal and flattering shape make them a popular choice for modern engagement rings, especially when paired with buttery yellow gold settings.

4. Asscher Cut Diamonds

Asscher Diamond
Asscher Diamond
Actual photo of Asscher cut diamond and facet arrangement
Asscher cut diamonds are known for their octagonal shape and deep, stepped facets that create a "hall of mirror" effect, similar to emerald cut diamonds.
The Asscher cut gets its name from its creator, Joseph Asscher, and has a distinct art deco aesthetic. For those seeking a more vintage-style alternative to round diamonds, Asscher cut diamonds are less common and typically more affordable.
Asscher cuts and emerald cuts tend to retain more of the original rough diamond compared to round cuts, which lose more material during the cutting process. This efficiency can result in a lower price per carat. However, it’s important to note, due to the large, open faces of Asscher cuts, it's important to ensure that the rough stones are of high quality.

5. Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion Cut Diamond
Cushion Cut Diamond
Cushion Brilliant Crown Facets
Cushion cut diamonds, characterized by their square to slightly rectangular shape and rounded corners, offer a vintage charm reminiscent of old-world elegance. A pillow-cut diamond has a distinct soft glow and a luxurious appearance, especially when set in a halo ring.
Facet arrangement and specific shape can vary. Cushion cut diamonds come in many different 'flavors' as a result of these variations. With designer brands like Tacori and Verragio popularizing the ornate setting styles of yesteryear, cushion cut diamonds can make a stunning statement.
They are a relatively affordable option with significant visual impact; cushion cuts are prized for their old-world charm, enhancing their overall value and appeal.

6. Emerald Cut diamonds

Emerald Cut Diamond Facet Diagram table
Emerald Cut Diamond
Emerald Cut Diamond Facet Diagram pavilion
The emerald cut – facet diagrams and actual photo
Emerald cut diamonds display timeless elegance with their rectangular shape and horizontal step-cut facets, creating a "hall of mirrors" effect. Diamonds with this cut stand out for their clarity and luster over their brilliance.
The emerald cut is prized for its classic appearance and sophistication, despite the fact that it has larger facets, which have the potential to reveal more inclusions. This makes the quality of the diamond's clarity and color particularly important. If properly cut, an emerald cut diamond will exhibit exceptional transparency and depth, making it a stunning addition to any jewelry.
They are generally less expensive than round diamonds but more costly than cushion cuts. When buying an emerald cut higher clarity grades add to their cost. Emerald cut diamonds are favored by many celebrities and remain a stylish, fashionable choice for discerning buyers.

7. Radiant Cut Diamonds

Radiant Diamond Facets Table
Radiant Diamond
Radiant Diamond Facets Pavilion
Having the brilliance of round cuts and the elegance of emerald cuts, radiant cut diamonds are the best of both worlds. Its fabulous sparkle and fire are enhanced by the brilliant-cut facet pattern and trimmed corners giving it an octagonal shape.
Compared to other cuts with sharp corners, radiant cut diamonds are more durable and less likely to chip because they have flat corners. The versatility of radiant cut diamonds allows them to be set in a variety of jewelry styles, such as engagement rings, earrings, and pendants.
Diamonds with radiant cuts tend to be more affordable than round diamonds, making them an excellent choice for those seeking great value. A timeless piece of jewelry with sophisticated appeal and cost savings makes them a great choice for those looking for something unique and beautiful.

8. Princess Cut diamonds

Princess Diamond
The princess cut diamond is renowned for its contemporary brilliance and unique faceting, which rivals that of round diamonds. Introduced in the 1960s, the princess cut combines a modern aesthetic with the potential for exceptional light performance. The diamond's numerous facets, typically 58 or more, give it a stunning display of brilliance - second only to the round cut!
They are an affordable and trendy choice for those seeking a stylish and sparkling diamond; this rectangular or square cut is highly sought after.

9. Heart Shaped Diamonds

Heart Shape Diamond
Heart Shape Diamond Table Facets
Heart Shape Diamond Pavilion Facets
Actual Photo and Facet Diagram of a Heart Shape Diamond
Heart shaped diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love and romance, featuring the iconic heart silhouette. This cut is a popular choice for romantic occasions and engagement rings, offering a unique and personal touch. Essentially, heart-shaped diamonds are brilliant cuts modified to form the outline that is so recognizable.
With their unique silhouette, heart-shaped diamonds appear larger than their actual carat weight, adding value and presence. For a balanced appearance, the length-to-width ratio should be between 0.90 and 1.10.
Heart-shaped diamonds require a great deal of skill and precision to achieve perfect symmetry Due to the complexity of cutting the heart shape, they often cost more than other fancy shapes due to the amount of craftsmanship involved.
Even so, they remain more affordable than round diamonds, combining emotional significance and relative affordability.

10. Round Cut Diamonds

Round Diamonds
The round diamond is the most popular and sought-after diamond shape, and with good reason! As a result of their brilliance, yield, and demand, these diamonds are the most expensive. The cost of producing round diamonds is higher due to their higher rough diamond requirements. More of the precious rough must be polished away to make a round brilliant, particularly when making an ideal cut.
Despite being the most expensive option, round diamonds are desired by those seeking utmost in quality and sophistication due to their unparalleled brilliance and timeless appeal. Prices of natural diamonds are higher with widespread popularity and limited supply.
The venerable Round Brilliant diamond remains by far the most popular diamond cut of all. Despite trends and fads, the round diamond has remained an icon for centuries. It is the number one choice, paired with a solitaire setting, for engagement rings.
It is so iconic that the gem itself is recognized by its shape. Classics like this are timeless and have been in style for hundreds of years. As a result of its symmetrical geometry, the round diamond provides the highest light performance of any cut diamond.
The A CUT ABOVE® Round Hearts and Arrows Super Ideal Diamond, with proven optics of the highest order, showcase the pinnacle of brilliance, precision, and craftsmanship, reaffirming the round diamond's unmatched allure and timeless appeal.

How To Buy Affordable Diamonds

Shopping online for diamonds is the smartest move to receive the best selection, highest quality, and best value. Diamonds, both natural and lab grown, will be available in a much wider variety than you would find at a local jewelry store - along with more information too!
At Whiteflash, we strive to work within every customer’s budget. In honor of this commitment, we continue to carry both natural and lab-grown diamonds that will make a superb engagement ring or jewelry piece no matter your budget.
From the same team that brought A CUT ABOVE® Super Ideal Diamonds to the international market, our Precision Lab diamonds are cut to exacting standards to produce optimal light performance. With the significant savings in lab diamonds it is no longer necessary for anyone to compromise on the most important C – Cut Quality.
When you purchase a diamond, you do more than allocate a budget and purchase a commodity. It is important to consider a variety of factors when making a decision.
It is therefore crucial to choose a jeweler with great reviews, extensive expertise, and a commitment to customer care. Someone who is, knowledgeable and eager to understand your particular goals. In this way we strive to help you make the most of your special purchase. are ready to buy diamonds, upgrade, or make the most of your purchase. Our step-by-step guide to diamond buying may be of interest to you if you have read this far. If you prefer, you can speak with a friendly and knowledgeable diamond consultant directly. There is no pressure to buy from our GIA trained experts - our mission at Whiteflash is to help you meet your goals and make an informed and confident decision on your important purchase. Let Whiteflash be your first choice when purchasing affordable diamonds!

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