The Top 10 Most Romantic Summer Proposal Ideas

As another summer of love approaches, we know that many of you are racking your brains for a beautiful, creative and romantic proposal idea. Summer scenes are the perfect backdrop for your proposal and we have come up with a list to inspire you for this special moment.

A Summer Proposal Picnic

There is a reason that picnic scenes are such a popular sight in romantic movies! At one with nature, sipping sparkling champagne in the bright summer sunshine…the perfect setting for an intimate proposal. Bring blankets, your favourite treats and of course, the ring! Enjoy time for yourself in a peaceful and picturesque scenery.
One of our favourite local spots is Terry Hershey park in Houston, especially during blue bonnet season! Wherever you are in the world, a summer picnic proposal is a simple but stunning way to mark your special moment.

A Beach Proposal

Whether you’re planning to write love notes in the sand, or get down on one knee in the warm wash of a low tide, a beach proposal is sure to set your beloved’s heart soaring this summer. You can even ask friends and family to take some covert photos of you popping the question.
If you are a person of few words, you could even make your own message in a bottle for your partner to find on the beach. Pure, magical romance!

An Ocean Proposal

If the beach isn’t quite tickling your fancy, but your intended has a love of the sea, an ocean proposal might be the perfect solution. Choose a scuba diving experience for an adventurous proposal, or a dip in the sea off a luxury boat for a more relaxed moment.

A Floral Proposal

Flowers aren’t just for the wedding day. Summer blooms can take a proposal to the next level. Whether it’s using a natural, floral environment (perfect for those on a budget…or who have wisely spent their budget on the ring), or contacting your local florist to create bespoke flowers just for you, a floral proposal is full of sentiment and the perfect way to win a ‘yes’!

A Backyard Proposal

If you are looking for something a little closer to home, look no further than your own backyard! This is perfect for couples who want an understated and intimate moment and will ease any flutters you may be having before you pop the question. Transform even the smallest spaces with outdoor rugs, candles and plants to create an oasis that is perfect for a comfortable, memorable proposal. It is also perfect for those who want to keep the element of surprise.

A Sky-High Proposal

Soaring over your favourite landmarks or perhaps somewhere entirely new; a hot air balloon ride has to be up there with the most desirable ways to be proposed to. The summer is the perfect time for a hot air balloon ride, particularly in the late afternoon on a balmy breeze.

A Destination Proposal

Holidays always bring about feelings of romance and magic. Perfectly relaxed and away from the stresses of everyday life, the possibilities for your holiday proposal all depend on the destination. Whether it’s on the top of a mountain, poolside with a cocktail or deep in the heart of a tropical jungle, a holiday proposal is sure to be memorable and special.

A Foodie Proposal

Bright fruit, sweet blossoms, fresh fish caught that morning…summer is an exciting time for foodies across the globe. Whether your intended is a sucker for something sweet, or a keen restaurateur with a love of savoury, a food proposal is a gorgeous way of bringing another layer of passion to your proposal. You could call your favourite restaurant and ask them to include a special message in your final course, you could contact a knock out bakery and ask for a very special cake or simply make something yourself at home.

A Festival Proposal

A well-timed proposal during your favourite band’s live performance, a quiet moment alone in your tent, or an all-out declaration of your love in the middle of a rave - if you are festival goers with a partying spirit, a music festival creates a vibrant, exciting setting for your summer proposal. Be sure to keep a tight grip on the ring until you pop the question.

A Rooftop Proposal

There is something magical about gazing off a rooftop with your beloved. A rooftop proposal has the added bonus of being beautiful in both the daytime and the evening. If you want to propose in the summer but would prefer to do so when the sun has set but the evening is warm, the sparkling lights of your favourite city are sure to complete the romantic scene of your rooftop proposal. Some venues will allow you to hire the entire rooftop for your big moment so be sure to ask and plan ahead.
However you plan to propose this summer, the most important things are two people who love each other…and a beautiful ring. We are here to help. Browse our collection of stunning loose diamondsdesigner engagement rings, or contact us for some assistance.

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