Jewelry Stores in Houston

With 15 million reviews and over 45 million monthly visitors, is a consumer’s paradise. Packed with useful reviews for every service and product, from coffee shops to shoe stores, Yelp is the best way to find out what real people think about the businesses in your home town. With that in mind, here is a round up of the jewelry stores in every category with the highest Yelp ratings. Whether you are looking for a simple pair of diamond studs or a one-of-a-kind turquoise necklace, there is a jewelry store in Houston that has what you want!

Designer: Tiffany and Co

The iconic jewelry store with its classic baby-blue box has been pleasing its elite clientele for over a hundred years, and the Houston Galleria location is no different. Yelpers acknowledged the premium that a Tiffany shopper must pay for the brand name, but asserted that the first class service and elegant environment makes shopping at Tiffany’s a movie-star experience. Ellen summed up the Tiffany’s experience like this: “If you can and are willing to drop the bucks, know that it will be entirely worth your while.” Gidget raved over her classic Tiffany sterling silver charm bracelet, while others insisted they were treated like celebrities while shopping. Says experienced jewelry shopper Warrigal, “I know you can get better deals from reputable online vendors (including Houston-based Whiteflash), but shopping there feels like you are in Breakfast at Tiffanys.”

Diamond and Engagement Ring Specialist: Whiteflash

Although they are primarily an Internet retailer, Houston based company Whiteflash does make its office open to Houston residents and visitors who want to see their diamonds before purchasing. The casual office atmosphere provides a relaxed shopping experience that is perhaps unmatched by any jewelry store in Houston. Yelpers who love Whiteflash include online shoppers from around the world as well as master Houston jewelry shoppers. “I haven’t ever seen a diamond that looks as good as the super ideal ACA diamond!” raves Navendra about the exclusive line of Hearts and Arrows diamond sold only at Whiteflash. Charles praises the “extraordinary service and communication,” while Rodham agrees that “great service has been the key reason for my getting the ring completed with you.” Alicia from Burbank was happy with her loose diamond purchase: “Their prices for loose diamonds beat any of the local jewelers I contacted in LA.” But perhaps most telling of all was the testimony of one Kevin H. “It passed the real test,” he wrote, “I proposed with it and it blew my fiancée away.”

Antique: Green Dragonfly Jewelry

Tucked away in a quiet corner of a busy shopping plaza, this little-known antique jewelry store is Houston’s jewelry store best-kept secret. Yelpers expressed reservations about showing their love for Dragonfly, afraid of ruining the special atmosphere and elite in-the-know status of shopping there. Ruth writes, “the price range provides something for everyone,” while Heather sums up her experience as, “neat jewelry, unique pieces, nice folks and reasonable prices.” Dani especially loves the sterling silver pieces that Green Dragonfly specializes in, and comments that she is “always greeted with a smile” when she walks in. W. Ross expresses the success he’s had shopping for gifts at Green Dragonfly, and says that his wife loves the “unusual and imaginative jewelry” that she finds every time she stops in.

Craft Jewelry: The Bead Shop

Once only a hobby for serious crafters, making your own jewelry is gaining appeal across a wide spectrum of society—from teenagers looking for a funky beaded bracelet, to fashionable older women looking for a statement-making necklace. The Bead Shop is well-known among all jewelry stores in Houston for offering a dazzling variety of costume and semi-precious beads, all the equipment needed to make simple and complex jewelry pieces, as well as just enough help to get you started. Ed writes, “I can easily spend hours here. I really enjoy visiting this store.” Gretchen calls the Bead Shop “the place to be” and emphasizes that among all the craft jewelry stores in Houston that she’s been to, the “staff is nice and helpful.” Liz sums up her experience by writing, “Best bead store in Houston,” while Jackie expresses herself even more simply. “Your store is so cool!” she writes.

Metal Smithing: Erica Delgardo Jewelry Designs

Metal smithing may be a little-known craft with few experts, but Houston jewelry stores tend to emphasize hand craftsmanship and artisan skills over almost all else, so it makes sense that this metal smithing jewelry boutique would have a cult-like following in Houston. Liz raves over the “gorgeous necklaces, earrings, and bracelets,” and the “refreshingly kind and authentic” Erica Delgardo who interacts personally with her clients. Ruth calls it a “great little shop with one of a kind jewelry,” that features “unique stones and incredible metalwork.” Few jewelry stores in Houston provide the up-close-and-personal look to the jewelry making process and few offer the local artisanship that Erica’s fans hold so dear.

Discount/Costume Jewelry: Accessory Plaza

Teenyboppers and fashionistas alike need a place to get inexpensive jewelry by the armload, and Accessory Plaza is the jewelry store in Houston where you can get oversized feather earrings, skull rings, and macramé bangle bracelets, all without spending your whole allowance. Cameron calls this glittery Houston jewelry store her “best kept secret.” Although she admits that it can be a little overwhelming when you first walk in, she finds Accessory Plaza to be a “great place to go for trendy jewelry that you won’t want to wear forever.” Rasheeda calls the sparkly store a “must stop for fashion lovers” because she can “walk out with a couple pieces for under twenty bucks.” Phoebe perhaps summed up the ever-youthful appeal of Accessory Plaza best: “Oh Em Gee. Love it!”

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