Tension Setting Engagement Rings

In the ever-evolving landscape of diamond jewelry, the tension engagement setting emerges as a true trailblazer, redefining the boundaries of design and captivating the imagination of those who seek bold and innovative expressions of beauty.
The tension setting's name itself hints at the dynamic interplay between strength and delicacy, innovation and tradition. Crafted with meticulous precision, this setting ingeniously uses the principles of physics to create a visual masterpiece.
Danhov V119 Voltaggio Tension-Set Solitaire Engagement Ring
Danhov V119 Voltaggio Tension-Set Solitaire Engagement Ring
The diamond, seemingly suspended between two ends of the metal shank, evokes a sense of enchantment, captivating the eye with its weightless and ethereal presence. For someone looking for a unique and modern fashion statement in their diamond setting, the tension setting, and similar tension-style settings are a great option.
We've discussed the nuances of this unique setting, which diamonds should be paired with it, and some tips and inspiration to get you started below.

What is a Tension Setting?

Iris Solitaire Engagement Ring
Iris Solitaire Engagement Ring
An unconventional ring setting style for diamonds is the tension setting. Instead of using metal collars or prongs to hold the diamond, the diamond is held in place by spring-loaded tension that is exerted by the two ends of the ring, which are precisely sized to fit the stone.
A groove on the inside of the band keeps the diamond centered, but the grip is provided by tension, as if you were pinching a stone between your fingers. An optical illusion is created as a result - truly a ring for those who wish to stand out.
Diamonds seem to float on the finger without any visible structure holding them in place. As the stone is held in place by the force of the metal, only very hard stones such as diamonds can be used in this setting.
It is possible to cast tension settings in any metal. Platinum, 18k gold and 14k gold (both yellow and white) are the most popular engagement ring metals - both for their durability and timeless appeal. You can read more about metal alloys for jewelry purposes in this guide.

What are the Best Diamond Shapes for Tension Settings?

Princess and Round Loose Diamonds
If you love the look of a modern, sleek, and eye-catching engagement ring setting, the tension setting may hold special appeal for you. It is important to note that not every stone is appropriate for this kind of setting, and the ring will need to be specifically crafted for your diamond. For this reason tension-set rings are also more expensive than other engagement ring styles.
Because the band of a tension setting is created only for a specific diamond, it is manufactured only after the diamond has been purchased. The setting is calibrated exactly to fit the diamond that has been chosen, and cannot be changed or resized once it is purchased. For tension-set diamond rings, we recommend the diamond you decide on should have a GIA clarity grade of VS2 and above.
The setting is calibrated to apply perfectly-proportioned pressure to the diamond so it will be held securely. Although a tension setting can be a very secure setting, the setting can be damaged if the diamond ring suffers a blunt impact. For this reason, regular inspection is required and if the stone is at all loose you should stop wearing it and take it to a jeweler for tightening.
Our favorite diamonds to pair with a tension setting to get the full effect are definitely round-cut and cushion-cut. However, other diamond shapes can be used in a tension setting.
The round-cut diamond, with its timeless elegance and exceptional symmetry, takes center stage when paired with a tension setting. Its perfectly circular shape, precision-cut facets, and symmetrical arrangement result in a mesmerizing display of light performance. Within the tension setting, the round-cut diamond seems to defy gravity as it radiates a captivating brilliance from every angle.
The A CUT ABOVE® Round Hearts and Arrows Super Ideal Diamonds, with proven optics of the highest order exemplifies the extraordinary potential of the round brilliant.
On the other hand, the cushion-cut diamond presents a captivating blend of vintage charm and contemporary appeal. Its unique combination of rounded corners and large facets infuse the stone with a distinctive personality, exuding warmth and romantic allure. Embedded within a tension setting, the cushion-cut diamond captivates the eye with its soft edges and mesmerizing flashes of light.
Whether it's the classic elegance of the round-cut or the romantic allure of the cushion-cut, these diamond shapes enhance the tension setting's unique appeal, resulting in a breathtaking masterpiece that embodies both tradition and modernity.

How Secure Are Tension Settings?

Lilly Solitaire Engagement Ring
Lilly Solitaire Engagement Ring
In spite of appearances, tension settings are durable and hold diamonds firmly in place. The downside of the “true” tension setting is that diamonds often become loose from normal daily wear. Due to the fact that nothing binds the two ends of the ring, the stone is held in place only by tension. In some cases, this can make it prone to having the stone become loose.
Tension set engagement rings are very captivating, but should only be made of metals and gemstones that are exceptionally strong - unfortunately, there are many beautiful engagement rings on the market that do not meet these standards.
At Whiteflash, we install an invisible bar underneath your diamond to ensure its security and preserve its tension appearance and prevent the two sides of the ring from moving apart. This "improved" tension-style ring is another option you may want to consider if you like the style and look of tension-set rings. It is possible to combine the look of tension-setting style with the stability and security of diamonds by using partial bezel settings or hidden underpinnings.
Your satisfaction and excitement in your purchase are our top priorities - which is why all purchases are backed by our Complete Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee, and our assurance package is the most comprehensive in the industry.
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Top Tips: How to Choose The Right Setting

When selecting an engagement ring setting, you and your beloved’s personal taste is the most important factor. Even though the essence of the design remains the same, tension settings allow for unique expression in many ways but there are some considerations to determine if it’s the right one to purchase.
Lifestyle - The majority of us lead extremely active lives on a daily basis. From workouts to household chores, diamond rings adorn busy hands everywhere. The risk of damage increases when diamond rings have sharp corners or points.
Despite a diamond's hardness and durability, your fast-paced lifestyle requires you to choose engagement rings that minimize snagability. As a tension-setting profile is quite sleek, it's unlikely to catch or snag, but the nature of the setting itself needs to be considered.
Carat Size - It is possible to set a large stone in a tension set ring as easily as in a traditional prong setting. Up to eight-carat stones can be accommodated in tension settings! A large stone will require more metal to provide ample strength, so this is a consideration.
In the same way, a lower-carat weight diamond should be set in a proportionate setting so it does not overwhelm the diamond.
Balancing style and strength - Here at Whiteflash, we will always advise the best course of action to bring a balance of beauty and durability to your diamond engagement ring. Our approach to ensuring your ring's security always considers your desires and how they can be incorporated into the design. The overall piece will, however, never be compromised in terms of strength.
The tension-setting is a great choice for an engagement ring, and this one is sure to captivate for a lifetime. Our team of experts is always happy to provide guidance and advice if you need it.

Our Favorite Tension Setting Diamond Engagement Rings

Although the tension setting is a relatively new diamond setting, it is gaining popularity for its unique appearance. At the same time, faux tension-style settings are also gaining widespread acclaim for mimicking the intriguing look of a tension setting and providing more security
The tension-style setting is a creative and bold diamond setting choice that uses a hidden bridge to create the dramatic look of the true tension setting without sacrificing peace of mind
Our selection features meticulously crafted engagement rings that are not only stunning but also designed for comfort and durability. Each setting has been carefully chosen for its ability to enhance the beauty of the diamond while ensuring its security for a lifetime of cherished memories.
The reputation Whiteflash has built for quality and customer service has earned us the opportunity to represent some of the most esteemed names in designer jewelry. We are authorized distributors for some of the top designer brands including Tacori, Verragio, Simon G, Valoria, Vatche, Danhov and Benchmark.

Chic & Contemporary Tension Engagement Ring

Danhov V119 Voltaggio Tension-Set Solitaire Engagement Ring
Danhov V119 Voltaggio Tension-Set Solitaire Engagement Ring
Sleek and minimalistic, yet high-voltage, this Danhov V119 Voltaggio tension ring creates an attention-getting presentation for the center diamond. No prongs or bezels, only pressure holds the diamond in place in these tension engagement rings.
It effortlessly captures the essence of contemporary aesthetics while providing a secure and stunning setting for the precious gem it cradles. The center diamond appears to float almost magically in mid-air, with only pressure serving as its delicate embrace.
This distinctive tension setting not only creates a striking visual impact but also showcases the artistry and engineering prowess that Danhov is renowned for. For those seeking a truly unique and attention-grabbing engagement ring presentation, this is a really exceptional choice.

Romantic Tension Engagement Ring

Lilly Solitaire Engagement Ring
Lilly Solitaire Engagement Ring
The Lilly Solitaire Engagement Ring is a captivating embodiment of timeless beauty and modern innovation, redefining the classic solitaire design with a touch of uniqueness that sets it apart. This exquisite piece of jewelry seamlessly marries tradition with contemporary flair, resulting in a ring that not only captures the essence of romance but also showcases the highest level of craftsmanship and artistry.
This setting not only showcases the diamond's natural beauty but also elevates the overall visual impact of the ring. It ensures that the gemstone remains the focal point, free from any distractions, and allows you to appreciate the intricate details and inner depths of the diamond.

Captivating Faux Tension Engagement Ring & Wedding Band

Iris Solitaire Wedding Set
Iris Solitaire Wedding Set
Expertly designed, the "Iris" Diamond Wedding Set is ideal for the lady who likes best of both worlds. The “Iris” Solitaire Engagement Ring has a beautifully fluid bypass design, while the “Iris” Diamond Wedding Ring adds the flair with A CUT ABOVE® Hearts and Arrows Diamond Melee.
A bypass ring, also called a crossover ring, is a ring where the band coils around the finger and the ends do not meet to form a closed circle. Semi-bezels mimic the aesthetic of tension rings, while offering extra practicality and protection.
The graceful curves of the bypass setting create a captivating visual narrative, elegantly portraying the story of your love's unique and intertwining path.
Regardless of which tension-setting engagement ring you desire - make sure you do your due diligence and study up on the 4 C’s so you can get the most value for the finished ring. Don't forget that cut is everything when it comes to diamonds!
These exceptional rings are designed to highlight the inherent beauty of your diamond, making them the perfect companions for Whiteflash's A CUT ABOVE® diamonds.
A CUT ABOVE® diamonds, available exclusively at Whiteflash, are the epitome of diamond cut quality and precision. In any lighting situation and from every angle, an A CUT ABOVE® diamond will outshine all others, captivating the beholder with its brilliance and sparkle.
This gem is characterized by its ability to gather even the faintest sources of light and dazzle with spectral colors.
Pairing the unmatched radiance of an A CUT ABOVE® round-cut diamond with a tension-setting engagement ring results in a truly enchanting combination. The tension setting of these rings further accentuates the diamond's brilliance, allowing it to put on a captivating light show with every movement.
Experience the magic of an A CUT ABOVE® diamond set within the artistic allure of these exquisite engagement rings. Choose Whiteflash for a remarkable union of exceptional diamonds with designs that reflect your unique style.

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