Princess Cut – A Cut for a Princess

A Princess Cut diamond is one of the most popular choices for engagement rings, second only to the classic round brilliant cut. The princess cut is actually a modified brilliant cut with a square or rectangular shape and is a relatively recent addition to the pallet of diamond shapes, having been developed in the 1960s’. Since its inception the princess cut has enjoyed widespread popularity capturing the hearts of princesses all across the globe.
Princess Cut Diamond
The appeal of a princess cut diamond is rooted in its brilliant appearance combined with a rectilinear outline. It also enjoys a price advantage as a result of cutting efficiency. Unlike a round brilliant, which utilizes only around 50% of the rough crystal, a princess cut will utilize approximately 70% of the rough diamond. As a result of this, buyers will often note a marked difference in the prices between a round brilliant and a princess cut of the same carat weight.
So, what does that mean? Well, it means you will be able to get a bigger diamond for your budget with a princess cut! If you are looking for a certain size, for example 1.00 ct, you might find a princess cut affordable whereas the same budget will buy only a .70-.80ct round of equivalent quality.
History and origins aside, the magic of a princess cut diamond is unmistakable; from its brilliant sparkle to the clean, straight lines of its angular shape, it is a diamond that offers a range of excellent options for the smart shopper. It lends itself to unique ring designs for the woman who wants something different than the traditional round solitaire. And it is affordable!

How to Choose the Perfect Princess Cut Diamond

Choosing the perfect princess cut diamond requires a little understanding of the importance of cut quality, and how the proportioning and craftsmanship of the facets interact with light to produce brilliance, fire and sparkle.
Most princess cut diamonds on the market are cut specifically to retain as much weight as possible. This approach results a diamond that does not handle light well and lacks the full potential for beauty and sparkle. For the most dazzling princess cut we recommend choosing an Ideal Cut Princess. Only American Gem Society Laboratories (AGSL) issues the Ideal Cut grade, after a thorough analysis of light performance which involves sophisticated light ray tracing of the diamond and making sure brightness, fire and sparkle are at the very top of scale.


As with all brilliant cuts, a princess cut is forgiving when it comes to diamond clarity. The multiple facets blinking on and off give the necessary ‘light and dark’ patterning that required for scintillation and sparkle, and it is this dynamic effect that also helps to conceal or camouflage appearance of inclusions.
That said, a very large table (the largest facet on the top of the diamond) means that any inclusions in the central part of the stone are more likely to be visible to the eye. This is another reason to look for Ideal princess cuts as they generally have smaller tables. It is also important to understand the potential areas of weakness that exist in a princess cut. The pointed corners increase the possibility of chipping, particularly if there is a prominent inclusion near the tip. Generally this risk is born by the setter, and once properly set the prongs help protect the corners from impacts during daily wear.
We would recommend a minimum of an SI1 clarity for your princess cut diamond. Allow the inner brilliance to be displayed with a worthy clarity grading. A true princess would settle for no less than the best!


It is generally understood that a brilliant style faceting arrangement (like the princess cut has), tends to minimize apparent color due to the large amount of ambient light returning to the eye. Therefore, near colorless diamonds appear essentially colorless from face up view. If you are particularly color sensitive, it is possible to see a bit of color from the side starting at about the I-J color range. Choice a diamond that is H color or above if you think this might be an issue.

A CUT ABOVE® the Rest

Defining the true cut quality of a princess cut diamond can seem a complex task. GIA reports still do not include an overall cut grade on princess. Choosing a princess that has been graded by AGSL solves this issue.
Going even beyond the Ideal grade Whiteflash has illuminated the importance of a precision cut princess cut diamond and brought to the fore the beauty that is unleashed when the very highest standards are met. Our A CUT ABOVE® Princess is a true super ideal offering the ultimate in diamond beauty. They deliver unparalleled fire and brilliance and are cut for extreme performance.
The quest for such a high performing diamond begins with a triple zero (ideal) AGSL platinum certificate. The diamond is then subjected to stringent testing and review by a panel of experts, who use IdealScope and ASET imaging to uncover the diamonds which display the maximum light handling properties.
The result is a diamond of such extraordinary beauty that puts a standard princess cut diamond to shame. Educated shoppers choose A CUT ABOVE® princess cut diamonds for the ultimate sparkle and highest standards. They understand the unparalleled beauty and performance that these diamonds bring, and wish to own the ‘best of the best” for their forever diamond.
You can explore the fine details of AGSL Princess Cut grading here in our in-depth article.

Setting a Princess Cut Diamond

With your perfect A CUT ABOVE® diamond chosen, you can begin the inspiring experience of choosing a setting.
The sky is truly the limit with a princess cut diamond. From a simple Vatche solitaire, to an ornate Verragio setting with Venetian swirls or Parisienne twirls, a princess cut diamond is as flexible as it is alluring.
Verragio PAR-3064P Bead-Set Princess 3 Stone Engagement Ring
Verragio PAR-3064P Bead-Set Princess 3 Stone Engagement Ring
This stunning selection from Verragio shows the power and prominence that a princess cut diamond possesses. It handles the intricate scrolls and bead work with ease, and even the addition of two twinkling side stones cannot overshadow the innate beauty of the center stone. It is perfectly balanced, and a striking choice for a princess who wants optimum sparkle and style.
Contemporary Solitaire Engagement Ring for Princess
Contemporary Solitaire Engagement Ring for Princess
By contrast, this modern solitaire shows the princess cut diamond making a statement in its own right. The V-shaped basket perfectly enhances the angular natural of the stone, standing proudly on a simple, sleek shank. Clean and contemporary, this design is all about your princess cut diamond taking center stage.
Tacori 300-2.5PR Starlit Princess Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring
Tacori 300-2.5PR Starlit Princess Bezel Solitaire Engagement Ring
This extremely unique Tacori piece presents the beauty of a princess cut diamond in a bezel setting. The protected corners ensure this ring is the ultimate is security, durability and, of course, beauty.

By Royal Appointment Only…

The uniqueness, brilliance and design versatility of a princess cut diamond make it a truly alluring choice. From sleek and simple to ornate and exotic, an A CUT ABOVE® princess cut diamond is sure to dazzle in any setting.
Explore the endless possibilities for your engagement ring and contact a Whiteflash expert to guide you through the stirring experience of finding your perfect diamond and setting.
The inspiring sparkle and endless possibilities of this popular diamond shape prove that it is truly fit for a princess.

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