Tips for your Diamond Engagement: The Proposal

Be Prepared: A search on Google returns over 32 million pages of clever proposal ideas from fortune cookies to skywriting. This article is designed to strengthen your preparations. Like any good boy scout, at we suggest that you BE PREPARED; the moment will be remembered for a lifetime.
The Prime Directive: However you do it, quiet or loud, simple or complex, we believe the proposal should be something that relates to both of you. What brought you together? What interests do you share? What is ‘uniquely you?’ You can reflect these things in the timing, budget, planning, the moment and the celebration.
Timing: Holidays are prime proposal times. So are special dates unique to you as a couple. Unlike busy holidays, a private date may bode well for reservations now and in the future. Remember to take enough time off for planning and consider her after-proposal schedule; she may want time off to celebrate. An item we hate to even mention; if you propose on her birthday or Christmas and things somehow deteriorate she can legally keep the ring as a gift.
Budget: You can skip limousines, fancy restaurants and hot-air balloon rides unless you feel they are ‘uniquely you.’ Remember the prime directive. It’s not necessary to drop a lot of cash. In fact, the most common complaint among new fiancées has nothing to do with luxury, it’s because the proposal was not as romantic as she hoped. Your brain power is worth far more than your spending power in this circumstance. Of course, if a quick trip to Paris fits nicely in your budget she probably won’t mind. Neither will we.
Sea Proposal
Planning: Choose the place and time wisely. The site can be as simple as your own home or as exotic as a volcano top in Fiji. Places that are ‘uniquely you’ are definitely appropriate, but remember that any site will become forever special afterward; “This is where mommy and daddy got engaged.” Be sure her attention will be on you and you’ll be heard. If the place is busy or noisy you may want to keep the words simple. Visit ahead of time if possible. If it’s a public place make the management aware of your plans. Managers often have helpful suggestions and might offer assistance, like champagne when she accepts. If you will be driving to the destination know where to park in advance. If outdoors, be conscious of weather and consider a backup plan. Enlist the help of a photographer if you want the moment captured. Take him in advance to plan your approach and his position. Plan for the celebration as well; if you’re in the city have a spot picked out and reservations made, if appropriate. Even when you’re close to home you might surprise her with lodging arrangements near the site of the proposal (discretely pack a few toiletries for her if you do this). Finally, depending on circumstances and tradition, you may want to ask or notify her parents ahead of time.
The Words: Unless you are someone who never gets tongue-tied under pressure, rehearse what you will say. Propose at the mirror, in the shower or to the dog, but do practice. We suggest taking a knee to finish your statement with “Will you marry me,” “Will you spend the rest of your life with me,” “Will you do me the honor…” or some similar “Will you…” sentiment. Of course, you can do a ‘uniquely you’ change-up, but the classic kneeling profile and traditional wording are powerfully implanted into our human psyche. That scene and those words may be something she’s been waiting a lifetime for. Either way, you’ll know best what to say.
The Moment: Stay calm. Breathe. When the time is right look her in the eye (drop to your knee if that’s the plan), and say what you have rehearsed. Bring out the ring as she hears “Will you…” The rest is on her shoulders.
The Prerequisite: Sometimes we’re asked “what if she says no.” We suggest this is one circumstance where if you don’t know the answer you probably shouldn’t ask the question. If you’re undecided right now we hope you’ll bookmark this article and visit again when the time is right.
The Celebration: Whether it’s a night on the town or a walk on the beach you’ll both be aglow with your confirmed future. If you’ll want privacy, arrange for time alone. If ‘uniquely you’ is social, celebrate your joy with others. Your families or friends can be stationed at a nearby establishment, waiting for you to join them if it fits your circumstances and style (and her preferences). You can surprise them with the news. Regardless, we suggest the end of the day be yours and yours alone.
The Bottom Line: Your special moment can take place on top of a mountain, at the bottom of the ocean or at your neighborhood cafe. As a seller of premium diamonds and jewelry has helped literally thousands of proposal dreams come true. Whether it’s rose petals and candlelight or a quick “will ya?” we hope this advice provides the foundation for a successful proposal and a lifetime of memories.

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