Quarantine Marriage Proposals – Find Some Inspiration for your Proposal

Quarantine, thanks to coronavirus, is bringing many couples closer together. Forgoing trips to Paris, or other elaborate vacation proposals, loved-up proposers are getting down on one knee within the bounds quarantine. It seems that Covid-19 may be pressing pause on normal life, but it’s definitely not stopping the desire to pop the question.
Looking at the proposals springing up on social media, what we love is the creativity. We’re seeing proposals with a level of romance and ingenuity that we haven’t seen before. In an environment of worry about the pandemic, it’s wonderful to bask in some of these love stories.
So here we share some of them with you! You may even find the inspiration you’ve been looking for to make a proposal that’s totally unique, and very 2020.

1. Waterfalls of love

Britt Weiner excitedly showed off her dazzling tear drop and pave diamond engagement ring, given to her by fiancé Cody Murphy, in front of the majestic Virgin Falls, White County, Tennessee.
As one Instagrammer, ‘cailynnwolfgangphoto’ declared “Omg yesss so stoked quarantine engagements are happening.” Quarantine may largely be keeping you at home, but with some daily exercise, if you’ve got a natural wonder like Virgin Falls within reach, then outdoor proposals can still be wonderful.

2. Harlem happiness

One cute couple enjoyed the spring sunshine to celebrate their romance. Instagrammer ‘dulcevidaa’ states: “Even on the darkest of days, our love continues to shine through. There’s no one way to do this love thing but the one thing I know for sure is that we will continue to do it our way. Here’s to choosing you every day! We’re engaged!”
The excitement of those first moments of “I do!” are magical and cannot be beaten, even by something as great as a pandemic.

3. Bringing Paris to quarantine

Who says you can’t have the grand gesture of Paris when global flights have come to a standstill?
Erika Diffendall was enticed to “Paris” by soon-to-be fiancé Luke McClong. While the real Paris has to wait, he created a chalk version, incorporating the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, on a brick wall in Virginia. The result is photos which are wholly unique.

4. Down on one knee at home

Quarantining at home, surrounded by candlelight, Alyssa Smith said “yes”.
Her fiancé used the familiarity of home, and their life to come, as the perfect backdrop for his quarantine proposal. Making sure there was romance with candlelight and red roses, he was already prepared with the ring, ensuring there were some memory-making photos of the occasion.

5. Petals of love

Instagrammer ‘bruno_mars94’ was bursting with pride when he shared the news of his big brother’s proposal to girlfriend Michelle, at home.
With fairy lights, a ‘Will you marry me?’ banner and a romantic heart made of rose petals, Michelle said “yes”. We love the photos and the sentiments.

6. Easter engagement

Alex McLaury proposed to girlfriend Carly Corby on Easter Sunday, amidst quarantine in one of the hardest corona hit areas of the world – New York.
Love needs celebrating in amongst the tragedy around them, and we’re sure this beautiful couple is doing just that.

7. Backyard family celebration

Ben Higgins planned a backyard proposal in his future parent-in-law’s garden in Nashville, where he and soon-to-be fiancée Jess Clarke have been isolating.
As Ben says, it’s all about the moments leading up to getting down on one knee. He finishes by saying “Let’s celebrate… but for now let’s stay home and isolate.” We think it’s wonderful that the bride-to-be’s parents were in on the act, symbolizing the importance of family for the future.
Don’t worry if you don’t want to ‘make do’. At Whiteflash you can choose and customize your ring and choose your perfect diamond, for online delivery, ensuring that quarantine won’t mess up your engagement plans.
It may not be the easiest time for the logistics of grand gesture proposals, but sometimes the grandest moments are created through creativity and simplicity. Don’t let coronavirus stand in the way of your “yes” moments.

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