The Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring

The modern diamond buyer faces a plethora of choice when it comes to buying an engagement ring. Whether you are shopping traditionally to surprise your beloved and proposing with a classic ring, or forgoing tradition and buying the ring together, we have some important advice for you to take with you on your buying journey. The best place to buy an engagement ring should check all these boxes.
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Online VS Traditional Store

The first step is deciding how much an ‘in-store’ experience matters to you. For some individuals, the process of sitting down in a jewelry store and allowing sales staff to assist and guide is an important part of the experience. World famous jewelry stores pull out all the stops with beautifully dressed windows and glasses of champagne to mark the important moment that you buy the engagement ring.
However, it is important to balance this traditional shopping against the benefits of an online experience. We place diamond education front and center, with GIA trained gemologists, diamond specialists and industry experts creating our guides. This level of detail is often missed by busy sales staff and these gaps in knowledge can lead to overspending on a diamond and overall disappointment. Buying online also guarantees the best price for your engagement ring by avoiding the overheads that stores command.
The best online vendors create a tailored online experience with greater selection and zero pressure. It allows you time to step back and decide, observe diamonds using advanced light performance imaging and high-res video, and to consult with diamond experts 24/7. If you haven’t considered buying a diamond online, keep your options open – you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Going Designer

Verragio INS-7055P Twisted Shank Princess 3 Stone Engagement Ring
Verragio INS-7055P Twisted Shank Princess 3 Stone Engagement Ring
Designer engagement ring settings bring together unique, artistic flair with precise craftsmanship. They open the door to a new world of creative possibilities and ensure the ring will be balanced, secure and durable. The best places to buy engagement rings will champion their designers and are selective in their choices. Our specially curated portfolio of designer engagement rings is chosen for exquisite styles, and the diversity necessary to cater to every taste and budget.
Challenging jewelry setting techniques such as the intricate pavé detailing used in Tacori settings is best left to the experts – you won’t find this level of attention to detail in an off the rack engagement ring setting. Take your time to familiarize yourself with designers and decide which style is best suited to your requirements.

Diamond Imaging

Hearts and Arrows Diamonds
As the rise of online shopping boomed, diamond experts worked hard to bring advanced technology to buyers. High-res photography and magnification, 360 video and advanced diamond imaging now offer an even closer look at how a diamond is performing, easily surpassing the jewelers loupe in the comfort of your own home or office.
Diamond imaging reports can show how well the diamond handles light and give detailed insight into cut quality and symmetry. High-res videos allow you to scrutinize the diamond for inclusions and assess the visual color.
We believe that diamond imaging is one of the single most important factors when buying a diamond, allowing individuals to truly understand the quality of their diamond like never before.


Wherever or however you choose to shop, a top tier diamond certification is absolutely crucial. Diamond certification is a process performed by unbiased, independent laboratories who use sophisticated testing and analysis methods to ascertain the qualities of a diamond. The diamond is then issued with a certificate expressing the qualities as grades, along with details such as inclusion position and diamond measurements.
AGS Diamond Certificate
AGS Diamond Certificate
GIA Diamond Certificate
GIA Diamond Certificate
Uncertified diamonds, or diamonds carrying lesser certifications, put the buyer at risk of overspending. Qualities are likely to be inaccurate, inconsistent and inflated. Getting a diamond certified by the GIA or AGS is an inexpensive process, and trustworthy vendors will gladly pay to ensure their diamonds carry reliable certification.
We advise purchasing only diamonds or engagement rings with a GIA or AGS lab report.

A World of Choices

Variety is the spice of life when it comes to engagement rings and a wide selection of diamonds, styles, metal types and price points is a must. This is another area where online buying comes out on top, with huge inventories of diamonds and the option to customize settings to suit your needs.
The best place to buy an engagement ring is the place that gives you the freedom to browse unique as well as classic rings, all in one place. If you feel limited or disappointed with the choices available – ask if they have other options.

An Eye to the Future

In the excitement of choosing a beautiful diamond and the perfect setting, it can be easy to get lost in the moment , but it’s important that your chosen vendor is helping you to look to the future too.
Customer-focused policies are the best assurance that a seller believes in the quality of their engagement rings and wants to maintain continued relationships with their customers. Whether its return policy, upgrades, warranties or after-care services, read the fine print and ensure that the policies are placing your needs front and center.
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At Whiteflash we want our customers to shop with full confidence. Wherever you choose to buy your engagement ring, settle for nothing less.


It is so important that you feel supported and informed throughout your engagement ring journey. It can take time to come to a decision and you should receive open communication and as much help as you need. Shopping for diamonds can seem beguiling, complex, mathematical and expensive – having true experts guide you through the process is the best way to find a winner. You can also use our simple engagement ring buying guide for more information.

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