20 Unusual and Inventive Wedding Proposals

Getting down on bended knee may still be seen as the traditional way for a man to propose, but these days those in love are coming up with much more inventive, fun, breath taking and in some cases jaw-dropping ways to pop the question.

1. Art exhibition proposal

George used his talents as an industrial designer to create a truly unique way to propose to Sara. He enlisted the skills of an actor, took Sara to a local art exhibition and looked on as she stood to admire the piece of artwork called 'My Early Muir Owl'.

2. Live lip dub

Robert asked his girlfriend to sit in the back of the car as he had a song to ‘sing to her’. What happened next took her completely by surprise as the Bruno Mars track ‘Marry Me’ started to play through her headphones.

3. Cinema extravaganza

Matt asks girlfriend Ginny to go to the cinema with his brother as he’s not able to leave work. When the trailers begin however, she hears a familiar voice on the screen. What happens next as she sits and relaxes watching the upcoming film advert changes her life forever.

4. What seems to be the problem, Officer?

When Houston Police Officer Olga got a call out to a house fire, she headed off to investigate the situation. When she arrived, she found Houston Fireman boyfriend Jesse Gonzalez waiting for her to be involved in a 'drama' all of their own.

5. Disneyland spectacular

A wedding proposal is scary for anyone to carry out in private, even more so at Disneyland on a busy day and being surrounded by employees. So when this head over heels in love boyfriend took a megaphone and started to speak, everyone stopped to listen.

6. A surprise in the weather forecast

Working over Christmas is never much fun and this weather presenter was happy when her boyfriend decided to visit the TV studio to accompany her during the holiday shift. She may have been right about the rain during this live report, but there was no way to forecast the rest of what was going to happen.

7. It may have taken six years, but....

After dating for a year, this couple decided to travel the world together. They were so sure of their love that every time they visited a new location, they took a photo with a letter which eventually spelled 'we always knew' over a 6 year period. At their last destination, he had a very different use for the last letter….

8. Forever Peter Pan and Wendy

Moriah had always loved the story of Peter Pan and had dreamed as a child of being Wendy. When she met actor Chris, he was playing the part of Peter Pan and so it was a match made in Never Never Land. She could never have guessed though in her childhood dreams how it would all turn out.

9. Girlfriend, camera, action

Lure your girlfriend to the making of a false documentary and add in a unicycle and costume changes and you have the makings of a well-planned and very unusual proposal.

10. Now, that's magic!

When Alejandro Cruz wanted to ask Gisela Saldivart to marry him, he took her to a local Houston restaurant. Not the most unusual of proposals by any means, but it's what happened after they sat down to eat which was magical.

11. A song for the lady

As Melia touched down at LAX, she had no idea what was about to happen other than meet her boyfriend Austin. When a guitar-playing friend appeared instead, she began the most important walk through arrivals of her life.

12. When Fantasy Meets Reality

When virtual world Minecraft fan UberMofish1 wanted to propose to his equally gaming-passionate girlfriend Claire, he spent days secretly designing a mine cart rollercoaster and took her on the ride of a lifetime.

13. Flashmob in NYC

If you're going to propose, make sure it is heard and remembered. Dave knew he'd need dancers, a band, some tourists and a film crew to really make his plan come together at the right time.

14. DIY proposal

Hayley thought she was planning a surprise birthday party for boyfriend Tyson. Little did she know that he knew all about her plans – because he had initiated them and had a very different idea of what was actually going to take place.

15. World's noisiest proposal?

Alissa was drawn to the office window by the noise of a brass band playing on the street. Whilst she saw trumpets being played, she was shocked by what also awaited her from her partner Jeanne along with 60 friends.

16. Celebrity proposal

Rock group White Lies were performing in Houston, Texas and the band knew what was coming for one lucky lady in the audience that night.

17. More Disney love

Disneyland is a popular place for unusual proposals as Jamin and a carefully selected crew gathered to make the holiday of a lifetime turn even more magical for his girlfriend.

18. Back to where it all started

Former UCLA students Nam and Trang first met on campus and when he took her on a trip down memory lane back to where it started, she was literally stopped in her tracks with what happened next.

19. The full weight of true love

Not one proposal, but hundreds, perhaps thousands have taken place on a bridge in Paris. As a symbol of their love, couples leave a small padlock locked to a railing on the Pont des Arts Bridge. So many romantic couples have sealed their wedding proposal with a kiss, a 'yes' and a padlock to mark the occasion. A section of the bridge has recently collapsed under the weight of so much love in the air.

20. A day of perfect moments

Greg organised the most perfect day for girlfriend Katrina. At 10am, car rental keys were delivered to her Houston home for a day using a Mustang – her favourite car. Following directions handed to her, she first stopped at a shop to pick up a copy of a cookbook containing the recipe for her favourite meal. The second stop was for cupcakes decorated with her and Greg's sorority and fraternity letters, followed by a makeover, a new dress and shoes left at the department store for her by Greg. She then headed to the Cullen Theatre where performers sang her favourite musical song 'Dat's Love' from Carmen Jones whilst she sat among the actors on stage. The stage was adorned with flowers and at the end Greg appeared on stage to propose.

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