How to Buy Round Halo Engagement Rings

When you think of angels, what comes to mind? Bright cherubs sitting softly on a cloud? That’s usually the case. But there’s an important accessory missing in that description — the halo. In historical and religious iconography it’s been used to depict holy, sacred, or heroic figures, representing grace, harmony, and illumination.
Today, we can imbue all of those qualities into the jewelry we wear, specifically through the unique round halo engagement rings. And to bring some illumination, this blog intends to delve into that subject, exploring the ins and outs of what makes round halo engagement rings such a popular choice today.

What Is a Round Halo Engagement Ring?

A round halo engagement ring is actually a straightforward design. It features a central diamond surrounded by a circle of intricately set smaller diamonds. The result is a heavenly, sophisticated and graceful ring that ends up being quite breathtaking.
The halo setting accentuates the fire and sparkle of the chosen central round cut diamond, which also has the added benefit of looking larger when extended by the ring of small diamonds.
Danhov LE112 Per Lei Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Danhov LE112 Per Lei Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The History of The Halo Engagement Ring

Like the iconic halo used in countless religious iconographies around the world, the halo design for engagement rings isn’t a new thing. This design has been around since the 1920s, inspired by the glitz of the art deco period when it was at the height of popularity. Recent design trends are once again rediscovering this treasured style which has been coming very much back into vogue.
However, the halo engagement ring didn’t have its true origins in the 1920s. In reality, we can trace its ancestry back to the Georgian era of Europe (1714-1837), named after the Hanoverian kings who ruled Great Britain. In this era, it was common for pearls to be used as the central stone as well as diamonds.
Halo engagement rings (halo itself is a new term to describe this design) were then popular in the Victorian period (1837-1901), where colored center stones were all the rage. Today’s classic style originates in the 1920s, where a focus on symmetry and geometric patterns saw the halo design find favor with the most fashionable in society.

Choosing a Round Halo Engagement Ring: What is Available?

Round halo engagement rings are available in a vast array of designs, so you’ll always have many great choices when purchasing from a reputable jewelry specialist. You will be able to find a ring to suit your taste with designer engagement ring choices that reflect your very personal sense of style..
When it comes to choosing a round halo engagement ring, there are several related choices to take note of, as beauty is always in the details.

The Center Diamond

Center diamonds are the focal point of any engagement ring; drawing the eye, fixing the gaze, and delivering the elegance and brilliance we all dream of in a ring.
If you’re looking for more information on how to choose the right diamond for the centerpiece of a stunning engagement ring, read our useful infographic.

The Cut of the Center Diamond

While a halo engagement ring can feature anything from cushion cut, to oval cut, to even emerald cut, we find that the most visually appealing cut for halo engagement rings is the round cut. The cut of these diamonds offers the most brilliance and best light performance of any shape, with some of the finest diamonds on the market being of this type.
For the best of the best when it comes to round cut diamonds, choose from the A CUT ABOVE® diamond brand, in-stock and available exclusively at Whiteflash. These are internationally renowned precision cut diamonds, heralded for their unbeatable cut quality and light performance.
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Style of Shank

There are many styles of shank, otherwise known as the band. Many are traditional circles, while others are more experimental in nature. There are different thicknesses, widths, and design features to take into account when choosing a ring.
For example, have you considered a pavé engagement ring? This is where the center diamond is framed by smaller diamonds that are embedded into the band, such as the beautiful example below.
Tacori 37-2RD Full Bloom Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Tacori 37-2RD Full Bloom Round Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
You could also consider a split shank, where the band is actually split into two narrower sections, for a unique and contemporary look.
Verragio Parisian DL-106R Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Verragio Parisian DL-106R Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

The Number of Halos

Round halo engagement rings can also differ in the number of halos that circle the center diamond. Some designs feature double and even triple halos. Evidently, the choice depends on how ‘flashy’ you like an engagement ring to look.

Drop Halo vs. Classic Halo Engagement Rings

A classic halo engagement ring features the circle of smaller diamonds that hug the center as we’ve mentioned. Today, there is also the option of choosing a drop halo engagement ring, where the smaller diamonds can be set either to the side of or even below the central diamond.
This style is all about creating a dramatic profile view, something impactful that many have never seen before.
Danhov LE116 Per Lei Diamond Engagement Ring
Danhov LE116 Per Lei Diamond Engagement Ring
To find out more about drop halo versus classic halo, visit our blog post here.

Discover the Right Round Halo Engagement Ring For You

As you can see, the variety of halo designs is all-encompassing. They’re an elegant choice for distinguished wearers, featuring anything from drop styles to triple halos. The only challenge is identifying the ring that provides what you need. Whatever that happens to be, rest assured that you’re choosing a ring that’s renowned for its versatility.
However, remember to pair the halo design with a diamond that dis worthy of the attention. When you’re looking for the most beautiful diamond possible, always consider Whiteflash A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows diamonds, deemed internationally to be some of the finest cut diamonds in the world. They truly are second to none.
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