The Top 10 Tacori Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is a symbol of promises made, and of a future planned. With such an important piece of jewelry, you need to make sure you’re picking the very best; a company that excels in creating not just beautiful rings, but long-lasting heirlooms.
Tacori is a family company that has been making exquisite engagement rings since 1969. Tacori styling combines their European heritage with their Californian location, offering something truly unique for the lucky bride-to-be. Here’s ten of our favorite Tacori engagement rings, each one offering something to be treasured for years, perhaps even generations, to come.
Tacori 2638RD Dantela Crescent Motif Solitaire Engagement Ring
The true romantic knows it’s not just the big gestures, but the little details that make for a truly unforgettable experience. This ring is a perfect example of that - while your eye will naturally be drawn to the impressive large crescent setting of this ring, there are surprising diamond details hidden in the band itself.
Tacori 56-2RD Sculpted Crescent Classic 3 Stone Engagement Ring
It’s an engagement ring from the fairy tales! The star of the show is the classic center diamond, supported by six sparkling prongs, while the two round side stones add a further touch of classic engagement glamour.
Tacori 2565SM Ribbon Criss-Cross Diamond Engagement Ring
This show-stopping ring brings to mind the style of a bygone era – Grace Kelly (circa her Royal Wedding, naturally), Lana Taylor and their contemporaries. The criss-crossing diamond ceilings meet the iconic Crescent silhouette, for the ultimate in elegant decoration.
Tacori 2584RD Simply Tacori Flat-Edge Solitaire Engagement Ring
This ring exudes sophistication, offering its wearer a contemporary take on the traditional solitaire engagement ring. The combination of the high-polish, flat-edge band and the hand engraved diamonds flanking the main stone, makes it a breathtaking example of 2016 style.
Tacori 2620RD Dantela Crown Diamond Engagement Ring
Available in a range of metals, the Dantela Crown ring is perfect for the contemporary woman who harbors a love of the traditional. The stunning center stone is surrounded by smaller diamonds, and flanked by Round Brilliant Diamond Melee – the effect is a stunning ring that sparkles in every light, from every angle.
Tacori 2586RD Simply Tacori Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
This ring has va-va-voom in spades. The pavé-set diamonds that decorate the ceiling of the band can be seen from the inner face view, revealing a flash of something special to that special someone.
Tacori HT2545RD Petite Crescent Scalloped Millgrain Diamond Engagement Ring
This is the ring to turn heads and stop traffic. The combination of the exquisite diamonds on the band and the round center diamond give it a sparkle that will be seen for miles!
Tacori 40-1.5RD Sculpted Crescent Millgrain Solitaire Engagement Ring
The sophistication of this ring lies in its simplicity – the signature Crescent silhouette houses the perfect Solitaire diamond. It’s the engagement ring dreamt of by both little girls and grown women around the world.
Tacori 2638RDP Dantela Crescent Motif Pave Diamond Engagement Ring
Every so often, an engagement ring comes along to unexpectedly sweep the right recipient off their feet, and this could be that ring. While the silhouette and aerial view offer a combination of stunning diamonds, the option of including either a 1.00ct or 1.50ct center diamond means it can be tailored to your needs.
Tacori 44-1.5RD Sculpted Crescent Round Channel Diamond Engagement Ring
The channel set ring diamonds lend fire to the stunning center stone, gracing the wearer with something which is both simplicity and beauty itself.
Tacori 2620RD Dantela Crown Solitaire Engagement Ring
This is the kind of ring you can’t help but admire - the highly polished platinum will give the wearer reason to glance down at her finger at regular intervals! The crown of spotlight enhancers gives a feeling of depth to this beautiful ring.
Tacori is a prolific world-class engagement ring specialist, so while we’ve shown you a selection of our favorites, these are just the beginning. Click here, and see if you agree with our selection, or whether something else altogether catches your eye!
Check out our customer reviews while you’re browsing – we’re proud to say we’ve got some of the most positive reviews anywhere online, and we’d love to show you why. If you’ve got any questions, you can always message one of our diamond and jewelry consultants, who would be pleased to help you.

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