The Devil is in the Details – Choosing A Designer Engagement Ring

If you are choosing an engagement ring to surprise a loved one or embarking on the exciting journey of choosing your own ring, at some stage you will be faced with a decision – whether or not to choose designer brand.
For us, this decision is quite simple; it is a choice to be made on style, taste, services and budget. For most people, an engagement ring is all about style and durability. You want a beautifully made ring that is sure to stand the test of time and stand out among the rest. Mass-produced jewelry simply does not rise to the overall quality and attention to detail that a designer ring possesses.
You are also buying into the legacy and story behind the designer. Designers give their life, soul and of course, their name to each and every piece of their jewelry. This means that they have a vested interest in ensuring each engagement ring performs to an exceptionally high standard.
It is the finer details and sentiment that also sets designer jewelry apart. Whether this is an incredibly unique design, or a simple and effortless style, the small flourishes are testament to the experience and skill that choosing a respected designer can offer.
Designer rings often tap into aspects of the wearer’s personality, so choosing the designer that is right for you is a deeply personal experience. To help assist your search, we have put together some information about each of our designers and examples of their ethos, creative inspiration, and the exceptional little details that make them so unique. Time to find your match made in heaven.

Simon G

Classic Style, Contemporary Flair

Armenian born Simon Ghanimian came to the United States with an exemplary work ethic and a desire to achieve and deliver only the best. He initially planned to study as an engineer, but when he couldn’t afford the fees a family member offered him a job in the New York City diamond district so that he could save for tuition. Simon fell in love with diamonds and jewelry making, and just a few years later, the Simon G brand was born.

The Details: Durability

The artistry of Simon G is effortless and their continued dedication to precision crafted jewelry can be seen in every single engagement ring that they create.
Simon G. MR2132 Passion Diamond Engagement Ring
Simon G. MR2132 Passion Diamond Engagement Ring
This stunning Passion Diamond engagement ring is a prime example of the finer details making all the difference. Each diamond in the halo is held by four individual prongs. Not only does this give a neat, uniform appearance, but also offers maximum security to your diamond melee. Mass-produced settings will use shared prongs and even glue to hold a diamond melee in place. This not only compromises the finish of the ring, but also the durability.
Simon G. MR2342 Dutchess Three Stone Engagement Ring
Simon G. MR2342 Dutchess Three Stone Engagement Ring
The details here are in the creative use of diamond cuts and detailed metal-work. The Duchess Three-Stone engagement ring uses pear cut diamonds on a gently curved band to give an almost floral impression. The setting is finished with delicate millgrain which adds another dimension to this expertly crafted creation.


Heritage and Elegance

Tacori is a family-run company that proves even the smallest of ventures can boom when the standards and creativity are of such a high level. Haig and Gilda Tacorian started the business with a view to create jewelry that could be handed down as an heirloom, continuing the Tacori story and keeping the magic of diamond jewelry alive.

The Details: Crescent Silhouettes

Tacori 2578RD Classic Crescent Twist Diamond Engagement Ring
Tacori 2578RD Classic Crescent Twist Diamond Engagement Ring
This Classic Crescent Twist diamond engagement ring is the perfect example of Tacori detailing at its best. The waved band and detailed side profile present the complex workings of the Tacori jewelry-makers, giving a distinctive look that still makes the central diamond the star of the show.


Comfort and Beauty

With a rich history dating back to the New York diamond district in the 1800’s, Abraham Jaffe’s pioneering spirit continues to burn strong in the beautiful creations of this personal and impressive designer. A.Jaffe Designs patented the signature squared shank that are offered in A.Jaffe engagement rings. The design prevents the ring from twisting, meaning the diamond will always be central, while the quilted interior provides maximum comfort to the wearer. This makes A.Jaffe rings ideal for those dreaming of a large central diamond that is guaranteed to stay in place.

The Details: Patented Shank & Maximum Sparkle

A. Jaffe MES463 Seasons of Love Solitaire Engagement Ring
A. Jaffe MES463 Seasons of Love Solitaire Engagement Ring
When it comes to diamond jewelry, security is just as important as beauty. This Seasons of Love solitaire features A.Jaffe’s signature squared shank and sturdy yet stunning prongs. Ready for a diamond as big as you dare to dream.


Poetic, Fluid & Fashion

Jack Hovsepian started in the world of fashion. Shadowing his father, a renowned fashion designer, he learned the skills of incorporating elements of popular culture into luxurious materials and transforming them into wearable masterpieces. Turning his attention to jewelry, Jack started Danhov, a haute-couture take on bridal jewelry.

The Details: Shape & Form

Danhov AE155 Abbraccio Diamond Engagement Ring
Danhov AE155 Abbraccio Diamond Engagement Ring
Like cutting the fabric of a perfectly tailored dress, only a true artist can use precious metals to create lines of such fluidity. This Abbraccio diamond engagement ring undulates in sparkling diamonds towards the centre stone, giving movement and elegance to this unique engagement ring.
Danhov V119 Voltaggio Tension-Set Solitaire Engagement Ring
Danhov V119 Voltaggio Tension-Set Solitaire Engagement Ring
With all the drama of a catwalk gown, this Voltaggio Tension solitaire boldly takes on one of the most complex settings, a tension setting, and delivers it with confidence and perfection. A striking setting for a stand-out, contemporary bride.


Understated Sensation

Founded in 1999, Ritani will appeal to any bride who knows that less is more. The company is headed up by some of the biggest names in the world of diamonds, so modern design and affordability are at the forefront of Ritani engagement rings.

The Details: Micropave

Ritani 1RZ2490 Modern Bypass Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring
Ritani 1RZ2490 Modern Bypass Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring
As seen in this Modern Bypass engagement ring, Ritani are the masters of micropave. If executed without precision, micropavé can appear dull giving a lacklustre appearance to an engagement ring. Ritani use high quality diamond and precise spacing to give their micropave a brilliant sparkle that works beautifully in their understated settings.


Vintage, European Fairy-tale

A graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Barry Verragio draws his inspiration from European architecture, art and music. His innovative approach to bridal jewelry makes his work instantly recognizable, with signature features and details marking each of his engagement rings. Verragio rings also utilise mixed precious metals with ease and grace.

The Details: Scrolls, beading and ceilings

Verragio D-120 Split Claw 4 Prong with Rose Gold Shoulders Solitaire Engagement Ring
Verragio D-120 Split Claw 4 Prong with Rose Gold Shoulders Solitaire Engagement Ring
Exquisite rose gold detailing beneath a scrolled ceiling and exact metal beadwork; it simply must be Verragio. Details like this would be impossible to imitate or recreate to the same level of perfection by anyone else. Unique and eternal, it is truly an engagement ring to be treasured.


Masterful Minimalism

Established in the 1980’s, the power of Vatche rests in their adaptability and commitment to using the newest technologies in their creations. With a sleek and minimalist style, Vatche gives a mathematical accuracy to their works, using precision to produce artistic and elegant designs. The quality of finish on these pristine rings is immaculate.

The Details: Perfect Polish & Symmetry

Vatche 1532 Charis Solitaire Engagement Ring
Vatche 1532 Charis Solitaire Engagement Ring
Four-prongs, a heart shaped basket and a mirror sleek band; the Vatche Charis engagement ring elevates the humble solitaire to new heights. The perfect symmetry and uplifted crown allow maximum light to the central diamond for a timeless and graceful engagement ring.
When it comes to diamond jewelry, there can be no cutting corners. Our esteemed designers know that this ring must last a lifetime, and be as unique and beautiful as the wearer. Pair any of these settings with an A CUT ABOVE® loose diamond for unrivalled sparkle and an extraordinarily special engagement ring.

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