Planning on getting married in Houston? Check out our top 20 wedding venues

Houston is probably one of the most dynamic and diverse places in the world for venues to get married in. With literally hundreds of options it was difficult to narrow it down to just 20 but here we have them. The top 20 wedding venues in Houston.

1. Houston Zoo

Something a little bit different, the Houston Zoo features everything that you can ever want for a little bit of individuality. Special photo shoots can be held with exhibits or on the beautiful grounds and imagine this view while settling down for the meal. Fabulous, quirky and incredibly different.
Houston Zoo

2. The Bell Tower

Located in the heart of Houston, The Bell Tower is a unique and pretty incredible venue to hold your special day. Being able to accommodate between 80-1000 people, the venue is not only stunningly beautiful, with designing based upon Italian Villas, but is also functional for any size of wedding.
The Bell Tower

3. Crystal Springs

The Crystal Springs venue is going to get you about as close to nature as you can get. As a rustic backdrop, this venue features a stunning outdoor ceremony site, a beautiful water backdrop and bridge and towering trees that cast shadows across the ground. Catering for up to 300 guests, Crystal Springs is a delightful venue for any size wedding.
Crystal Springs
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4. The Gallery

With its self-assured Mediterranean styling, The Gallery is one of the smaller venues on our list, however what it lacks in size it makes up for in charm. Catering for parties of between 30-300, The Gallery would make a perfect choice for a more intimate wedding. With its old world charm it is sure to make a wedding stylish and unforgettable.
The Gallery

5. Chateau Polonez

Chateau Polonez has taken a lot of inspiration from the Parisian delights of France in this wonderful but imposing house. With a grand double staircase, vaulted ceilings and French terraces this venue has a lovely charm and class about it.
Chateau Polonez

6. Ouisies Table

Ouisies Table prides itself in being a wedding venue that stays true to its roots where cuisine is concerned. Taking inspiration from regional dishes from Texas and Louisiana, Ouisies Table is able to provide culinary delights that steer away from the normal wedding meal.
Ouisies Table

7. Marbella

Marbella is beautifully formed taking architectural inspiration from the Spanish, every square inch has been created to provide an elegant and stunning wedding venue. It is set on three acres of land, with two venues including a chapel and replica of the Alamo.

8. The Gardens

The Gardens is able to boast of being the go to venue for a reasonably priced venue while still retaining a grand persona. With a fully customizable menu and Spanish inspired designing, The Gardens is a one stop shop for a romantic and beautiful wedding.
The Gardens

9. Sans Souci Ballroom

Even the words ‘Sans Souci’ mean carefree in French, so it really does not need an introduction as to why this venue is the perfect place to hold an elegant and sophisticated wedding. The Sans Souci Ballroom confesses to being one of the most romantic venues in Houston and with its awe-inspiring entrance hall, it is easy to see why.
Sans Souci Ballroom

10. La Tranquila Ranch

This rather special venue takes a fresh look on the traditional aisle and will have guests staring in awe as the bride walks across water to her groom. La Tranquila Ranch has both indoor and outdoor seating for guests, this reasonably priced venue will not let anybody down for its sheer beauty and views.
La Tranquila Ranch

11. Texas Renaissance Faire

This pretty impressive venue will have you dressed in full medieval gear and feast upon delicious cuisine fit for a king. The Texas Renaissance Faire's 55 acre ex-mining strip may not on paper seem the perfect place to hold a wedding but once you see everything situated, the place feels magical.
Texas Renaissance Faire

12. Demers

Demers is the ideal venue for combining both a contemporary and elegant trends. Showcasing this beautiful banquet hall, teamed with an excellent reputation for their exceptional service and cuisine, Demers is a stunning venue set in the heart of Houston.

13. The Magnolia Ballroom

This venue just oozes elegance with its historical roots dating back to the late 1800’s. The Magnolia Ballroom is listed on the National Register of Historic Places for historic landmarks. Although this means you are guaranteed a chunk of history in your special day, it does also mean you may be limited to some decoration choices.
The Magnolia Ballroom

14. Hermann Park

Standing in the center of Houston city, Hermann Park provides a stunningly beautiful backdrop with its large lakes, trees, huge grassed areas and wonderful statues. With a Japanese garden with water features and everything close by, Hermann Park is the ideal place to hold an outdoor wedding.
Hermann Park

15. Ashelynn Manor

With its stunning 6,200 square foot Southern Mansion and 5,000 square foot converted carriage house, Ashelynn Manor has plenty of style for even the most discerning bride. With both indoor and outdoor ceremony facilities, this venue is ideal for being a bit off the beaten track and is extremely well priced.
Ashelynn Manor

16. The Corinthian

Within walking distance of Houston’s thriving Theatre district, The Corinthian is an architectural jewel in Houston. Extremely high, beautifully designed ceilings and a romantic feel throughout the venue, The Corinthian really is a statement venue where jaws will drop in awe at its unrivalled beauty.
The Corinthian

17. Houston Museum of Natural Science

Can you imagine getting married next to a statue of a dinosaur? For a very different wedding, how about considering the Houston Museum of Natural Science. The venue boasts being able to hold a ceremony in a room of butterflies and the stunning backdrops of these huge skeletons will make for some pretty unique photographs.
Houston Museum of Natural Science

18. Downtown Aquarium

Can you imagine the fantastic background of huge aquarium tanks? There is nothing more relaxing than watching fish swim effortlessly around and this is what makes the Downtown Aquarium so uniquely special. Team this with breath-taking views of the skyline and you are certainly on to a winner with creating irreplaceable memories and photographs.
Downtown Aquarium

19. The Czech Centre

The Czech Centre will bring a certain understated old world elegance and refinement to any wedding. With Czech inspired architecture throughout the venue and a Grand Ballroom that oozes class and style, the Czech Centre is simply perfect for a black tie wedding.
The Czech Centre

20. Hacienda Las Flores El Palomino Ranch

Although technically not in the heart of Houston, the Hacienda Las Flores El Palomino Ranch will provide a stunning backdrop for any wedding. It is known for being the only Spanish Hacienda within a 30 mile radius of Houston. The owners pride themselves on giving an exclusive experience, while retaining a friendly atmosphere.
Hacienda Las Flores El Palomino Ranch

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