Six Reasons to Purchase a Platinum Engagement Ring

Platinum is the most popular choice of precious metal for engagement rings, and with good reason. Many brides and grooms opt for platinum wedding sets. The everlasting quality of the metal is a cherished symbol of eternal commitment and love. With cultural associations as being ‘the best of the best’ , the appeal of platinum has become even greater than gold for diamond jewelry.
Rare, enduring and naturally bright and beautiful; when choosing a metal for your engagement ring, platinum is sure to be top of the list.

1. A Bright White Beauty

Unlike white gold, platinum is naturally white in color. White gold must be plated with rhodium to give it its silvery white sheen, and this plating process will need to be repeated over the years to prevent the yellow tones of white gold from emerging. The naturally white gleam of platinum perfectly complements the radiance of a colourless loose diamond, and the light play between the metal and the diamond enhances the overall brilliance of the piece. A simple solitaire like this Classic Six-Prong Solitaire from A.Jaffe is elevated to a new level when set in platinum.
A. Jaffe ME1560 Classics Solitaire Engagement Ring
A. Jaffe ME1560 Classics Solitaire Engagement Ring

2. Durability & Platinum Patina

Although both platinum and gold are both strong precious metals, platinum has a durability advantage. Platinum is a ‘sticky’ metal – it does not wear away. When you scratch platinum the metal is just displaced and does not flake off. It can be polished multiple times without loss of metal. Over time gold will become thin as a result of wear and repolishing, causing prongs to get weak and brittle. Rather than wearing away and becoming thin, platinum develops a unique patina as time goes by. This pattern lends a velvety character to the metal. Many wearers like the softer appearance of the patina, however if you prefer your platinum jewelry to shine it can simply be polished back to its former, sparkling splendour.
Even settings with the most delicate prongs and intricate metal work like this platinum Duchess engagement ring by Simon G are well secure, with the precious strength of platinum protecting your stones.
Simon G. MR2342 Dutchess Three Stone Engagement Ring
Simon G. MR2342 Dutchess Three Stone Engagement Ring

3. Purity of Platinum

Platinum is between 90% - 95% pure and is a hypoallergenic metal. This feature leads many brides to opt for platinum, as even the slightest intolerance to alloys (such as nickel in white gold) can result a reaction. As gold is so soft, it must be mixed with other alloys to make it hard enough for jewelry use. 18k gold is only 75% pure with an alloy content of 25%, making platinum a safer choice for sensitive hands.

4. Comfort

When choosing an engagement ring, comfort is of paramount importance. As well as being hypoallergenic, platinum is also much denser than gold. This results in a sturdy, weightier feel to your jewelry. When choosing a ring that is intended to last a lifetime, the additional weight of platinum may be small, but it will give a feeling of security to your precious ring. If you are looking for the ultimate in beauty and comfort, the unique shaped and quilted interior used by A. Jaffe ensures a luxurious wear without compromising style. This A. Jaffe platinum Signature Solitaire perfectly demonstrates their innovative approach to bridal jewelry.
A. Jaffe MES742QB Classics Diamond Engagement Ring
A. Jaffe MES742QB Classics Diamond Engagement Ring

5. Maintenance and Care

Platinum is a low maintenance metal as it does not require plating. You can easily care for your platinum jewelry at home with a soft toothbrush and wiping with a clean cloth. You can find more information about caring for your jewelry here.

6. If Diamonds are Forever…

Then your metal should be too! Jewelry should be worn, enjoyed and eventually passed on. Opting for platinum ensures your engagement ring will endure every adventure that may lie ahead. Consider platinum for your engagement ring for its natural, low maintenance beauty and the promise that it will last a lifetime.

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