Things You Didn’t Know About Whiteflash

At Whiteflash, we are dedicated to bringing our clients the most comprehensive and accurate information when it comes to choosing loose diamonds, engagement rings and jewelry. This commitment to education and support goes far beyond the Four C’s.
We believe that the experience extends beyond the purchase; that is why we strive to provide support both during and after you have bought your jewelry.
With this in mind, we have compiled a list of some interesting facts you may not know about Whiteflash. We believe they are essential factors in offering exceptional service and peace of mind for our clients.
Whiteflash Lifetime Diamond Trade Up
Our lifetime trade-up guarantee is free from the restrictions and limitations set in place by other trade up offers.
The process is simple and clear, and applicable to anyone buying a diamond from one of our three in-house categories: A CUT ABOVE®, Expert Selection, and Premium Select.
In addition, we have developed a trade up benefit for those purchasing a designer ring. Our goal is to facilitate all our buyers in having reasonable and clear access to a trade-up privilege without the usual red tape.
  • No Pressure, No Limits – Many companies require that you spend 50% - 100% more should you choose to upgrade your diamond. At Whiteflash, you can upgrade at any time to any in-house diamond of the same value as your original purchase or above. The FULL purchase price of the original diamond is applied to your upgrade.
  • Choose from a Large Inventory – We pride ourselves on having the largest in-stock inventory of elite quality diamonds under one roof. This means no matter how big or small your upgrade may be, you are likely to find the perfect diamond at the right price. And it will be fully vetted and ready for immediate delivery.
  • No Inconvenient Check-ups – Some policies will require annual or even six-month check-ups on your diamond for a trade-up guarantee to be viable. We recognize this is a huge inconvenience for online buyers. Instead, we have faith in our diamonds and will honor the guarantee without impractical restrictions.
  • Designer Rings – Tacori, Danhov, Vatache, Ritani, Simon G, and Verragio are all included in our designer ring benefit process. This aims to reduce the cost of altering a designer setting when upgrading the center stone. You will be offered 50% credit of the original cost of the ring towards your new one.
We are the developers and sole distributors of A CUT ABOVE® super ideal diamonds. The caliber of diamonds offered within the A CUT ABOVE® category is widely acknowledged as among the finest diamonds ever brought to market. Our stringent specifications and advanced light performance diagnostics allow you to fully understand the technical quality and exceptional beauty of these superb diamonds.
A CUT ABOVE Diamonds
Developed to offer our clients diamonds exhibiting the finest light performance, A CUT ABOVE® diamonds are guaranteed to be of the highest quality in brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Crafted to exceedingly strict tolerances, they are the most dependable and consistent super-ideal cut diamonds in the world.
It is an unwavering commitment to the best craftsmanship and performance that leads educated shoppers to choose A CUT ABOVE diamonds; In-stock and available only at Whiteflash.
We have a loyal and dedicated collection of designer brands who offer masterful craftsmanship in a vast assortment of styles to suit all tastes.
Whiteflash Designer Rings
Each designer has been carefully selected to ensure quality and diversity across the full spectrum of style. Choosing designer jewelry can add long-term value to your piece and will also come with valuable benefits and assurances.
Tacori Distinctive, American, and family-owned designer Tacori is a favorite among those looking for a contemporary look with exceptional detail. Their trademark crescent designs make them instantly recognizable, and their use of side-set diamonds ensure they look impressive from every angle.
Verragio Drawing from classic European influence, Verragio jewelry is all about intricacy. The complex designs are romantic and elegant, seductively leading the eye to the crowning glory of the center diamond.
Simon G. It is the diversity of the collection that sees so many brides opting for works by Simon G. With perhaps the broadest selection of all our designers, Simon G. rings can be cool and contemporary or subtle and classic, but are always masterfully designed and beautifully crafted.
Vatche Painstaking precision and understated beauty are the elements that define Vatche jewelry. Masterful works of elegant simplicity at their best.
Ritani Ritani knows how to create sparkle. Their patented setting features tiny diamonds set into the prongs of their claw settings, demonstrating an eye for the finer details. While their settings are classic, they are given a glittering twist with their use of pavé diamonds.
Danhov Forward thinking and unique, Danhov jewelry is all about fluidity and movement. Breaking away from tradition, Danhov rings are woven with unusual silhouettes and design elements that make them artistic and wearable.
A. Jaffe With a rich history in jewelry making and roots firmly set in New York, A. Jaffe creates innovative designs that blend comfort with style. Their experience and dedication to the modern world of jewelry see traditional craftsmanship techniques used to create contemporary and stunning designs.
Benchmark Benchmark creates sleek designs, often recommended to those looking for a contemporary finish. They are the go-to designer for wedding bands of all types.
Whiteflash is proud to be one of the few retail jewelry companies in the world to be certified by ABS for our ISO 9000 management system. This achievement, normally the domain of large companies such as Coca-Cola and Motorola, is evidence of our total commitment to quality and to continual improvement of our products and services.
Located near Houston in the thriving community of Sugar Land, Texas, our showroom is an opportunity for our local clients to come and experience Whiteflash service and quality first hand.
Our entire staff (both those working in the showroom, and those involved in our online store) are GIA trained, including multiple GIA graduates in diamonds and gemology. This level of expertise is essential in sharing our message of knowledge and education within the diamond world.
It is our promise to our customers that they will receive the most professional advice available.
Whiteflash Money Back Guarantee
We offer a full refund on all in-house diamonds and catalogue jewelry up to 30 days after purchase, including free FedEx return shipping with insurance. We also offer a one year buy back guarantee on all in-house diamonds.
Whiteflash Referral
For our returning customers, we offer $100 off qualifying purchases, to show our gratitude for your continued support. In addition, if you know someone who is looking to purchase a piece of fine jewelry be sure to refer them. If they make a qualifying purchase within 90 days, you will receive a check for $100.
We believe knowledge is power; once we have empowered our buyers, we encourage them to spread the word of Whiteflash. Rather than rely on marketing, we put our loyalty and referral benefit in place so our clients can share their honest experiences with friends, and both can reap the benefits.
Whiteflash Referral
We emphasize our commitment to social responsibility through multiple platforms. Our belief in honesty and integrity goes beyond diamond education and is threaded through our entire ethos.
If you would like to see why so many people choose Whiteflash to fulfill their diamond dreams, our full confidence objective can be seen here.
Don’t settle for less. Such an important purchase deserves the ultimate in knowledge and experience, and at Whiteflash we are dedicated to ensuring a standard of excellence from start to finish.

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